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  1. Lolalee

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    Hello all!!!! I am honored to welcome all to the Porch, Vol 11.

  2. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I know I dropped the scones off and ran, but I am truly trying to be good about conserving my energy. As much as I love hanging out on the porch with y'all, lately my bed is the only place that feels right. I'm also trying to make a big effort to cook some healthy meals so that I can have nuturitious foods handy. Today I finally got going at 1:30pm and by that time I was so wiped out from getting ready that I almost went back to bed. I waited a little while and managed to get a tiny spurt of energy.

    Went to the grocery story and now I have the goods to make some healthy soups and such. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to cook those veggies before they spoil.

    There is sooooo much going on here I cannot possibly keep up. Bear with me kids while I try to respond to some of you and those I miss..forgive me...know I love you all.

    MrDad, yes Aunt Olive's story was very bittersweet. It gets even sadder. Apparently the family didn't know how ill she was. Her husband "Big John" took care of her and they were very private. Well a couple of years after the Thanksgiving dinner that never was, Aunt Olive got up one morning and went about her business around the house while John stayed in bed. Her son called to check up on her that afternoon and when he asked for John, she told him that John was still sleeping. It was mid-afternoon by then, so her son drove right over to Aunt Olive and Big John's house. Oh..this is so sad..just thinking about it breaks my heart....John had passed away in his sleep and all that time Olive thought he was still sleeping. Lord help us.

    I did see your msg about the books. I just haven't taken the time to look them up on Amazon. I'm sure my sisters and I would get a huge kick out of them. Of us 3 sisters, I was the only one who got liberated and went to public high school. The other two attended Catholic high. Like Sweetie said in an earlier post, we did get an excellent education in public school back then.

    Hey Rock, I loved your story about the Thanksgiving invitation where nobody served any food. I don't think I would have found that to be very funny...I would have wanted food and lots of it. Did you seen my msg about Rocky the flying squirrel? Do you remember that cartoon series? Did you think I was totally off my gourd with that goofy story? What's new with you? How did your Emotions meeting go? One of these days I have to tell you and Mrdad about the time I kidnapped my husband and took him to San Francisco to celebrate his 40th birthday.

    Marta...what a lovely picture...watch out for Mrdad. He's hot on the trail......hmmmmm compelling eyes!!!

    Sweetie, I posted a separate msg to you. I hope you are doing well, my dear friend. I keep forgetting to comment on the pansies...so glad that you got them in the ground and in containers. My neighbor put in a small picket fence between our properties and she gave me some plants to put in on our side of the fence. They are tall with red spikey flowers and the hummingbird love them. It's one of those mixed blessings...I'm grateful for the plants...but now who's going to put them in the ground? My DH's "honey-do" list is already pretty long.

    Ok, it's way too late and I'm gonna go nighty night.



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  3. mrdad

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    You know there was a whole long Post from Sister Gregory
    thanking you for taking on the responsbility of Changing
    the Post to Vol. 11. A very smooth transition on your
    part and it was almost as good as one of your sisters
    would have done that completed Catholic School!

    There shall be a special Holy Card in the mail for
    you says the good Sister! Shall speak wiff you in the
    A.M. Our dear Friend from the NL, Carla should be a-
    wake soon to tend to duties on the Porch! It works out
    rather fine this way. Prickles would help as she shares
    the same time zone I believe, however, her BF is flying
    in this weekend for a visit. I know they are going to
    be very happy to see one another!

    Gonna go "beddy bye" now,
    P.S. Lola, the lost of the Post was Sister Gregory's
    fault, not yours. Her 'puter mal-functioned!

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  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Lolalee

    I saw your reference to Rocky and Bullwinkle. I was going to say something silly like, you must be nuts, but forgot.
    Anyway the cartoon was new when I was in college and very popular w/ students.

    As you know the cartoon appealed to both little kids and adults. I haven't been to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles for several years. (That's where those l940s nightclubs like the McCambo and the Trocadero were located.)

    Used to be a purple statue of Bullwinkle
    there. I assume it was in front of the office of Jay Ward.

    At the same time Rocky and Bullwinkle appeared, there was a 15 minute cartoon called Crusader Rabbit that was even more popular on college campuses. I cannot find anybody who remembers this show.

