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    Passed State inspection with flying colors! I am the nurse for an assisted living facility for the elderly (remember when I was offered a job that I could not resist while still very sick). The last two days we had State inspecting our two facilities, and they said that we were two of the best facilities that they have ever inspected! Instead of yearly visits we will be inspected every three years because we did so outstanding! I am so excited that I just had to share!

    YaHoo! Praise God! I give God all of the Glory for leading this job to me, and for guiding me in wisdom and knowledge in my nursing! My desire is to continue to honor God im my life and my nursing! Love, Tam
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    Congratulations, I hear those state inspections are wicked. Smile. With blessings and thanksgiving.
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    Thank you! Yes, they can be wicked but they do serve there purpose. They do look out for our elderly. The problem is is that in most facilities they have some kind of an idea when they will show up, so they step things up for a while. We focus on quality care always! I am so blessed to have this job, and to work for an owner who values quality care as much as I do!

    Look in peppers post about needing our opinion. I responded to your post to her. I hope you don't mind. I hope you will laugh with me. I love you, Tam
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    Congratulations and PTL. One of my good friends used to be a nursing home inspector for the State and she would tell me things in general as most things were confidential. I am sure it is a pretty intense ordeal when it is happening at your facility. Now you can rest easy. LOL No nurse ever rests!!!!! Take care.

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    Thank you for the congrats! Ya, I have worked in longterm care facilities where the nurse to patient ratio is like 28 to 1. It is very hard to do a good job with ratios like that, and I think that it is a shame. I believe it should be against the law. I have worked in hospitals, Doctors offices, and long term care. I really have a love and passion for the elderly, and it is my preferred nursing job. The elderly just bless my soul! Really the State Inspectors aren't all that bad. I hope they are around when I am elderly. Love,Tam
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    Bless your sweet heart. The goodness radiates from you like a beacon.

    I'm betting it is the beacon of Jesus in you that is shining so bright. Blessings
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    Your words are so kind. Thank you! But I am not the saint you make me out to be. I am just a normal human that has many faults. I really don't know how or why I was so blessed to have this oppertunity to serve God thru my job. The only thing I worry about is having the energy to keep it up.

    Is it my brain fog, or have I not seen you for a while? Either way, it is so good to see you again! Is it getting cold there in Boise? Are the leaves changing colors? Fall is here in Gooding! I love the fall, but knowing that winter is just right around the corner is kinda disheartening. Hopefully tho we will get a good freeze and knock out West Nile! It is so good to see you here and hear from you! Love, Tam
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    I was gone for awhile. Bad Ra and Fibro flare, way to much stress. I just had to shutdown and have God healing what was broken.

    I have moved to Nampa, West Nile seems to be everywhere.

    This AM I saw a little old man cleaning up his garden and burning the leaves. I love that smell, it brings me wonderful memories. He was preparing to put the land to sleep for the winter.

    Fibro fog is bad today, so I'll stop rambling. Many blessing to you dear sister in God's family. De

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    God bless you and the facility where you work. They are indeed blessed to have you around.