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    Dear Story Club (ie. EVERYONE here),

    I thoroughly enjoyed last week's story, story 2. Well done! It and kept me checking back to see what would happen next. Today is the day when anyone can write the ending. It's been sitting in a highly suspenseful moment. Joe, the husband, has just confessed to his wife, Laura, that he has been living a DOUBLE LIFE! His ex-girlfriend has come to the hotel that same day with the intention of spilling the beans. What will happen next? You decide! :) Check out story 2.

    Today is also the day to begin this week's new story. So, don't be shy! Write as much or as little, as often as you like. Always excited to hear from you. New members are warmly invited. The story is open until next Saturday, at which time anyone can write The End. :) And remember, it's all for fun!

    ((love)) Shannon
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    George, a middle aged man with boyishly brown hair, had been nervous all day, but Sharrine had been too happy to notice. In fact, she was pleased as punch, as she would have said, just to be with him in their favorite park on this summer day. Even the goose droppings she had slipped in (you couldn’t help it in this park) couldn’t take away from the fun. Now, as they were topping off their picnic lunch with real (!) champagne, she found George searching her pretty blue eyes. Something important was about to happen; she could tell. He cleared his throat with a cough.

    “We’ve only been together six months today, Sharrine, but already I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.” He paused and swallowed. “Ever since I first met you, there was nothing more I’ve wanted than to be with you. That’s why I asked you to come out for a picnic with me today.”

    Sharrine sighed with delight and gazed at the clouds. “Today couldn’t have been more perfect. I never thought you could make such good BLT’s. AND you kept them from getting soggy. How’d you do it, Georgy? You’ve got to tell me!”

    George was restless. “Oh, never mind about the old sandwiches –“ he blurted. He grasped her hands impulsively, and her champagne spilled on the grass. “I have something more important than…I mean… hold on a minute…” he fumbled in the picnic basket. Sweating, he finally fished out a blue velvet jewelry box from under the store-bought cornbread. He lifted the lid.

    The moment that dazzlingly pink twinkle of light from the gem caught his eye, he had the unbearable thought that she might say ‘no.’ He looked hastily at Sharrine’s feet, too nervous see what her reaction would be.

    “Oh. My. Gosh.” Sharrine breathed. George risked a quick look up at her face. It was drained of color, and her mouth was hanging wide open. Something had gone wrong! His words came in a rush, tumbling out before he could think. He knew he sounded like a moron, but he couldn’t stop.

    “Do you like it, honey? I picked it special just for you. Because I know you like roses, and a pink diamond with rose leaves around it seemed like j-just the thing for our engagement, you know, to get married, if you want to get married, I mean, you know, to me –“ His face turned beet red. This was not at all like how he had pictured things going this morning.

    Soundlessly, Sharrine picked the ring up out of the case. She slipped the gold band onto her ring finger. It looked perfectly in place there. There was an eerie stillness in the warm air. “It still fits,” she murmured.


    “George,” she looked up at him, “this is my wedding ring!”

    “Oh. Oh! You mean… you’ll-you’ll marry me?” He sat there grinning stupidly.

    She was too excited to hear his question. “George, my first husband Ted gave me this ring thirty years ago when I turned 16! He married me in it two years later. I lost it a year after he died. I thought I would never see it again!” Tears welled up in her eyes. She caressed the ring to her cheek, as if she were holding the hand of her late husband Ted. The sunlight made the pink stone glow. “Thank you, George,” she whispered. “Thank you so much. Where did you find it?”
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    of air,his mind was running wild,how could he ever tell her he bought it at a pawn shop,how cheap was he? The fact that it could be really her ring was unbeleivable.He just stared at her ,tears start running down his face as he tells her where he got it.She is so thrilled that someone found the ring she didn't care that he bought it at the pawn shop.She was just so happy to have it back.George didn't know what to feel this ring was suppose to be HIS engagment ring to her,now she is so excited that it was her first husband ring,now what he thought.....
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    ... I suppose it is the time for me to confess about my previous marriages, if she understands the pawn shop, maybe I can tell her about all the alimony and child support I am paying, which is why, even though I seem like a highly successful businessman, I am always broke...

    anne C
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    George summed it up, after several minutes of deep conversation. Sharrine looked like she'd been hit with a fish whacker. It was all too much at once. Her red curls trembled.

    "So THAT'S why I had to buy our engagement ring at a pawn shop instead of a jewelry store - you do still want to marry me, right?"
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    she was silent,george was scared to death.Finally she said "i think that this a good omen,after all theses years and now i have my ring back,i think it was meant to be.George picked her up and gave her the biggest kiss and hug ever....
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    this is a good thing, and everything's going to be all right, and I can finally get on with my life after losing him in that car accident." She started crying then, she didn't know quite why, out of relief, perhaps. And George just held her and let her cry. That's when she knew for sure that he was the right man for her, and that he would always be the one to lean on and spend the rest of her days with.

