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    I used a little hydrogen p. and am trying neosporin.

    One of my holes, the one on the edge of my breast is REALLY sore and red.

    Is it normal for the deeper or larger "holes" to be red ( around the area)and very sore?

    The other two were smaller, so they are not as bothersome.

    I just worry about infection.

    Is the wal-mart soap fragrance free? I assume you mean the liquid kind.

    Sorry to bother you. I tried to call Walgreen's, but they have no idea.

    Thanks, Claudia
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    just a bump
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    Thanks again for the info.

    They weren't very helpful at the derm's.

    The doc. asst. just said hydro p. and vas. and that was it.

    They gave no further instruction's. That's why I figured you ahving gone through this, you would probably be more helpful, which you have been.:)

    Don't worry I think everything is o.k. If the redness seem's worse, I'll definately call.:)

    I just was curious about the basic's and kind of what to expect.I was curious about the perfume in the soap being irritating to broken skin.

    And yes, I let the water hit directly on the area , because I washed directly on the area and both hurt like h***!:)

    They should have explained more to me after the procedure.Usually you at least get a list of direction's. My vet send's me home with that. Well not MY vet, my dog's.:)

    By the way the "holes" are no larger the eraser size.

    Thank's again for your help.

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    I think the doctor's forget that although these procedures are routine for them they may not be for the patient.

    That's why they get lax on care instruction's and was to nervous to think to ask.

    Anyway, I won't bug you anymore.:) You helped a bunch!:)

    best wishes,

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    Glad you had a pain free shower.:)

    I'm off to buy vasaline. I had an allergic reaction to Neosporin.:(

    One of my biopsies came back pre-cancerous. I have other's that to me look the same.

    How do you go about checking out a good derma? My gyno gave me her as a referral saying she was good. My gyno is good, so I trust her opinion.

    I just can't tell the difference between the mole she removed, and some moles she left. I want to make sure I get a good derm.

    I tried looking up medical board couldn't find anything, thought you may know.

    here I go picking your brain again, sorry.

    But thanks for all the help.:)

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    They told me to use vasline and hydro p. till healed and use a bandaide.

    I am going back in 2 weeks to have her show me the difference and try to get her to remove the ones, I think don't look right.

    Have they shown you what to look for? I know the ABC's, and to me I have other ones that would fit that and she left those.

    I just don't know. Since I have a history I am very concerned.

    Do you have your's removed that you are worried about, or do you just leave it up to your doctor?

    since dealing w/ all the doctor's for my FM, I have learned you ahve to take control of your health and not leave it up to anyone else. cause they can be wrong!

    Hope all your biopsies are neg.

    Take care,

  7. claudiaw

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    O.K. thanks.

    have fun w/daughter.


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