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  1. Did anyone see it Tues. I guess she told everyone she is leaving the view. Now she apparantly said she was fired! First Meridith leaves , now Star. I think Rosie O'Donnell is a bit overbearing for the View. I liked her on her show, but see her as taking over it. I also heard Gayle King, Oprah's friend is taking Stars place. What do you think?
  2. dleaning

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    but I never liked Star Jones. She just thought her s*@&t didn't stink!!! I am sort of glad she is leaving.. Ever since she lost all the weight, it went right to her head. I don't have anything against g-bypass or losing weight, but her attitude was horrible!!!

  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I was appalled at how she turned her wedding into a commercial. Seems ABC and Barbara Walters thought it was tasteless. Also, Starr turned into Bridezilla. Still, I thought she added a lot to the show.

    I think the Meredith sendoff roast was one of the most tasteless and offensive things I have ever seen. The language and off color jokes were inappropriate with her family, including children, sitting right there.

    Just as tasteless was Barbara Walter's trying to act seductive when she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween. She has fallen from the Grande Dame of television to an old Diva, like Bette Davis at the end, who refuses to accept her age. I always liked her but am liking her less and less.

    Elisabeth is so fanatical about her political views that she goes off like a loose canon if anyone dares to express a different view. It's not that she doesn't have a right to express herself; it's how she does it. She's a zealot instead of a talk show co-host willing to partake in a discussion. She tries to shout down everyone else when politics comes into play.

    Finally, I think Rosie is a schoolyard bully and a loose canon herself. If Barbara thought working with Starr was difficult, wait til she starts working with Rosie. Of course, with the sagging ratings on "The View," this latest fiasco will likely give the show some new life, at least, for a while.

    I'm not taking sides in this with either Starr or Barbara. I think it's typical of show biz where everything is phony behind the smiling facade. Throw in some pretty big egos and it's a recipe for disaster. You can't buy publicity like this and my guess is that no matter how bad this makes anyone look, everyone will benefit.

    It did leave a bad taste in my mouth when the women acted shocked at Starr's announcement and then admitted the next day that they knew all along that she was leaving. She just pulled the plug a couple of days early, on her own terms. I think that the announcement that Rosie was coming on board and Starr wasn't told ahead of time was a big factor. Rosie chose that day to viciously attack Starr.

    I don't watch "Oprah," "Dr. Phil," nor "The View" much anymore. They've grown tiresome to me. Too much show biz and not enough substance. Where there is substance on "Dr. Phil," it's just a replay of the same old problems. Cable news shows just cause anxiety and I don't watch the soaps. That pretty much leaves me with movies on TV, DVD's, and sit coms.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Empower

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    I had always watched the show, but I don't think I will watch it anymore

    I really like Joy, Star was okay, Elisabeth drove me nuts with how outspoken she was with her political views - too overbearing. I think if anyone should be fired, it should be her

    I too think Rosie will be too much for the show. I like her, but when she gets on her "high horse" LOOK OUT

    It is a shame what happened to the show

    I wonder what the real truth is behind Star leaving. I guess we will find out soon enough.

    It used to be a fun show, but now.....YIKES!!!!
  5. optimistic1

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    I don't like they way she's been treated. She's a tough cookie and I think she will give back everything she gets. My opinion of Barbara Walters has dropped to a new low. Giving Rosie so much free reign is ridiculous.

  6. I have programed to watch Larry King tonight, just in case I miss it. I havent watched the view much at all lately. It will be interesting to see what she has to say on Larry K. tonight. I agree with most of the above, especially I think the downward spiral of the View will go with Rosie as she is so outspoken and loud. She needs to be a solo act.
    So they did say they knew she was leaving? I heard it was a surprise, is Star gone for good on that show? I mean as of Monday?
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Except for some prerecorded shows, according to Barbara Walters who ripped on her yesterday.

    This show always had the potential to turn into one huge catfight (it almost did the day Sandra Berhardt was on) but I think it has finally reached about as low as it can go.

