OT ~ Starr's Daily Trivia....... The Monkees facts! 12/15/05

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  1. EgyptStarr

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    Among the 437 "folk and roll singers" who answered the 1965 audition call to be a Monkee were Stephen Stills (who was rejected because he had bad teeth and a receding hairline), Harry Nilsson, and Paul Williams.

    (Note from Starr: Not that I have a clue who any of these guys are..... lol)

    Two years later, when the group went out on their first concert tour, their nonbilled opening act was Jimi Hendrix.

    Because of Davy Jones's huge popularity as a member of The Monkees, another young singer in London, also named David Jones, was forced to change his name... to David Bowie.

    (OK, now THOSE names I know! lol)

    Hope you enjoyed!

  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    and this was very interesting! (Not Harry, though!)

    This is a great post...thank you for doing it for us. What a great gift!

  3. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    I recognize the band name "Crosby, STILLS and Nash"..... didn't think of them.

    And I already knew who Jimi Hendrix is...... who doesn't? lol

    Thanks for the info!

    (Still don't recognize Nilsson or Williams, though.... oh well! lol)

  4. CAAnnieB

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    Thanks for the Monkees trivia! I was a HUGE Monkees fan in the 60's! My sister & I watched their TV show & made a Monkees scrap book! (Articles, pictures, etc.) How funny!

    Harry Nilson is best known for these songs: (Can't live)"Without You", "Lime and Coconut" (I said, "Doctor! If ya got a belly ache-ah...", & "Everybody's Talking" (theme from movie "Midnight Cowboy")

    Paul Williams is a well-known song writer. He does sing, but is best known for writing hits like: "Evergreen" (from movie "A Star Is Born"- Barbara Streisand sang), "We've Only Just Begun" (Carpenters), the "Love Boat" theme song (TV show) & "The Rainbow Connection" (Kermit's song from the "The Muppet Movie")

    Any of those jog your memory?

    That's cool about Bowie having to change his name! I didn't know that.

    Keep the trivia coming!

    Blessings & Hugs,
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  5. CAAnnieB

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    Bumping for Starr...
  6. ilovecats94

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    Was a short, blond guy. I can't remember any of the songs he did, but that was pretty long ago.

    I know all the people you mentioned. lol

  7. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Yes, NOW I have an idea of who they are!

    I think I know every song by Paul Williams that you mentioned..... I even sang "Evergreen" at a cousin's wedding, and learned "The Rainbow Connection" in music class in 6th grade! lol

    Thanks again!

  8. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    That's so sweet that you think of me as a baby!!! lol

    I'm 35 now, so I don't get referred to as a baby anymore by most people I know.

    It does seem that many of the ladies on the board here are older than me, but I'm not the youngest!

    (Still LOVE that you called me a baby, though! THANK YOU so much!!!! You might think you're old, but at the very least, it has given you the wisdom to know that referring to a woman my age as a "baby" can be QUITE a compliment!)



    p.s. For everyone: I will not be on very much for awhile, and will not have time to post the trivia questions daily, as I had planned. I will try to check in every once in awhile, though, and let you know what's going on with me.
  9. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Here you are Fight!

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