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  1. cjcookie

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    When my son went away to college (he has an apartment-style dorm), I bought him those cascade prepacks. You just put one in the dishwasher. When he called to ask me what could make a dishwasher overflow, I was baffled because I was sure they used what I bought. I asked if it was water? He said no, bubbles. Well, another roomate loaded the dishwasher so Josh yelled at him and asked what he used. The reply was Dawn. I laughed so hard, I nearly cried. I explained to him how you should never use dishwashing liquid or Tide, etc. in the dishwasher because that stuff is very (can't think of the word now - like condensed). I'm sure he filled up the container. Oh brother!!

    I told him to run another cycle without soap and show the other guys where he kept the Cascade prepacks.
  2. TerryS

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    I had an Army buddy, a West Point grad by the way, who did the same thing...put liquid detergent in his dishwasher and it ran out all over the kitchen! Well, at least his floor got mopped that night!

  3. rockgor

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    Who do you think invented dishwashing machines?


  4. blueski31717

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    My step son did the exact same thing, I came home to bubbles all over my kitchen floor. Couldn't be mad he was just trying to help but it really was a mess. It took hours to clean up lol.

    Hey rock you made me look lol it was a woman..

    Josephine Garis Cochran(e) from the Shelby County Trail
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    I recieved a dishwasher for my birthday when my twins were about 1yr.I came home from shopping and not only were their bubbles all over the floor,but my frazzled husband trying to corral my twins and the dog covered in suds!! now my twins are 11 and I taught them how to use the dishwasher.LOL!!

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    THE WRITERS OF THE LUCY SHOW missed this opportunity.

    Ok, so a woman invented the dishwasher. But her father was an engineer.

    Reminds me of my favorite joke.

    Look at that terrible driver. Just like a woman.

    Yeah. Hey, wait. That's a man.

    Really?...Well, he drives like a woman.

    In recent years I've come to think engineers are the great problem solvers of society and largely unappreciated. If everyone were like me, for example, we would not have bridges

    over 20 feet long or buildings taller than two stories or anything faster than skis.

    I talked to a friend who comes from a family of engineers. She said they're generally terrible at personal relationships. To them everything is a problem and they want to solve it. They do not want to sit and chat about it or sympathize w/ you.

    Wouldn't our pioneering ancestors be amazed at our labor-saving devices. And probably more amazed that everybody is not happy all day long.

    Ooops! Have to go. My crockpot is overflowing.

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