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    hiya everyone
    wanted to drop in and let you know how my courses are going.

    for those of you who dont know me i am studying to be a dog trainer and those of you who do know me i am now also studying to be a behaviour counseller (will explain more in a mo)

    this month i start the puppy section of my courses so i will be able to hold my puppy socialisation classes and get the pups started in their basic obedience.

    i have asked the rescue to send me a pup over but the oaf in my profile needs a home first :) if that pup isnt the best trained pup in the neighbourhood i know i'm doing something wrong lol

    i have added behaviourist to my list of aims as i noticed bahaviourists are charging upwards of £60 an hour!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? then they charge per mile to get there and home again!

    SOOOO i will train to do the same thing and i thought i would do the same thing but for £30 an hour and £20 to those on disability or single parent families and not charge mileage or travel fee's. what do you think??

    speak soon , smiff x
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    hi dncn yes a dog behaviourist. they will help out with things like dog to dog aggression or things like aggression over food, so all in yes helping towards the dogs obedience.

    its things like this that can get dogs rehomed or put down so i figured its better not to over charge as some other behaviourists do as not everyone can afford that sort of money.

    did you check out my piccy? his name is hugo :)
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    A pound of feathers or a lb. of buckshot?

    We don't use pounds in the USA anymore, Smiffy. When I was a kid a pound was worth $5. Last I looked a pound was worth about $1.50.

    If so, you would be charging roughly $45 an hour. That's more than people I know can pay. How many hours do you think most dogs would require?
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    You clearly love dogs, so this is a good career for you.

    It's wonderful when you can make money doing something you already love.

    Hugo is adorable :)

  5. smiffy79

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    but that $45 would be better than roughly $120 that other behaviourists would charge (not knowing what the hourly rate was in the states that is.

    as for how long i was needed would depend on the problem AND i hate the concept of someone else training your dog ie training schools you send your dog to. SOOO when i do home visits now i show the owners some excercises i would like them to do and talk them through it and then after that i usually keep in touch over the phone or net so they (would) pay once but i am still on hand through the problem until its solved.

    most problems i can get to work on almost straight away - i had one family struck dumb as they had been struggling away for months with just one problem. but others take longer to turn around like poor hugo and his feed routine.

    one family i stayed with for a whole afternoon to help get them over multiple hurdles and i drove over 100 miles to get there. i keep in touch though and all is well as they worked on the excercises i gave them. what they faced were lots of little problems that all together seemed huge.
    all i had to do was show them how to manage them one at a time.

    if i do go over the hour even by half an hour i dont intend on charging for that half hour at all.

    your right many ppl cant afford over the odds hence the fact i want to do this so there is another option AND i was looking to halve that cost again to those who were really struggling.
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    thankyou - i'm on course to open the training school/club december but am not yet sure when i will be operational as a behaviorist.

    hugo is a little sweety i think he will slot nicely into a family home :)