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    True story. Many decades ago I was handling a products liability claim for a nation-wide company that rented stuff. The "stuff" included medical supplies and that included a wheel chair.

    The plaintiff who needed the wheelchair was a biker and he had the most common motorcycle accident. He made a left turn in front of a car, the car driver didn't see him, and the biker ended up w/ a broken leg.

    After some period in the hospital the biker and his cast were ready to go home. His girl friend rented a wheel chair from the defendant.

    As she was wheeling him down the hospital hill, the grips came off the wheel chair and Mr. Biker found himself back on the road again.

    Eventually, of course, he crashed and overturned and w/ admirable symetry, broke the other leg.

    Now had two law suits and was back in his old room before the sheets were changed.

    His first name was Morgan, but I always thought of him as Moe as in "Larry, Curly and Moe".
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    That is hysterical :):):)

    What are the odds!?!?!?

    Thanks for the laugh -- I needed one today!