    After Rosie blindsided Tom Selleck and attacked him on her old show, I lost all respect for her. After that, she just got meaner and meaner. I don't think she is going to improve "The View," which could really use it.

    I will be watching "Larry King Live" tonight and will TIVO it just in case too. How sad my life has come to this :)

    Love, Mikie
  8. pawprints

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    I'll be watching or tivo-ing Larry as well.

    I always look at these things as nice distractions from my real life of this illness. Yes, it's sad I care about all this but as we know these aren't really big problems.

    I loved Meredith and how open she was about her husbands'MS. I also enjoy Joy because she speaks her mind and is funny at the same time.

    I would think one woman you would not want to anger in TV is Barbara Walters. She is so well respected as being the pioneer for newswomen getting into television. My husband called her the "Godmother".
  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    It's funny because I didn't like her at first, but she won me over eventually. The show is really smarmy, but she isn't. I love that she lost weight and good for her if she has more confidence. I alos thought the Bridezilla thing was a hoot, it was totally OTT, and she knew it, but she didn't pretend it was anything else.

    Who knows what it really was about, it had to be big to let her go after they lost Merideth. They have to know if the show changes too much they could lose their magic formula.

    I can't believe they have Rosie now, can't see that lasting. But Gail King would be enough to save the show, if anything can. Everyone loves her, she makes every episode of Oprah she's on hilarious. And she's never really had a show, so it will be a huge novelty.

    As for Barbara, wish I'd seen taht "tasteless" roast, I'm sure i would have loved it. Really wish I'd seen her dressed as Marylin, that would have been a hoot, which I'm sure is why she did it. Give the woman some credit for knowing she's not sexy at her age, it was a comic gag. Possibly a bit creepy, but I'm sure she knows what she's about.

  10. I agree I was SO disappointed with the Meredith roast. I liked Meredith but her last day was very distasteful I thought and her poor kids and husband had the look of horror on their faces also. I could have done a better job writing the last day for them!
  11. jake123

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    I was only vaguely aware of Star Jones before she came on The View but I really came to like her and when she lost the weight I thought You go girl!

    When I heard Rosie O'Donnell was taking her place I thought That's the last time I will ever watch The View. I can't stand that loudmouth. She will blast Barbara off her chair.
  12. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Who knows the real truth. There is probably fault on both sides. I don't really watch the Veiw that often. I really don't care for Rosie. She seems loud and overbearing to me. The whole thing will probably get them ratings. Have fun watching Lynn
  13. 1sweetie

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    Don't like Star...Don't like Rosie...Rarely watch the VIEW.

    It doesn't sound like I have been missing much. I watched

    Star interviewing people for E! and all she talked about

    was herself. I believe she was relived of those duties also.

    It's always about her. What can you say about Rosie....I

    can't imagine Barbara Walters and Rosie on the same show.
  14. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I'm with you! I definately won't watch the show with Rosie on it! I can't stand her, and I used to like her show, until she went off like Mikie said on Tom Selleck. And then when her show was over, she was like a totally different person than when she had the show! Mean and nasty!

    Oh well, I should have better things to do than watch daytime tv anyway! LOL

    Take care, Sally
  15. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Shes looking odd after losing all that weight~
    sorry but,....
    To lose is one thing~ thats great!!!
    she looks like she's getting 3 meals a week!
    (and prolly shares her potatoe) :)
    It does'nt look healthy.

    I love Rosie!!
    I'm so glad she's coming back to TV.
    shes funny :)

  16. JLH

    JLH New Member

    First of all, I agree with every word that Mikie said! So, no use to repeat.

    I know that Rosie had a feud with Starr a long time ago--before Starr lost any weight, she said in public what she weighed and Rosie told one of the entertainment show that she was a liar because she weighed xx number of pounds and Starr had to weigh a heck of a lot more than she said she did .... or something like that!

    And Rosie didn't like the fact that Starr wouldn't admit at first that she had had weight loss surgery.

    Anyway .... who cares about either of them!!!

