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  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope I pleased SMG- I know Carla-NL is working and MRdad is still asleep in the West Coast- So I wanted to help out
  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Good job Carla!! Beautiful day in central ca. today.. supposed to hit 79 perfect!! Not cold enough for my Raynaulds to kick up. Not to hot! Perfect!

    Drama at home last night! My 16 year old brought home a little mutt puppy... you know the drill, But...but.. MOOOOMMMM!!! Somebody could run over him!

    Anyway, we have pit bulls. They don't mix well with little mutt puppies & Joe wasn't feeling soft hearted last night. So between Micaelas tears and Joe putting his big foot down it wasn't a happy place. Luckily we found someone to take the puppy about 10pm. Danged kid!!

    Well, another day at work for me. Hips are killing me this morning. Gosh I'm too young to feel this old!

    Hope you all have an awesome day!
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'll bet the Sister is so well please with your attentive
    performance! (Well as pleased as they get anyway) Thanks
    for not waking me up to do it! Hugh gabage truck comes
    by about 7.a.m. every other day to do that right outside
    my window. Glad though I'm two stories up off the Blvd.

    Speakin" of bathtubs, we developed an outside pipe pro-
    blem and out bath-shower combo is now draining down the
    outside wall and into the basement. This building isn't
    in a "slum" area but it is over 75 y.o. and has been alot
    of "deferred maintainence" by the landlord for 40+ years
    and now things are happening all the time! Oh, well noth-
    ing is perfect and it is warm and centrally located part
    of the City. It's 'posta be fixed today!

    Dano: I get that hip pain too! Can't walk more than a
    block or two some days and I must stop for a few moments.
    When is the next big event? Coalingua is where they
    coined the phrase ("hang on a minute")!! Ya know, some
    times kids just have to be disappointed as it's part of
    learning to deal with the realities of life. They get over
    it quickly most times! Pow-Wow!!

    Marilyn "Cookie": I'm glad your helpin' me keep track of
    all my women friends! Some days it is even confusing for
    me. Just got an email from my former wife this A.M. in-
    viting me up to Oregon for Thanksgiving with her husband
    and his adult children and Our two "kids"! Went up last
    year for about a Week and had a Great Time! Don't think
    my Former knows that her husband had invited me up for
    Xmas already!! Think I'll give 'em some space for that
    one and spend it with my family here in the Bay Area.
    See maybe if I can get my "Old Squeeze" down as last year
    I had to cancel on her 'cause I had a bad flu hit me!
    (Like there is any "good" flu!!)

    Marta: Hope your just too busy wiff the "Tigers" and the
    World Series to be on the Porch and that you feel alright!
    "Bad" weather coming into your area too I see! Always
    interested in the reports from where all you friends
    live. Jodie and George are still able to spent a lot
    of time out by the Pool up North of me! Should be in for
    some changes nex mouth I would Think. Don't sit next to
    any of those kids eatin' that Cotton Candy at the Game to-
    day! Ya get sticky for the rest of the day!

    Anne: Have ya heard anything from your SIL concerning
    Geoff yet today? She must be a wonderful women. Tell
    Danny how proud MRDAD is of him for running for office!
    I'll "ketchup wiff" ya later.

    Gonna get a 2nd Cup of Mornin' Joe,
    I'll most likely have somethin' to say later, ya think??
    Have a great day fellow Porchies,

    P.S. Thank you again, Carla, on behalf of SMG!

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  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Just checkin in, where is evryone today? It is a beautiful but a little cool fall day here.

    I may even take the girls for a walk later. I have been slacking on them for awhile.

    Donnigan- I know about the hips too. I have RA in mine, with ostepenia in the right one. I finally got releif from the RA med Plaquinal and percocets.

    Before I was dxd several years ago, I thought I was going to die. I was taking up to 12 advil a day!

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Medad- glad I did a good job, would want SMG get the ruler out! Hope your plumbing issue is resolved. It is a shame when a owner doesn't maintain his building.

    I hope everyone is having a great day-CK Carla
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Maybe later on in the week you can Post a Pic or two
    of the "Girls" and Smitten the Kitten! "K'??

    That would be fun!


    P.S. Wonder how long Rock is gonna' be up in Oregon?
    I don't think he indicated that to us. Hope he
    didn't start the Comedy routine without me? We
    miss his daily visit to the Porch.
  6. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I think Rock just said 'next' week.. his absence is truly felt though on the board. Hopefully he's having a fun time!