    Sassy, "I Can't stop Loving you" was very popular when I was in school. I think Don Gibson wrote it and Ray Charles had the big hit. Ray had two great arrangers. Marty Paitch (sp) and somebody else my foggy brain can't remember.

    This afternoon I was listening to another great old song: I'll be Over You when the Grass is Over me. Recorded by Kitty Wells and some other singers. Great tune and clever lyrics.

    At the library today I got a CD of Tex Ritter. He was a country singer and cowboy movie star. (Father of John Ritter.) He can be heard on the soundtrack of "High Noon".

    Be nice to have a little music on the porch, but you know how it is. One person's Elvis is another's Tiny Tim. Guess we'd better stick w/ the frogs and the crickets.

    Oh yes, my Emotions Anonymous went fine. There was a fellow there I haven't seen for about 5 years. Took a while to recognize him cause he shaved his head.

    My allergies started acting up, so I left early. Still did me some good. 12 step programs are the greatest bargain in mental health.
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Really got to go to bed but wanted to let you know that
    I remember The Crusader Rabbit very well! It was around
    time of Howdy Duddy etc. Didn't know that Tex Ritter
    was John's Father. Interesting. Did you know that those
    Cabbage Patch babies all had the same Father? He was al-
    most as busy as I was about that time! Where's the Corned

    Enuff From Me Rocky,
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    like 4 or 5 years old...my brothers always had to watch that...i always got out numbered...

    well no rain on my balcony tonight...

    no barking dog yet outside...in the building across from me..

    i think i will be going to burlington coat factory tomarrow to get a new jacket for me...and pick out a suit for my son...to wear at homecoming...he told me the girl friend is wearing blue...

    i may just rent a tux from the mens wherehouse instead...cody has a couple of suit coats etc and ties...

    we'll see...

    have a good night everyone...i need to take my klonopin..i hope that will loosen up some of the muscles..

    good night john boy, good night pa, good night ellie,,

    and all of the others on walton's moutnain

  7. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I had a really fun day a few days ago, posting all over and reading.

    I just wish it had lasted longer! Only felt halfway decent for about half a day.

    You can guess the rest. WHAMMO time even worse. Years ago I had a frozen rotator cuff injury, and now I have what feels just the same. HOW, I ask!! I guess all the lifting and such that we do day to day and with grandkids around.

    Anyway, been in a major big world of hurt. Still am.

    I've been missing you guys a lot, though. Trying to figure out a more comfy way of using my (new) laptop from my bedroom.

    I see MRDAD put out an APB! That was nice to see!!

    You all are a great group, I so enjoy all the posts.

    I read the post by Lolalee and sweetie. I sure identify with most all of what you guys said!!

    Trying to keep typing to a minimum.

    Not a happy camper right now.

    This will pass, too. Soon, I hope.

    Enjoyed the posts about old music and comic books. I'd be a billionaire now if Mom hadn't thrown away all our good comic books! (Not to mention my brother's baseball cards!)

    I'll try hard to pop back in later.

    You guys are going great guns on the "Porchlight" posts. I love the name.

    Take care, all of you, and have a great weekend!!

    Have to get better so I can come back and spar with MRDAD again, too!

    I think I'll post a more appropriate picture in my BIO, too. (Again, you say?!!!)

    Been thinking of all of you a lot!!
  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    'Posta be nice today in the Bay Area and the Blue Angels
    will be flying around for Fleet Week. Lots of other stuff
    going on this wkend as well.

    It was great to hear from Fredericka! She keeps so-o-o
    busy with her modeling career and it is so nice of her
    to take the time to "POP UP" and say hello given her
    demanding schedule! We seem to be always in her thoughts!
    At 29, she still looks great too!!

    Carla: Hope ya got that Sauna today! My Brother in the
    East Bay had a Hot Tub in his yard for years and just
    dismantled it. Strange to think that I was never in it?
    Hope all you "stuff" with work is coming along. I do my
    best work under pressure or in the dark! But not in the
    dark under pressure! Know what I'm sayin?

    Sassy: Last time I sang in Public a person shouted up to
    the stage asking if I "did requests"? I assured him that
    I did gladly. So at that point he asked, "well, would you
    sing, 'Somewhere Else'"? What did he know, huh?

    "Talk" to ya all later. Gonna grab a couple of those
    Donuts before I leave the Porch and cup of Chocolate!

