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    Brian Davis at NEOCH - N.E. Ohio Coalition for the Homeless forwarded me an e-mail regarding a job opening for the Bridging The Gap program to help with transition into housing for he homeless.

    Apply for this job even though you might not feel qualified.
    Just do it and tell Brian that you got the info from me!

    I sent you an e-mail about the position but in case you are curious this is the brief description.

    It is a 40 hour a week position but this group is flexible!

    It is a cool job and you won't have to deal with egos.


    Bridging the Gap
    Job Description
    Title: Program Director

    Start Date November 2006

    Duties of Position:

    The Bridging the Gap Program Director is responsible for overseeing NEOCH’s housing program that works to “bridge the gap” between homeless individuals and landlords with affordable housing. BTG works to collaborate and create partnerships with the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, local service agencies and private landlords, with the goal of placing a minimum of 200 homeless people into housing per year.

    Creating partnerships: The BTG Director will engage in agreements with local shelters and service providers to refer their candidates for housing to the BTG program. They will negotiate agreements with local landlords to place formerly homeless people into units and remain in regular communication with CMHA and local landlords.

    Monitoring Clients: The BTG Director will coordinate contact with those waiting for housing and those referred from BTG to housing a minimum of once a quarter.

    Development and Personnel: The program director must have experience with development activities including but not limited to researching potential funders, writing proposals and coordinate fundraising events. The BTG Director will assist with development of the program and assume supervising of the support staff, and will report directly to the Director of Operations.

    Qualifications for the Position:

    Education: College degree required.


    · Experience with homelessness and poverty as a worker or through first hand experience.

    · Experience with local social service organizations.

    · Experience with conducting meetings, training, and supervising staff.

    · Experience with fund development work.

    · Experience communicating with a diverse population.

    · Organizing skills necessary, and a desire to work with fragile populations

    Other preferences:

    · Ability to multi task.

    · Organized and capable of meeting deadlines.

    · Transportation is helpful but not required.

    · Knowledge of housing.

    · Ability to work independently.

    Working Hours: 40 hours a week.

    Location/Site: NEOCH’s office 3631 Perkins Ave.

    Compensation: $28,000 - $31,000 based on experience and education including full health benefits and vacation package.

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    Are you going to apply? You would be great at this job and that they want you.

    What an awesome job to have!
  3. SweetT

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    I do meet all of the job qualifications. It appears to be a very interesting position. It would be a considerable pay cut, however. But a paycut is better than no pay! I'll check out the email you sent to me.

  4. IndianPrincess

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    NEOCH really ROCKS! You will have the flexibility you need.

    On days you don't go into the office you could probably work from home but not alot! And you will have many opportunities to get out of the office to do presentations too!

    This is a job that you can feel good about doing and going to!

    A very congenial environment! You will love it so I'll have my fingers crossed for you and good luck!!!!!

  5. IndianPrincess

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence but I volunteer for NEOCH, serve on the Board of Trustees, write for the street newspaper "The Homeless Grapevine", do public speaking for the organization as my health permits.

    I came up with an awareness project for PR of what we do and to bring attention to why people become homeless.

    It will be a poster/public service print ad. The heading will say "Who Are The Homeless?" and will have a group photo of current homeless people and formerly homeless people.

    Occupations will be printed over each individual such as mine will say LITHOGRAPHER. Others will be MOTHER,CHILD,

    Yes, I said CONGRESSMAN. We are hoping we can get Dennis Kucinich involved because he was once homeless as a child.

    Under the photo it will say "People Like YOU!"

    Then we will list the reasons for homelessness such as JOB LOSS, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DISABILITY, etc.

    I hope it will break the stereotypical mold plus inform the public that NEOCH empowers the homeless due to the services we provide as well as civil rights advocacy, free voice mail, help in finding and keeping housing.

    We don't provide the fish dinners for the day. We teach the homeless how to fish so they can regain their self-esteem to provide for themselves on a daily basis.

    I hope Sweet T will apply for the job and become a member of our team.

  6. SweetT

    SweetT New Member


    I like what you said. That's been my philosphy for as long as I can remember. I don't like giving handouts. I like showing people how to do it for themselves.

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