OT Son's getting married What to wear?

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  1. bozey

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    My son is getting married on the 8th and of course I can't find a thing to wear. I want to wear a dress so bad but I don't look good in dresses. I am 5'7 and thin except for my swollen belly but dresses don't hang well on me. I am hoping to find maybe like a babydoll type, used to be called umpire, where it gathers below your breast and below that is loose. And I have heal spurs but I figure I could wear cutesy dress shoes during the wedding and then take them off at the reception and maybe put on slippers.

    I will probably just get a pant suit and call it a day.LOL

    Either way, it will be a beautiful thing and I am really looking forward to it.

    Their wedding will be outside at a beautiful park. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

    This is the second time for both of them. They each have one child and they get along already like brother and sister. Her and her son just clicked with all of us and it has already been a smooth transition.

    I'm looking forward to the day but at the same time will be glad when it is over and life is back to normal.

    Anyway, if anyone has any suggestion on what to wear, I'd be glad to hear it.


  2. Rosiebud

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    Thats nice that your son has met a nice woman.

    Just make sure you are comfortable with whatever you choose. I took months to get shoes for my daughter's wedding a few years ago, I actually bought a pair and realised I couldnt possibly wear them, they're still in their box and they were expensive.

    I found another pair with small wedge heels and plenty room, I keep them for special occassions that are few and far between.

    I managed to keep them on through the day and in the evening I just slipped them off and no-one noticed or if they did they didn't care.

    Just remember to relax and enjoy the day because it will be over so quickly.

    love Rosie

  3. sues1

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    I used to love shoes and had so many...but (sob) I had to give many away as I can not wear anything with a heel at all
    But look around and you will find some cute flats and sandals. You can add a bow or flower to them if there is not one. Also can get shoes dyed to match an outfit.

    No matter if formal or casual.....there is many long dresses
    that looks great with flat shoes. Some are long skirts with matching tops and a jacket. Add a nice necklace or brooch to match. Ear rings to match.
    Also instead of a skirt you could wear slacks that flare and looks dressy, some you can hardly tell from a skirt.
    Treat yourself at a upper end store if you can. I think that most can be worn for other occasions afterwards and if a 3 piece you would have multiple chooses afterwards, mixing and matching.
    What ever you come up with I know will be fine. I wish you and the new couple the best........
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  4. ckk

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    first things first, congrats! that's great about the wedding! i am sure it will be a beautiful day. and second i think you can find a gorgeous pant suit. my mom wore one to one of my brothers weddings and she got so many compliments on it. just to give you an idea on what she looks like, she is very petite but she has a belly. she looked radiant in it. and she wore heels that matched. and the big plus to the whole day? she said it was soooooooo comfy! anyway, no matter what you wear you are going to be beautiful so have a great time and let us know what a great time you had!
  5. bozey

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    Rosie, yes, comfort is the number one thing with me.

    Patti, yes, I am trying to stay color coodinated with them. Their colors are Burgandy and Ivory. Tho' she said her Mom is wearing a blue pant suit. I asked her last night if it was navy and she said it was kind of a light or bright blue. I'm thinking ewww, but maybe it will look alright? She also has a step mom but I don't know what she is wearing. I am open to suggestions. The only colors I can think of are pink or navy blue or something with a design or floral with like colors. I value your opinion. It will making shopping so much easier with a plan.

    The wedding party is small. No brides maids. His daughter(7) is the maid of honor and her son(6) is the best man. They did this because they have so many friends and didn't want any hurt feelings.

    I am awaiting any suggestions!


    Forgot to say that the bride will have a flowing (ivory) wedding dress and the boys will have suits and my 7 yr old granddaughters dress is long sleeve lacy burgandy.

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  6. abbylee

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    I've always been told that the bride's mother's dress should be used as a guide. If she wears a long dress, then you should wear a long dress. If she wears short, then you wear short.

    Same for style. I would not wear anything that would overshadow her dress, but, rather, I would wear something that made both dresses look good if side by side.

    My son and daughter are married and my son's mother-in-law was in a beige short dress so I wore a pale blue short dress.

    My daughter wanted me to wear a long dress so that's what I did for her wedding. Her wedding was outside, too, and the day was great!!

  7. cjcookie

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    now with lots of beading and sequins. Some are slipper types with no backs and some are just like ballet slippers. I think those would be cute and bearable all day. I think I'd go with the pants but that's just more comfy that panty hose for me.
  8. maggiemae55

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    my son is getting married nov 20 in sarasota fla, i live in va. the mob is wearing soft pink, i have no idea what the grandmother is wearing, i never thought to ask! my future dil wants us to be in long gowns, i'm looking around for something "flowy" like chiffon, i want to be comfy too.

    great idea to change shoes, i'll have to remember that too.i'm up for any ideas too!!

