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    High Cost of Being Female

    DALLAS (Ivanhoe Broadcast News) -- As new life begins, a new consumer is born. But long before this little girl arrived, society set a high price for being female. Are you paying more for your clothes, dry-cleaning and cars just because you're woman?

    Priyali Rajagopal, Ph.D., a professor at SMU Cox School of Business in Dallas, says, "We are expected to look better and so we end up paying more than men do."

    A recent study shows salons often charge women at least $9 more than men for a wash, cut and blow dry. Ivanhoe compared prices at three drycleaners ... On average it costs $1 more to launder and press women's shirts. A woman will often pay more for shirts off the rack as well. "When you buy a woman's t shirt you like to believe it is cut differently to flatter your frame than a man," Rajagopal says.

    Women's shirts are cut differently and some designers say they take more time to make. But, if you are just looking for a t-shirt, look for bargains in the men's department. You may want to look there for moisturizer too! Moisturizers are basically the same, but men's lotion is often $5 to $10 dollars cheaper, women we talked to still won't buy it. "We want the packaging to be pretty. We want it to be frilly. We want to be feminine," Rajagopal says.

    Preventing sticker shock on the car lot is more difficult for women. They pay on average $500 more then men when they drive a new car off the lot. Rajagopal says that's because they assume women don't have knowledge about cars.

    Experts say before you buy know the invoice price. If you have a trade-in, don't let the sales person know until you've agreed on a price.

    No matter what you're buying -- women with the most knowledge will get the best deals. So if you think you're getting ripped off, walk away. A better deal is as close as the next door.

    Another car buying tip is to shop online; the computer doesn't know you're a woman.

    Source: Ivanhoe.com

    If you would like more information, please contact:

    Lindsay Hogan
    Marketing, SMU Cox School of Business,
    (214) 768-1794

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    because they buy more.

    They think shopping is a hobby.

    They socalize at the mall so of course they shop while they are there.

    They buy stuff they don't need because it is on sale.

    They buy gifts to have handy in case they need them.

    They pay for gift wrapping.

    They give gifts to people who don't need them and who said: don't get me anything.

    Their idea of a gift is something expensive and useless. (See Dave Barry).

    They think they can never have too many shoes, shades of nail polish, bottles of lotion, etc.

    Their idea of pampering themselves is a trip to a spa at a cost of some hundreds of dollars. A man gets the same sensation from his Lazy-Boy and a beer.

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