OT - STREP! Help! - It's not going away!

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    My daughter has had strep twice this month. She hasn't even finished her second round of abx. A stronger one than the first. But since the weekend she has been getting bad again. Today she has a fever, sore throat, and stomach ache. I'm so frustrated!! What is going on???

    I have called peds offices and no one has room to see her. I'm sick of urgent care - they aren't helping. What do I do? Would you go to the ER at this point??



  2. Hope4Sofia

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  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    My fiance had it bad, and as a typical man he didn't want to go to the doctor until his head was actually falling off or something really serious. You could see the white puff coating his adenoids and his breath smelled of infection, so it was a strong case of it.

    I got him to use a bunch of natural antibiotic and antifungal products.
    - plain yogurt retention and eating a few tablespoons a few times a day

    - gargling w/ aloe vera juice

    - gargle w/ salt water (he brought thermoses of it to work and did it many times a day)

    - gave him extra zinc and calcium ascorbate powder (buffered vitamin C, any will do, 1000 mgs) in water

    - he drank several cups of ginger root tea, w/ honey and fresh lemon every day (ginger and honey are both antibiotic, lemon is astringent and has more vit. C and bioflavinoids)

    It was noticably clearing up in only 2 days, so he got out of going to the doc. Was gone in about 4,5 days.

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    You might also want to find the tea....what is the correct spelling....I think it is Pau'd Arco. It might be a nice add on to what Jeanne has given you. And: what are the antibiotics the doctor is giving your daughter. Not being nosey and you do not have to answer if you do not want to, but maybe they are not quite right. Food for thought, anyway. I will be thinking of her: happy and healthy again.
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    Hi Again...

    She is still sick??? That is terrible...I would definetly take her to the E.R.

    I ended up taking my daughter to the E.R. ..They gave her a shot of Abx..She was better the next day..

    She has just been sick for to long...

    Let us know what happens..

    Good luck
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    Since there is a chance they haven't properly dx'd the cause of her infection, it's good to come at it from as many angles as possible. That's what I did w/ Ron, his wasn't officially dx'd either, but he's had strep before and said the symptoms were the same. I dind't know for sure, so I used everything I had handy that I knew was antibiotic and an infection fighter.

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    How is she doing tonight??
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    I took her to the doc and they said she's neg for strep so I don't know whats going on. I'm going to look into some of the natural remedies you all suggestions. I'm also calling my naturo doc tomorrow to start some probiotic tx. She just keeps getting sick! :(

    Thank you for your help.

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    I have had a salivary gland infection for the past month. The first round of antiobiotics did nothing. Then I noticed pus on side of throat, called the ENT dr. and she gave me different antibiotics and medrol (predisone). The pus is gone but I have terrible headaches and my face is so red and hot. going to call the pharmacist to see if it's a side effect.

    Hope this might help you
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    Have the Doc do a Mono test ASAP...My little one tested neg for strep on the first go round. By day two the thing grew in the petri. When told strep was negative, I insisted on Mono Test. Poor thing has STREP AND Mono which very much resembles strep.