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    has anyone taken mucinex . does it work like guai..and if so how many did you take..
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    I haven't taken it, but have thought about it. I quess I'll see what other's have to say about it:)

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    Mucinex is guai. It's 600 mg, time released, and I take it twice a day. Works very well for me. I also get the guai from Immune Support that sometimes I take in-between the mucinex as it is faster acting but not time-released.

    I take it because of excess mucus that causes throat problems and also for FM. Works great for BOTH and I have NO side effects.
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    is the OTC guai. I've tried it, but have found that all forms with a blue dye do not work for me. I get the dye-free form from ProHealth as I haven't found it anywhere else. But, it is also the fast acting formula. It comes in 400mg tablets. I take 1 in the morn and 1 at dinner.
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    thank you all for replying.. i wanted to take it, but did not know if it worked or not....i am going give it a try and see if it will get me going for spring.
    thanks loads
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    For those of you already using it, is it helping your energy levels?

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    Before you begin the Guai Protocol, please read Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" (the new edition just released in January 2006. Please, please try to protocol. I have been on it for a little over a year now and am soooo much better. I order the Guafinisen (600 mg) and the Solo Guai (400 mg) from the "Immunesupport.com" web site. But you must read the book and follow the protocol in order to truly reverse this illness. Do yourself a favor and READ THE BOOK. I know many people who have reversed this illness by this protocol. It works!
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    thanks for your reply Georgia C.

    What do you do about salicylates? Is it hard to avoid them?
    I've read his book, but just haven't stuck with the protocall yet.

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    Both the American & U.K. on line Guaigroups have lists of toiletries & dental products that are sal-safe, & message boards to post queries. Otherwise, there are sal free products especially manufactured that can be bought on-line from places such as the Marina del Ray on-line pharmacy. I think dental products may be sold here, as well as recommended forms of Guai (they don't all work).

    Other things to watch are toilet tissues, that may contain aloe vera, & razors, that may have an aloe vera strip. Housewore & gardening should be done with gloves on. Avoilding sals soon becomes second nature, although it's daunting to change/check everything at first.

    It is essential to follow the book & avoid sals - these use the same receptors on the kidneys as the Guai, this is how they stop it working.
  12. Mikie

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    This is a good place to start but it is absolutely imperative to buy the book, understand the theory and protocol, become sal free, and know how to tweak the dose. Unless one buys products guaranteed to be sal free, such as the Andrea Rose line, one has to read labels every single time one buys a new product. Manufacturers change formulas frequently and the sal-free websites are not updated often enough. Hidden sals can cause failure of the treatment.

    Mucinex is so expensive and the blue dye gave me a rash. The fast acting Guai sold here works better for me than the long acting Mucinex. I thought one could buy both the long acting and fast acting Guai here. I'll check. COSTCO sells the fast acting very cheap but it does contain some blue dye, just not nearly as much as the nasty dark teal dye in the Mucinex. I'll go check the Store here to see whether ProHealth carries the long acting.

    OK, here's what I found. The long acting Guai sold here is not dye free. I don't know how much dye is used. I only know that the Mucinex brand contains enough to cause problems for me. The rash did go away eventually, but I decided not to take that brand again. A rash is a warning sign and I don't need more problems.

    Love, Mikie