  9. jole

    jole Member

    Hey everybody! Great way to start the day, seriously! You guys just don't know how much I look forward to these visits, and am even starting to come out of my shell a little.

    Mr. Dad, would you believe I not only went to a Catholic school for 8 years, but was also in the convent for 2? AND went to a nursing school run by nuns!!!! Between that and a very, very dysfunctional family life I have certainly needed counseling, but haven't gotten it. So I have always been an introvert, and this DD has just made it even worse. I get a kick out of SMG and the others because I can see her soooooo vividly!!

    Love you and Rock's sense of humor - along with the rest of the bunch. You all brighten up my days soo much. Hope you all have a great weekend. Hate leaving the porch already, but my floors are calling my name. Oh, I too remember Bullwinkle, the songs, etc. See ya later, all.

    And Marta, loved your picture. Was it taken in your home or a studio?

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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    how come they use a light bulb in cartoons when a character has an idea?

    Because the bulb is a symbol of enlightenment.

    Next question: what century was the Age of Enlightenment?

    If you don't remember, you'll have to look it up. Haha

    MrDad, I am so happy someone else remembers Crusader Rabbit. I never thought to look on the internet before. Just did now, and there the little rascal was. Once again, our old friend Jay Ward was one of the creators.

    Sure would like to go back half a century and watch one of those programs w/ friends from school.

    I see that once again, MrD., someone is requesting you go somewhere else. Sassy suggests you go on the road. By the way, nice job w/ the jokes!

    Happy B-day Carla and Prickles. Prickles is only 21? Good grief! Well, she/you certainly seem older in the sense of more informed, responsible, etc.

    Nice picture, Marta. You look elegant and dignified. Remember Singing in the Rain when Donald O'Conner and Gene Kelly were dignified and singing 'Fit as a fiddle and ready for Love'?

    Tang "goes way back" for Sassy, but not for me. I was outta college when it became popular. Actually it had been around for a few years, but didn't really start selling till the Astronauts took it w/ them to the moon.

    Around that time some manufacturer put out some dried foods in a container shaped like a rocket and advertised it as "the actual food eaten by the astronauts".

    Would you want to buy that?

    Fredericka, did you have surgery on your shoulder? We had those injuries frequently in our workers' comp cases. Once in a playful mood I dictated, "has a rotator cuff injury and an uneven hem". Even tho I added, "that's a joke", my secretary typed it up that way.

    Well, that's it on the porch for right now. Gordon is making soup in the crockpot, and I have been assigned the job of peeling and slicing.

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla, I so sorry that I was unaware that today is your
    B'Day also. Please, a most happy B'Day is in order for
    a most deserving, kind and gentle person! Wish we could
    all be there in real but I think the virtual party will
    bring the same wishes for continued friendship and well
    being for both you and Prickles today! I Should be looking
    at the B'Day announcements with more resolve but always
    fearful I'm gonna spot my own name more than once in the
    same year!!

    Happy Birthday Girls!

    P.S. Told Linda that since Freddie can't make it to my
    place for Dinner later, I'll bring the Bowl of Italian
    Rigolleto and the bottle of French Chateaubriand to the
    Party. It will bring a sense of European eligance to
    the affair![This Message was Edited on 10/07/2006]
  12. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Thought I'd drop by the Porch and see what's happenin'. Feel kinda responsible for Vol. 11 since I started it and I take my responsibilities seriously....all that good ol'fashioned Catholic upbringing.

    Mrdad, so glad that Sister Mary Gregory approved of my smooth transition. Yep, I did pretty well for a first timer. Truth be told, when I saw Vol 10. maxed out at 30, I got a little thrill trying to beat everyone to the punch. Then I went back and saw that you had entered another post after I closed off Vol.10 (I'm sure you hadn't seen my post yet), so I had to do some juggling. Oh, the little things that will bring a thrill these days. Please thank Sister for the holy card...such an honor!! I really don't deserve it...she probably never found out about me cussing when Sister Donna Marie corrected my penmanship and made me re-do my essay. It really wasn't fair of her...I had tried so hard. Can't help it if I don't write like a nun..sheesh!! She should see my writing now...she'd cry for sure.

    Anywhooo..Birthdays in the air!!!!

    Feliz Cumpleanos to our sweetie Prickles and lovely Carla.

    Why don't we all wish these beautiful gals Happy Birthday in as many languages as we can?