    I never like Starr or Rosie. Quit watching The View a long time ago ... got tired of their entire bit.

    I think the show will eventually go off the air after all the changes.

    I can't imagine Oprah letting "her best friend, Gayle" out from under her wings and do something on her own!!! LOL Oprah has Gayle working at her magazine and doing spots for her show .... I think she likes to control Gayle. But why would Gayle care? She has a pretty cushy life now, thanks to Oprah!

    I am soooooo glad that Meredith got the job on Today to replace Katie Couric because I COULD NOT STAND TO WATCH KATIE FOR ONE SECOND!!! In fact, I quit watching the Today show because of Katie and watch another morning show on another channel. Maybe now I can go back to watching the Today show.

    I, too, wished I could have seen the nasty sendoff they gave Meredith. It sounds like it was totally inappropriate ... especially for a bunch of "professional" women!

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As if Barbara jumped the gun when she heard that Star had given an interview to "People" magazine before she made her announcement in which she said she felt as though she was fired. Well, she was fired. When your contract isn't renewed, you're fired. Barbara should have taken the high road and not said anything on Wed.'s show. That she did say what she said indicated that the women were lying when they acted surprized on Tues. She also said she and ABC told Star she could make up any story and they would stand behind her. In other words, they encouraged Star to lie about her departure. I really think there is no one person to blame for all of this, but after watching "Larry King Live," last night, I think Star did take a higher road and will come out of this looking better than Barbara.
    She refused to be baited into a catfight. Larry King was not very friendly at the end of the show like he usually is with his guests. He and Barbara are pals and I think that was obvious.

    Where there are huge egos, there are going to be clashes. I agree that adding Rosie isn't going to help "The View." But, who knows, Rosie has a lot of fans and maybe the ratings will go up. I don't think it will last, though.

    Star did make an interesting point. She said this whole thing will just reinforce the stereotypes about women and how they can't get along with other women.

    People in show biz often have one face the public sees and another behind the scenes. I think there is a lot we don't know about all this. In the end, when the big todo dies down, everyone will go on with it.

    I'm also not a Katie Couric fan. Early on, I saw how she treated one of her assistants. A couple of years back, her staff went to the suits at "Today" and said they were all going to resign if something wasn't done about how Katie treated them.

    Also, I think there are very few really good friendships between celebrities, the kind which last for years between thick and thin. It's kind of like junior high school. If someone is on the outs, you drop them like they are poison to protect yourself. How sad.

    Love, Mikie
  18. carebelle

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    I like Star .I think she is a Graceful and Lovely Lady with high standards Morley and Professionally .I have a lot of respect for what she has done with her life.She is handling things well.

    As for her Huge Wedding hey ,she earned her money legally and with hard work she had the right to live an American Dream, and spend her money any way she wants to.

    I have lowered my opinion about BW because of how this was handled. I just have a weird feeling that these changes on The View ,are more about politics's then anything. Sounds bad ,but I wonder who may have some black male on someone to help force these changes.

    I have not hear one person anywhere ,say anything good about Rosie comeing on the show.I to think she's to rough and will try to take over.

    Think maybe they were afraid that Star would voice her morel opinions and Rosie can't handle That or anyone's opinion but her own?

    I hope Star gets her own show, on at the same time as The View.I probably won't watch after Rosie comes on she's just to bitter of a person. I try to stay away from that kind of bitterness in life. She always seems like she's ready for a fight.

    I think we will see Elizabeth lock horns with Rosie or she may just get out while the going is good.I do not think that The View will be around long.

    I think BW needs to just retire before shes looses the respect people once had for her.

  19. jarjar

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    I don't watch the view either But Star was beginning to look like a Bobble Head after her tummy tuck.

    People were reporting on the news the other nite that when Star worked the Red carpet she became a VERY demanding Deva and was really ticking some people off with her attitude.

    Okay I had to post this for fun I normally don't post on these type topics. But seems Star is getting a lot of bad press and it may be for a reason.

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  20. Countrymom

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    I hate Rosie, can't watch because of her

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