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  1. libra55

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    I think I found the problem. The smoke detector in the garage has run out of batteries and is chirping! I think some one else mentioned that (was it nina?)

    I will take him out on leash tonight. I had planned on doing it any way as I don't want to chase him all over the yard. By that time I'm in my pj's and ready for bed, not for searching for a missing canine.

    He is my little buddy. My husband works nights so Dallas sleeps with me, and sometimes Sunny (my other Corgi) does too. She has to be helped on and off the bed so sometimes she just sleeps underneath it right next to my head.

    Anyway I'll change those batteries and see if that helps.

    Thanks for everybody that responded. we have a lot of animal lovers on here.

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    I see you have corgis, I think we have posted to each other before about Corgis. I have one that is a male and almost 3 years old. I wanted to ask you if your corgis are ever nervous or have anxiety (besides this issue). Mine seems to be a nervous dog and any loud noise he jumps, or fireworks about stroke him out. I have read that some Corgi's are like this. Just wondered if yours were or not. He isn't afraid of new people, just large objects (such as a space heater, or mini trampoline for example..Weird...Glad you figured it out for your little fella.

    Well I just read all your replies and see your guy is sensitive and nervous too..Guess it is a Corgi thing.

    What do you do about all the shedding? I have hair everywhere, especially since mine is a tri color.[This Message was Edited on 12/22/2005]
  3. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Hangininthere, it's interesting how you mentioned another animal might have bit him, well last year that very same thing happened to him! It crawled through a hole under the fence and came out of nowhere and made a nasty gash in his face. But of course he would have gotten over that, I would think. Unless he is having flashbacks or something.

    Suz, both my Corgis detest fireworks. Every year I just dread the 4th of July! My husband takes the kids but I don't go any more, and I have to close up the house for the noise, but the dogs can still hear it and they go berserk. They also have a nervous problem with thunder and lightning Are yours noisy? Dallas is quite a barker but Sunny is more of a "talker" (all sorts of weird vocalizations). Dallas will howl if we get him going. This breed amazes me, they are very smart.

    Mine are "fluffies" so they shed horribly. My daughter (15) actually likes to vacuum so she takes care of that. I try and brush them frequently, and I get them to the groomers when I can, otherwise I bathe them myself. My carpet is beige so doesn't show hair too much. Tri-colors are beautiful. I had a red-headed tri who has passed on, she was my first Corgi. Sunny is red and Dallas is sable.

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  4. suz9601

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    Blaze is my boy's name. He doesn't bark a lot unless the other dogs in the neighborhood get him started or the mailman comes or something like that. I taught him to speak, it is so cute. I make the talking sign w/my hands and he will bark. They learn very quick.

    He is fluffy too. I love the white under is chin..so fluffy and soft.

    He will just go in circles and up and down the stairs on the 4th of jUly. We went to a fireworks display last year and left him inside, we got home and he had urinated in the house (he hasn't done that in 2 years) and scratched through 2 doors etc. The vet said traumatic experiences can make animals be bad..and it did. He was afaid to go outside for 2 months after the 4th..He would just go in circles and pant and throw up..It was bad. Next year I will try doggie valium the vet gave me. Thunderstorms are a problem sometimes if they are very loud, otherwise he is okay.

    They are very smart..I will say that. I dont know what I would do w/o him. I want a girl too but the hair is so bad.

    Blaze is so sensistive that he can only eat Science diet or he will throw up everything else.

    Hope your little guy calms down.

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  5. libra55

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    I told my husband and he put a fresh battery in the smoke detector. this seems to have solved the problem for us. Dallas went out last night and came back in with no hesitations. I was going to put him on leash but he didn't show any signs of nervousness so I just let him go.

    Hopefully this will be the end of it. Thanks all for your concerns.


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