    Hey Lin, loved reading your post about birthday celebrations when you were a child. We have the same pictures..except we moved around a lot when I was growing up so the background is different. When my boys were young, I would let them go through my cookbooks and choose the cake they wanted me to bake for their birthday. One year my oldest wanted a Chocolate Yule Log for his April birthday. It was beautiful and tasty, too.

    I love baking..these days I especially love cyber-baking. So, I'll be happy to bake and bring cakes for our birthday celebration,too. I'll bring my famous Strawberry Torte (many layers of strawberries and whipped cream) and an Apple Caramel Cheesecake. Since this is cyber-celebrating, I'm not going to worry about wheat or dairy allergies...no limits, right!! Lin, this way you won't have to do all the baking. I have a feeling we will have lots of company on the Porch for the birthday celebration tonight...and we must save a piece of cake for Anne and Sweetie (was Sweetie going out of town or did I make that up) and whoever else can't be there.

    Sassy, can we count on you for tonight's entertainment?

    Rocky, can you come over here when you finish with your veggies and chop mine?

    Ok kids, carry on. My DH is home and I've got a "honey-do" list.


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  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Jole: I just read your mess. reply and also looked at your
    Bio. I think you made the correct choice in your deciss-
    ion years ago to go a different path. Sounds as if you
    have had and continue to have a happy and rewarding life.
    I'm sure that career change has been the source of much
    strenght and happiness for so many!

    Had an Uncle, that I'm name after, who was quite a well
    known Priest in the Diocese! Was a Canon Lawyer who de-
    cided what "Divorce" cases were sent to the Vatican for
    review among numerous diverse duties. Was known as an
    intellectual among the other priests but interestingly
    his favorite relaxation reading was done with a Zane
    Grey book in his hand! Real regular guy though. It
    was my Dad that should have been the Priest!!

    Rocky: Hope you're ready for the big B'Day celebration
    party for Carla and Prickles tonight! Should bring Gor-
    don along and introduce him to everyone so we get to
    know him a bit better! I know Freddie would love to go
    with me but for that Photo Shoot in Paris early next wk.
    But at least now I have somewhere to bring that Rigolleto
    and the bottle of Chateaubriand! Won't go to waste now!
    Oh, and by the way Rocky, Anita Bryant is gonna bring the
    Tang but I'm not gonna be making no Cal Sunrises wiff my
    expensive French bottle of wine! So she can just forget
    that. I think they still do the look alike contest in the
    Castro on occassion!

    See ya at the Party, "K"?
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Y'all,

    I thought I would be on here alot earlier but DH got back from his chores and headed straight for the computer, just about when I was going to get one. Then, it was shopping, etc etc. Now I'm tired and feel like I need a nap but at least want to write this first.

    First of all, Happy Birthday to eveyone birthday is today - I think it was Prickles and Carla. Have a GREAT one. Mine is the 18th so still have some time to wait before celebrating.

    I am goi8ng to try and remember to answer to what was said "on the porch" yesterday. Not to easy for me with my fog brain !!

    Rockgor - I guess you were replying to what I think I put in my profile, I did not even check. Yes, I do like doing geneaology, tap dancing as well as singing. However, have not tap danced in awhile due to different reasons inc the fact that they sold the building where we took lesslons. I do miss it even if it wears me out !! No, Rock,I did NOT stomp on the family tree till I got some maple syrup (-: !!! To bad that would not work as I do like maple syrup - yum !! I like your sense of humor !!!<>Maybe it would work if we had some New England blood (maple syrup) in our family tree. Isn't that where they get alot of it??

    Carla - nl - Thanks alot for your info on your tips and help for computer challanged people like me. I am sure I will be using it at one time or another. I did finally find it !!

    I know there were other things that everyone talked about yesterday that I do not remember that I should be bringing up also. However, I cannot remember -DUH!! It sounds to me like someone may have to put an extension of some kind on this porch. Sometimes it seem pretty crowded although I guess many are on and off and don't stay to long. There are getting to be so many people coming and going on this porch.

    Is there an archetect in the house??? That sounds neat, maybe with a hot tub. Although,I think I already heard someone mention about a hot tub, the kind for people wearing bathing suits (-: !!

    Well, I guess all the scones are gone, I came to late. Let me know when you get a new batch and I will try and get back at that time to tast some. Anytime there is food around I am ready and then get nice and comfy on the swing (if there is nice padding). Sorry, I don't mean to be picky but my back and butt hurts (along with everything else).

