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    I am trying to make out a way to get in more vegtables for the vitamnins/minerals I need as I see that getting them naturally is better. AS i was thinking about it hubby and I decided that for me atleast the best way, and the way that I would most likey eat due to ease and possible cost is in a vegtabel soup (which I love) the plan is to make a big pot each Sunday and eat off of it all week. So...do you think it would be more nutrious to use canned or frozen vegtables and are there any "special" additions (outside of the usual tomatoes,corn, green bean) I should use to make it as full of all vitamin/minerals as I can? I will be adding beef tips as I don't think I will eat as well without meat...I am a true carnivore! Suggestions?
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    soup bones would add good minerals
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    I make soup or chili every week for my lunchs. I make it in a crock pot. I put potatoes, carrots, celery, zucchini chunks, onion, butter beans and I use steak scraps some of the time. I save up steak or roast scraps and the bone from the Tbone and when I have enough I put it in the soup. This is the best soup ever with the scraps!!! The dogs are out of luck!

    I also make chili and to the basic chili recipe I add cut up zucchini from veggies.

    I throw it in the pot the night before and plug it in the next morning. Voila dinner is served!

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    I guess we shouldn't have the cornbread with it either! Drats! Lynn
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    I went to the store and bought more healthy stuff than I ever have...or atleast I hope so and as far as MY eating habits are I got super healthy stuff.

    for the soup I got a mix of corn,limabeans,greenbeans,celery,carrots,cabbage,squash,oinion,red potatoes (they are full of vits/min, I had no idea) tomatoes,beef tips...the meat bones is a good thought had not thought of that.
    I realize that like hangininthere said I will lose some of the good stuff cooking like this...but for now this will be my best bet considering money and energy/time contraints for cooking. for the last year or so as I have gotten sicker and more tired hubby has been doing most of the cooking and it has slowly ended up being a freezer full of tv dinners and junk food. we like veggies but...hubby really overcooks anything and everything...so for now I hope this will help me get more of what I need compaired to what I have been getting and once I am feeling better I can begin to do more fresh.

    I also got some oj and other juices, I also found some water
    called fruit 2o plus 10 vitamins and minerals...it is really good too. It does have splenda in it but I am hoping and from what I have seen for the most part it is better than aspartame. oh and lemon juice too.

    Grandmother swears by soy milk...thought I'd try it as I have heard that soy is very good for you...is not bad.


    oat meal and a ceral my grandmother swears by called Uncle Sam taht has flax seeds in it and lots of fiber (need that as the muscle relaxers are giving my ibs fits)

    That is all for now hoping it is a start to a more healty diet and body.

    What do you think?

  6. DLsGroovyMoM

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    I made the biggest pot of soup today I have ever seen and OH MY GOODNESS was it GOOOOOD! I did end up using lots of fresh stuff...onion,squash,cabbage,corn,potatoes,celery,carrots, used frozen for the rest and canned tomatoes. Hubby loved it too so I now have a stable in my house as it is something I can eat at any time. Will be freezing some too!
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    Homemade veggie soup is easy and delicious. To get the most nutrition, fresh veggies are the way to go. Canned veggies do not have much value and often have salt and sugar or other additives. Frozen would be next best.

    Since we have a garden in the summer, I use what's in season, so the vegetables vary. A basic soup I make is:
    garlic, onions, broccoli, purple cabbage, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, green-red-or-yellow peppers, and pinto beans. For broth I use 1 can of tomato sauce or stewed tomatoes, and a box of organic chicken or vegetable broth. Spices like parsley, oregano, thyme.

    Bon apetite!