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    I just read your reply and your profile on my other thread. I'm wondering if you've ever seen kids like my 14 yr old daughter.

    She is mildly autistic, borderline IQ, oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar, intermittant explosive disorder...very simple minded, yet so oppositional and aggressive all the time. Nothing works to improve her behavior (rewards, punishment, etc.) She has been on meds since she was 4 and has been hospitalized twice for violently agressive tendencies.

    We have her in a private spec ed school, but often think she (and our entire family) would be better off if she's placed in a residential facility. In Calif, the kids have to be failing school in order to be placed in residential and have the funding covered by an Assy Bill. We are at our wits end, no therapy or behavior mod has ever helped, rewards lose their charm after a day or two. She also has the hormone thing going on, so I feel like our family is doomed.

    And due to the stresses I've been under since she was diagnosed at 3, I am so sick w depress/anxiety/CFS/FM. I see a psychiatrist and a therapist, but it's still pretty difficult at times... dd is in a bad phase right now and I'm feeling helpless.....ANY BRILLIANT SUGGESTIONS??????

    Thanks for listening, I saw that you dealt w psych kids cases and thought you might know something I don't :)

    xxxooo Hermit
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    for suz45!!!
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    again for suz.
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    I must say this one is complicated. First off any child that has autism, PDD, Aspergers is entiltled to benefits under the law through SS. Therefore, even though mildly autistic, she should qualify for low cost no cost thrapeutic services. At her school, which I am assuming by your post does she have an IEP in place and does she get services under 504AD Americans with disabilites act. Again this is a federal law that schools know they must follow, but often dont unless pushed by parents....

    Her ODD issues may be stemming from the autistic piece, I have worked with PDD kids and quite often in socail settings or when learning new skills they be overwhlemed, this is both neurological and their attempt at coping.

    Does she get any one on one support through a Therapeutic Staff support that shadows them during the day. I have found that kids with a TSS do far better than those left alone. ZThey just crawl back inside where it is safe. TSS are also paid by agencies that receive funding for ADA kids.

    What about meds to decrease anxiety, quite often especially teenagers with the hormonal chnages are in a heightened state of anxiety, unfortunately it comes with the territory.

    A good Autism specialist (psychologist/psychiatrist) should be reevaluating her at least biannually for progress and she should be receiving services regularly.

    One new area that I am familiar with is animal therapy. I have a friend whose boys are both Aspergers and Autistic they are involved in horse/farm therapy. I have seen a difference.

    This is a difficult disorder, yet at almost epidemic proportions in our country.

    Contact you local Autistic foundation... They may be able to help her recieve better services and get you her a casemanager, which she definatley needs, and is entitled to due to having been in specialized placement.
    By the way CA has one of the highest number of Austic based children in the country...Push for services she is entitled to more before you go the residentail route....

    Hope this was helpful..

    Let me know how you make out.

    Softest Hugs,


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    Thanks so much for replying!

    Ok, let me see if I can fill in the blanks....

    R is a client at the Regional Center in our area. They have offered few services due to funding cut backs. She has 24 hrs/mo w a recreational coach that takes her out and goes to movies, parks, etc to socialize her w other kids. They have also sent out a behav. mod specialist who basically was stumped by R's nonresponsiveness to the reward system they suggested.

    She has had an IEP since 4 yrs old, and has a 1 on 1 aide in the classroom. The reason that she is in a private spec ed school is cuz she was beginning to be a danger to kids in her public spec day class. Her school is pd for by the school district.

    She has been on just about every antipsychotic, antidepressant, mood stabilizer, tranquilizer out there. She currently takes Depakote, Haldol (this would knock a horse out for days, but barely phases her), Seroquel and Cogentin.The doctors have always been blown away at how difficult she is to handle and medicate. She sees a psychiatrist from Children's Treatment Center every month and has gone to numerous therapists (which never helps). She isn't ever able to hold onto the coping skills, beavior mod stuff. When she flips out, it's like someone has thrown a switch inside her brain...she cannot be reasoned with. She can be very physically and verbally abusive to those around her, she has no respect for adults and is not intimidated by anyone.

    Needless to say, I get soooo frustrated. Seems like we have exhausted all resources. There is so little help for kids w psychiatric disorders....I had a very difficult time finding a psych hospital that would take her with the insurance we have. Nobody wants to deal w a kid w all of the problems she has. Very sad.

    Anyway, that the scoop. I am exhausted today cuz I did too much yesterday, going to go take a nap and try to recoup some energy...HA!

    Thanks again....Hermit
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    I don't blame you for your frustrtationlevel, sounds like your daghter has a paticularly complicated psych dx. I know this may seem a little out there, however has she ever respned to Aversion therapy.... Which is controversial and a form of behav mod... Sounds to me as though you are doing everything you can as a parent. Any parent would be frustrated, add to it these disorders and it can be totally overwhelming.

    Contact me when you get some rest and enrgy, you need to take care of yourself too.

    I know about kids and hospitals I have sent kids out of state when I was working just to get them into a facilty.

    Hopefully, her hormones will settle down and she will not need residential care.. But if she did remeber you have done everything in your power...Sounds like she has quite the team of MH people working with her. Keep seeing someone for yourself ato help you cope..

    I wish I could be more helpful, however you are doing what every good parent would do... As i said before your daughters situation is complicated, but not hopeless... Try to look for any progress... Hopefully the team of people will too.

    Rest for now.


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