    Carla.. Mr. Dad... Yes.. this Hip thing is outta control!
    My gp thinks it's radiating pain from my degenerative disc.. I don't think so though as the cooler weather is doing me in. I did have an elevated RA factor last time they ran my blood and bursitis also runs in the family. I got an appt. with a ortho to get my back and hips both checked out but you know how referrals go. The appts. not until January! Jeez! I'm lucky though my gp is liberal with pain meds. My rhumie only gives cymbalta and that doesn't cut it but the GP adds tramadal and keeps me an emergency supply of vicodin for bad days. Some days nothin quite cuts it though!
    Back to work with me.. the phones won't stop ringing!
  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It's cold in this part of N.C. today. Low last night was 32 but with a breeze. Today the high will be 52 but tonight the breeze will go away and we are under a frost warning. My camellias have just started to bloom....three little blooms and tomorrow all blooms will be dead. By Thursday there will be rain and maybe a snow flake. I am not ready for winter weather.

    The last thread was interesting. I learned so much about food. Have you noticed we are always talking about food? I could barely eat though after Anne's description of some of the popular foods in England.

    That is the reason I enjoy our Porch. I can learn so much from people of all ages and nationalities and different regions of the US. I enjoy people's "memories" of their childhood and love the stories and histories of each person.

    I am missing many of my fellow "Porchies" who for whatever reason they have not been here as often as they usually are....Lolalee....Rocky....findmind....foggyfroggy and there are others but I really have a bad case of brain fog.

    If you notice when I started this post it was morning and it is now 4 pm EDT. I had company and then I had to have a nap...not much sleep last night.

    Maybe back


  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes, I think the weather changes are coming! Nothin' like
    that British Gourmet Girls! Although Trite is also a part
    of Mexican food list here in S.F. Latino neighborhood!
    It is 'posta be great after a nite at the Saloon to pre-
    vent or cure a "hang over"! My Mother loved Cow Tongue
    and that Boiled Chicken thing! I'd have to leave the
    House as she prepared it as I thought it "stunk"!
    The Cow Tongue is suppose to taste likle Ham. I'll never

    Now tri tip is a great step up from London Broil! I'll
    bet Jodie is a great cook when she has the time and feels
    well enough to do it! Albertson's on Saturdays use to
    have large BBQ'S goin' with Tri-Tips being done right
    in front of the Store. If ya went in to the Butcher shop
    and bought one, they would bbq it for free right there 4
    ya. You could smell the BBQ for blocks! Yummy!!
    And I'm more partial to Pork normally.

    Think everyone will get to the Porch at the same time to-

    "SEE" ya later,"K"?

  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I've been off walking in the woods behind the Lodge the last few days - with time out for sleep, of course. I've been a bit down in the dumps. But yesterday I dove into my supplement cupboard (yes, it's grown) and took a bit of 5-HTP and now feel up-er. Amazing how that stuff can work in the right dose.

    Here in Michigan the changing season is so beautiful. I had to do an errand this afternoon and some of the colors on the trees took my breath away. Fortunately I found it again and here I am on the porch.

    I haven't been keeping up with the chatter here except I know that Anne is back safe and sound and that Rocky is still gone. I did bring some cookies for your evening pleasure.

    Hugs all around,

  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I don't know whether I am coming or going on these posts-they move so fast.

    I now need to read again to catch up!!!(LOL)

    Had a day darting to doctors. Pain doc who is nnormally OK rushed in and out and booked me in for nerve tests Thursday.

    Heart doc, well I had to wait till the end of her schedule but she is so good that was OK. She reassured me that the chest and backpains are the FM. She said my back is tight as can be. Maybe this should be the BACK porch club!!!

    Hope y'all are well. Have got the telly back mrdad and will be watching my fave on BBC America tonite-it is drama called The Street-not bad. On Thursday for Helen Mirren and Judi Dench fans "Calendar Girls" is on same channel-the one where all the middle aged ladies pose nude (everyone does it now!)

    See how exciting my life is??? K?

    Love Anne
  11. jole

    jole Member

    Late as usual! Hope everyone's pain is letting up a bit by now. I must have missed the post with all the food for some reason, darn it! Will have to go back and find it 'cause I seem to be stuck in a rut right now. Made chicken 'n noodles last week, and chilli this week which was good with the cold weather.

    Not much going on here in the country. Trying to get the cattle all situated before winter, moving them to a closer pasture so they'll be closer to feed. (I just watch it all out the window, mostly these days). Love watching the little calves run and play though.