    You guys and gals are great!! Hope to be back again real soon, maybe tomorrow. It is a beautiful day here in Tx, even in the 80's-now and 60-70's this morning. You never know what kind of weather we are going to get here in Tx. If someone has any extra rain around we sure can use some. In Tx there is a saying if you don't like the weather wait for 5 minutes or so- there's bound to be a change soon.

    Warm hugs and blessings to all,

    Marilyn (granniluvsu)

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lolalee. You did a wonderful job of starting this thread. No one could have done it better. I wonder if maybe we should change the name slightly; maybe stop numbering these posts.

    I think your idea of letting the boys pick their cake is wonderful Never heard of that before.

    You know I came from a dysfunctional, alcholic home, and I resolved to be a better parent than the losers I got. When my son was born I read every book in the County library system on child rearing. I spent more time w/ my son on a weekend than my father spent w/ me in his lifetime.

    We had a wonderful relationship. I was so proud of him.
    Now he's an adult w/ his own family and lives 1300 miles away and hasn't even spoken to me this year. Not even an e mail.

    We say the serenity prayer at our 12 step meetings. Sometimes I think we are required to accept too much. Especially those on this board w/ multiple medical problems.

    Well, maybe I'll go read some more of the Beekeeper's Apprentice. I'll be over to act as sous chef later.

  16. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I looked at the other posts and couldn't find my name anywhere! I'm so bummed. JK

    Been busy here. Had lunch with my mom and our reporter friend. (He's the one who wrote about my CFS/FM.) Had a blast - he is so funny!

    Then took her to a neraby assisted living center so she could play piano for the residents. They just love having her come by.

    Then I realized that I had locked my keys in the car. Major fibrofog moment!!! Hubby had to come rescue me...again. Poor guy!

    After all the excitement I just had to come home and crash...but first, stop at the pharmacy to get a refill. It never ends!

    Good to see so many peeps enjoying the porch. I also see that there are lots of goodies here! I'm so glad that cyber-carbs don't count! LOL

    Happy birthday to Prickles, Carla and anyone else I forgot. I'll try to make it back for the party, but I have to go over to Mom's to feed her dragon. He's handcarved from a single piece of monkeywood and needs lemon oil every so often so he doesn't dry out and get brittle. She named him Spike for the spikes running down his back. LOL

    I gotta go now. All the excitement yestiddy sent me into a mini-flare...at least I hope it's mini. If I sit too long I really stiffen up painfully.

    Rock, we can't stop numbering the posts! How will I know where to go? Or what I've missed? We need all the help we can get to overcome the fibrofog.

    I missed you all while I was gone, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. In the meantime...don't eat all the cheesecake! I want a piece!

    God Bless.
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  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hey Lola,
    I did see on the old Post 1O how you came back and
    put things in the "proper order"? Could not figure out
    how that happened. I thought maybe only Carla-NL or the
    Good Lord would know how to do that! It seemed, at the
    time, the equivalant to the "parallel" of the Loaves and
    and the Fishes. Or at least the walking on H-2-0 or the
    Canaan H-2-0 to vino! (Liked that trick the best!)
    Anyway, what ya did there was very impressive! Due to
    my deligence on the Board last nite, I missed the radio
    broadcast of the "Rosary Hour". Good thing it's Satur-
    day and confessional day!

    See Ya at the Party!

    P.S. Lola, 'member though, no "close" dancing at the
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Wake,

    I've already been on the porch today but checked in agai and saw your post. I think a MASH UNIT sounds like a great idea, except tht it might take up alot of the porch - at least the way I fel most of the time but just Keep on chugging, if you know what I mean.

    Need a nurse for the unit? I used to be an RN many years ago 5 kids and an ill FIL that lived with us. So I guess that sort of qualifies me. I am sure there are more even more qualified than I. Are there any docs around???? If so , we MAY have to train some of them, won't we? If you know what I mean. Since many of them do not think we are ill.

    Hope you are not feeling to bad today Wake. Hope we can start this Mash Unit. It will be interesting However, to see who all can qualify to get into the unit since most of us feel like - - - - most of the time.

    Blessings and lots of warm hugs,

    Mar (granniluvsu)
  19. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    This thread is now closed. See vol. 12.

    God Bless.