    "By the way, Sharrine, did I tell you that I have kids?"
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    After george said that he thought ,what an ass this isn't the right time,but the damage was done...
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    "They're 5 and 3, and they don't eat much, and they're really really quiet. My ex-wife, well, one of my ex-wives, lets them sleep in suitcases lined with towels. I bet they'll be happy to see you. Maybe we could adopt them or something, and you could give up your job at the realestate place and take care of them, 24/7, because I don't make enough money to hire a nanny or something. And it would probably be cheaper to adopt them than to keep paying child support. Because we could just feed them Noodles In A Cup, and we wouldn't have to send them to school, becuase you could lie and say you are home schooling them. And then when they fail the tests, you can say they're slow. Maybe they are slow. They do sleep in suitcases, you know. Guess they don't know better, but still..."

    George rambled on like he was getting paid for it. Sharrine was slowly, slowly backing away from him. How could he be supporting another family? He didn't really mean all this stuff he was saying to her, did he?

    "... and we can just let them run around on the lawn on rainy days, becuase that's as good as a bath, and it saves on the hot water bill..."
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    The fish wacker was really doing a number on Sharrine.

    She looked down at the ring, so beautiful and perfect. And it was such a coincidence that after all of these years, it was back on her finger again.
    Sharrine looked up at George. "I love you, George, but is it really true? You have two kids? Maybe we should think about things for a while."

    "Well, the truth is, Sharrine,..."

    He saw her lower lip quivering. George felt like he was on the edge of a cliff, that maybe he had taken things the joke too far.

    I'm just kiddding! I just wanted to see how much you loved me."

    "George! How could you do that?" Sharrine broke into laughter, mixed with great relief.

    But what George really hadn't told her was

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    for him to want to mention. The moment when he could have spilled everything had passed.

    “You silly goose!” Sharrine laughed. “You really had me there. Two kids, imagine! I bet the next thing you’re about to tell me is that those BLT’s weren’t home made!” She got serious then, and kissed him. “Of course I’ll marry you.” And all the words that George had been trying to say about his real secret melted out of his mind in that sweet, long kiss.

    That night, when Sharrine went to sleep, she had a dream. She was 16 again, in her yellow and red cotton print dress. Ted was standing with her in a stained glass cathedral, with a golden glow coming from all around him. He was wearing a tuxedo.

    “Little Doll,” he said tenderly, and he bent into a handsome bow. He scooped up her left hand and kissed it, soft as butterfly wings on her skin. When she looked down at her hand, she saw that his pink diamond ring was on her finger.

    He smiled and said, “Shhhhh…” and took her arm in his. They were facing the altar now. As he began walking her down the aisle, stately and slow, he whispered, “Me and your mother are mighty proud of you.” That made things more right than ever. Suddenly he was a blend of Ted and her Father, walking her down the aisle. Her heart leapt with joy, and then all the pews were full of people, standing and cheering. Rose petals fluttered down through the air. Her cotton house dress changed into a glistening white wedding gown, and a pink rose rested on her chest.

    Up ahead, standing with the priest, was George. She knew this was her destiny, and Ted had come to give his blessing and to give away the bride. It was a more perfect wedding than she could have hoped for. Ted said to her, “You love him. I can tell. Stick with George and you’ll be fine.” They were nearly there. “Whatever he tells you, try to help him.”

    Just as she got near to him, ready to take his hand, George was suddenly wearing a mailman costume. “Honey, I’m the bearer of bad news.”

    “Then shouldn’t you be wearing a newspaper boy costume?” She asked comfortably, taking her place beside him as the wedding ceremony began.

    “I haven’t told you everything. I… I need your help.”

    She was starting to say, “Whaaaattttt…” when she felt something pulling her awake. RIIIIIINNNGGGGG! Oh, gosh that phone was loud! She struggled awake, trying to retain the feeling of peacefulness from the dream, with no time to puzzle over what it had meant. She groped for the receiver.

    “H-hello?” she asked shakily, squinting at the alarm clock. It was three in the morning! Now she was wide awake.

    “Sharrine. Oh, I’m so glad you’re here!” But he didn’t sound glad at all. He sounded very worried. “I need your help.”
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    At this time of night? What could possibly be so urgent?"

    "I can't explain. Meet me at the 7-11 on 12th street. Bring cash." The line went dead. He hadn't even said goodbye.

    "George?" Oh, for heaven's sake, said Sharrine to herself. She had clients to meet in the morning. As she pulled on a pair of old blue jeans and a T shirt with a big yellow smiley face on it (it was 3am, who would be awake to care?) she started to worry.
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    that george would call at this time of morning and why didin't he just come here? She was getting some goose bumps as her mind wondered,why?,what?....
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