OT: The 8 Most Dangerous Search Words Ever

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    The 8 Most Dangerous Search Words Ever

    It's not just online pornography, gambling, and free MP3s that put your computer at risk. Search terms will do it, too.

    The most dangerous search term you can use? It's "free screensavers."

    Why? Type "free screensavers" into any search engine, and it will lead you to unscrupulous Web sites that will try to infest your computer with spam, spyware, and dangerous downloads, reports the BBC News.

    Fully 64 percent of the sites found using this phrase caused problems for users, according to a report from the British company Site Advisor.

    Led by from Ben Edelman and Hannah Rosenbaum, the researchers entered 1,394 popular keywords into Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, and Ask. Using the Site Advisor security tool, they analyzed the results for each search term. Site Advisor warns users when Web sites are known to be dangerous.

    What is "dangerous"? The most benign would try to change users' browser settings to direct them to specific ad sites, while the most insidious would deluge users with spam or bundle adware and spyware with downloads.

    Using security flaws and loopholes in the browsers, some sites install software on the sly, which can allow the PC to be hijacked or lead to the loss of personal data, reports the BBC.

    Here's an example: Once users registered their e-mail addresses, one particularly sinister Web site sent more than 300 spam messages a week.

    The 8 Most Dangerous Search Terms:

    1. Free screensavers
    2. Bearshare
    3. Screensavers
    4. Winmx
    5. Limewire
    6. Download Yahoo Messenger
    7. Lime wire
    8. Free ringtones

    Across all searches, up to 6 percent of the sites were flagged as dangerous, notes the BBC. "Even a single visit to a dangerous site can have serious and lasting implications for the average internet user," Edelman and Rosenbaum wrote in their report.

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    I don't know the name of the card games my SIL likes to play but he went to a site and while looking at it this site downloaded something on to my harddrive. And I had to have it removed ,it was such a pain. And this site was not a bad site persay . But you really do have to watch what you do type in.My daughter tells me that simple words can send you to sites that will shock you . So watch what you type.
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    Thank you for posting this warning!!!!!

    I had a custom built PC with ProTools virtual recording studio. My tech person warned me about screensavers and yahoo messenger but not bearshare. Being a musician I used bearshare to find obscure songs to record as cover tunes. Something on BS got a hold of my hard drive and tore up my ProTools! My hard drive crashed and I lost years of original artwork/projects done on walcom art tablet, a CD's worth of unfinished original songs. Voice and instumental tracks. I still have the hard drive in case I ever have $300 to spend on paying some one to try and retrive it all.

    Now I have a laptop just for music that I only go on line in order to update. I hope to get another laptop for my artwork soon. It also will only be used for the internet when I'm updating programs, upgrading and sending my art portfolio out.

    I wish a had know though. It was a hard lesson.

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