OT: The Fog has Snuck in on Little Cat's Feet

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    I just noticed it when I looked out the window. I think I will take a walk even though it is past midnight and probably not too smart. (I live in a small rural town, so it is really not too stupid either.)
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    I believe that should be the fog has CREPT in on little cat's feet. (I was going to make an apology to the author, but now I can’t remember who wrote it.)

    No stick, dog or hubby, but I had a lovely walk none-the-less. The moon is a perfect half circle, surrounded by a glowing circle. There is a fountain near my apartment that I went and listened too for a bit. My rambling took me through the park, where I stopped to swing. The fog had coated the seat of the swing, so now the seat of my jeans is damp.

    Haven’t had a summer late night walk since the last century. Back then I had neighbors with a German Shepard dog. They would leave the dog’s leash hanging on their back stoop so that I could take him for a walk whenever I wanted. I was in graduate school, and would often get back late at night and go for a walk with the dog.

    Another neighbor asked me if I thought the dog, who was not quite grown, would protect me if anyone attacked me. I replied, “First, yes, I do think the dog would protect me. A sub-dominant dog’s role is to protect other members of his pack, if needed, and I am part of this dog’s ‘pack’. Second, I primarily expect this dog will discourage anyone from attacking me. When most people see a German Shepard, they think ‘junk yard dog’, not ‘Rin Tin Tin’.”

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    Nature Baby -
    Yes, Carl Sandberg! He lived for some time (maybe even was born - here’s that inside fog again) in Galesburg, IL, which is not too far from where I live. Sorry, I cannot remember any more of the poem than the title. Do you know Robert Frost’s “I am One Acquainted With the Night”? That is another good one, IMHO.

    Mystic Brit -
    I have English and Irish several generations back in my ancestry. The fog makes be feel safe and buffeted from the world, too. I have to remind myself that it does not actually make me invisible. The few times I saw a car within blocks of me, I stepped into a darkened doorway or behind a tree until enough time had passed that I knew the car had turned another direction. (I did that even when walking with the dog at night - no need asking for trouble.) I tried not to let anyone see me. The swing thing was a bit risky, but I couldn’t resist.

    Ace’s Nanna -
    Did you hear the rhythmic clank of the swing chains and feel the whosh of the fog-laden air past my face?

    Hugs to all of You,
    Little Bluestem

    I googled the poems and found a really neat web site. The Carl Sandburg poem is titled just “Fog”. I’m not sure I should post copyrighted material here, so I‘ll post the link instead: [www.americanpoems.com/poets/carlsandburg/12702] . If you back up a level, there is a short biography of Sandburg, who was, in fact, born in Galesburg, IL, at the top of the page.

    The link to Robert Frost’s “Acquainted With the Night” is : [www.americanpoems.com/poets/robertfrost/12143] .

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