OT Swivel sweeper anyone have one?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. I saw one of tv this morning and was wondering if anyone has one? How are they, do they pick up good. It looks like a great inbetween sweeper, and easy on the back/body.
  2. achy

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    We were eating at our favorite mexican rest. and they were using one!! What r the odds? I've also thought of buying one.

    It owrked great..picked up every crumb and tortilla shell pieces. And it went every which way, making it easy to vac under the table & between the chairs.

    But it was VERY LOUD. I was surprised how loud....like my Kirby loud. Too loud for me.

    But it worked great!
  3. Andrea4

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    i have had one for about 10 months i think? i love it. i live in an apt and it works fine on the linolium floor and the carpet here. not sure how it would work on real deep pile carpet. it's a Godsend when I can't lug out the big vac which is most of the time. it picks up crumbs, cat hair, dirt, even cheese...LOL! I have 2 small kids so I also know it picks up raisins, small game pieces and cereal both wet and dry.

    I saw them at Target for 34.99 yesterday. I paid 39.99 for mine but it was well worht it. when this wears out i will buy another one.
  4. Smiffy

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    Thanks for this thread! I'm moving to a bungalow with all hard floors & wondered whether to buy one.
  5. I just want one for in between, my husband tries to sweep as it hurts my back, but I thought it might be easier for me when he doesn't and its needs sweeping. They had a special for 2 19.99 payments and you received a second one free if you called the no.
  6. sues1

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    Would be great if you have two floors (I mean an downstairs and a upstairs..LOL)....

    You would always have one handy, and no carrying up and down steps.

  7. TKE

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    I don't have this brand, but do have the "Shark" brand. It's great for a quick surface cleaning, but take note...they have NO SUCTION. You must run over the dirt to pick it up, so close to walls, around chair legs, etc may not get picked up as well.

    We have parrots who make a huge mess. The Shark doesn't do well at picking up some of the feathers, but is great with the nut & seed shells.

    I had mine for just over a year & the handle broke off. The little brush that's supposed to get close to the wall, etc broke as well. I still use it tho. My Huz has been doing most of the cleaning lately with the big cleaner as I'm having back problems. When he's not here & I need to clean something up I just use the Shark. I don't find it any louder than my big cleaner.

    When I get a new one I want to try the Swivel brand. It has more motion (picks up in all directions) options than the Shark brand does.


  8. Marta608

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    I'm not sure it's what you're talking about but I have a Dirt Devil Swivel Glide. It's light and easy (as any) to use which is why I bought it. It's also cheaply built with parts that break off.