  9. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    How wonderful.You will look awesome.

    At my daughters wedding I wore a long plain black Aline sleeveless dress with a little sequin's jacket the colors were pale blue pink white it is beautiful. it was a short jacket .For shoes I wore ballet slippers so comfy and no one noticed.I am also 5'7 and have the belly.It never showed.I still have it in plastic I love the dress.If you lived near me you could borrow it.

    Have lots of fun at the wedding.

  10. bozey

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    Alot of great input. This is making it much easier. I wish I would have ask this a month ago.LOL I'm going out tomorrow with my daughter for a few hours and at least now I have some great ideas.

    Patti, the brides dress is a wedding dress and it is ivory and long.

    Sue, your dress does sound beautiful. I checked your profile and yes, you live far away. And we are the same age!!
  11. Bruin63

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    First How exciting, a Wedding, I Love them.
    I was a Photograhper, before this DD hit me.
    I sure miss doing them, they are so much Fun, and I cry everytime, silly I know, but when they start the music, well, it's a good thing I had my Pre-Weddings done.

    Target, and Walmart, have some very Nice, Flat's, if your more comfortable in them. I perfeer them, but I add a Heel cushion by Dr. Scholl's they are on the same Asile.
    I bought a pair of Black Sequined Flats, and then thought, I may not see these again, so I bought another pair for when the first wear out. lol.

    Anyway, they also have some very Nice and Dressy, Dress's on sale at Ross, if they are in your area. I found my Dress there for my Son's Wedding.
    The Brides Mother, wanted to wear Black, because of her weight, and me already a beanpole, got a Black Velvet dress, so we matched, in Color, we looked Dressy, without spending a Fourtune, a lot went into my Beautful DIL's dress.

    Be sure to get whatever type of clothes you are most comfortable in, because it will be a long day. Wear the shoes around the house, for a few hours each day to break them in.

    I have had Bride's, that wore Lacey Tennis Shoes, with frilly lace's, maybe a Black pair would be comfortable with a Pant Suit, they even have some of thoes at Walmart now that it's Fall.

    I hope your going to carry a Cotton Hankerchief, tissues, leave little spots, that show up on the prints, darn it.
    I usually give the "Mother's" a Lacey one just for that day.
    Sometimes thoes specks, looked like scratches on the Neg.'s till I figured out what was causing it, ;o)

    May Your Son and His Bride, have a Sunshine day, and that everyting, will be just as They planned.

    btw;.....Pratice, smiling in the Mirror too, after all, the photo's are going to be taken, so if you look at the way you want to smile, in the mirror, your Brain get's a memory to work with.
    When you Pose, you will have that look in Your Minds Eye, it works wonders with camera shy People, (including me lol)

  12. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    My son is getting married in April 2006, and I have been wondering the same thing as you--what to wear?

    I have shoes without backs I could wear but they hurt after a period of time. I was thinking about a dress, but that means panty hose, etc. I hate dresses and always have.

    I never thought of a pants suit until you mentioned it. Thanks for that. I also have to get something for the rehearsal dinner and the bridal shower.

    Rarely, if ever, do we go out to anything where one would need to dress up so most all of my clothes are casual. I have two nice outfits, but to get into them, I need to lose 55 pounds before April. No small feat...

    I'll need a purse (black) to match my shoes which are black.

    I'd just as soon wear a T shirt and shorts to the wedding. lol I'm sort of like the Crocodile Hunter and would just as soon wear shorts all the time.
    I do wear T shirts and shorts in the house year around. I hate slacks too.

    If I go out in the winter, I put shorts on as soon as I come back home and the house is set at 69. We may have to drop the temp if gas is really high.

    Thanks for posting about this subject. :) Good luck to you at the wedding and picking something out to wear.

    Sorry I wasn't able to help you with what to wear as I'm having the same problem as you are. I need to ask the mother of the bride, what she may be wearing.

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  13. bozey

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    For so many good ideas. And Thank you for all the congrats. The wedding is at noon and the reception at 6pm. Long gap but not much choice when things are booked ahead of you. There is no back up plan for rain. I guess we will all just get wet!LOL

    I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow now. I've got lots of options. And I wrote stuff down just in case I have a foggy day.

    And congrats to all of you ladies with upcoming weddings. May yours be wonderful too.

    Thanks again everybody