    Our dog, Buba, (No, I do not take any credit for his name)is such a watchdog he really made me laugh yesterday. The wind was blowing fairly hard and he jumped off the porch just barking and running toward the field to protect us from a big ole thistle that was rolling across the ground. Oh well, he tries hard.

    I am really dreading my psych eval on Friday. Told my hubby I'm afraid they'll lock me up if I get to talking too much:). Too much past garbage that I don't want to deal with. Doc says I have to go if I want to try for disability though, so I'll give it a shot.

    Better quit for now. Love to all~

  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope the day spent with the Docs will help some! Middle
    of the night I woke up to hear a Great interview with
    David Gergen on all that is happening concerning current
    international problems with nukes etc. Have a lot of re-
    spect for him as a excellent journalist and American!
    I can respect anyone who can make a "good" and "rational"
    and intellectual argument for their pilosophy i.e. Bill
    Buckley etc. If you can "download" this mornings program
    you too should fine him "well spoken" and objective.

    Anywho tommorrow ( unless my Brother has contractions)
    and the baby arrives, he and I should be doin' the thing
    with the Po-o-o-lice! Book 'em Dan'O !! ("Hill Street
    Blues"). Joe Spano was a year ahead of me at that Cat.
    Boy's H.S. He played the intellectual Jewish detective on
    that program with the Bow Tie! He was in a play over in
    Berkeley a few years ago! Don't think neither he nor O.J.
    would remember me though! Went by the address at which
    Carol Channing grew up while riding on a Bus. She would
    be very disappoined to know it is an Apt. building now!

    Gotta get some Java to stay awake,
    "Talk" later and hope the pain is managable!
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Jole, if in' your speaking about the Psych. "test" for
    The S.S., worry not! So dumb! They figured out that I
    was predominately right handed. (??) OK--?? It isn't
    like they ask ya many questions at all! Don't know what
    " knowledge " could have been possibly arrived at in a
    20 min interview! Next time I"'m gonna' elect to take
    it "pass no credit". It isn't somethin' you can fail or
    pass, believe it! Relax Jole, it will all be fine! All
    just "udderly" rediculous!!

    We are wiff ya!
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  14. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I'm fixin to head home..
    Linda!! OMG! No halloween?? The great pumpkin will be crushed! Hope they don't cancel!
    Sassy.. the Dog is truly beautiful!!!
    I forgot to push shift with reply and I'm too brain dead to remember what else I was gonna say.. I'm hopeless. uh.. uh..uh.. Heck.. Goodnight!
    Love to all
  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    What has this world come to- Jerry Springer is in the final four of dancing with the stars. Honestly, tonight is the first time I have watched. I had it on that channel and 350 staitions and nothin worth watchin. Now that is a shame.

    Now that I have that off my chest- I get my new teeth tomorrow- I just pray they will be right this time. He took four impression until he was happy with them. So I think he will get it right. I actuall went to the Blenko Glass factory to buy some rondels, small glass disks from 2 inches to 12 inches.

    Then I stopped by the only stained glass supplies store to buy some came. I did not have any teeth in at all and felt very strange.

    Marta- I hope your feeling better- I get down too when fall rolls in. I took my girls for a walk and admired the beautiful colors all around me. Thanks for the cookies, glad they are calorie free-lol.

    1sweetie- I think if I had to live in the UK and eat their food, I would look like Kate Moss. I miss the others too. I hope Rocky had a good trip.

    Anne- did your Dr know you this time? What about your door any decisions yet.

    Lin- I hate to hear you have pnemonia-get some rest and try to stay out of the hospital.

    Jole- I love you telling about your dog chasing the weeds. Mine bark at every thing that moves too. Don't get too hung up on the psych test eval. It really is an important winning factor in getting SSDI. I was turned down the first time. Then I paid my mothers psyhcotherapist to do an eval on me. He had known me for two years while treating my mother. I won my case 3 months later.

    Sassy- sorry about your mom's house- I'm sure this is hard for her. You are a good daughter. You know my dogs live in the country with no fence, but they BEG me to take them on a walk with the leash. They just go crazy if I say the word walk. Strange critters but I love them. Sam is gorgeous- those eyes- beautiful dog

    Mrdad- good luck at the cop shop, I hope they don't end up keeping you! What would we do? I may put a picture of the girls and me if I like my new smile- I am also in need of a day at the salon for a new do.

    That's about it for me today- Afterall I did get up at 8:30 this morning and have to go see the vampires tomorrow. I have to go to the gallery and hang up my christmas stained glass ornoments. I spent all afternoon yesterday spit shinin em to look purrty. These are the ones I had left over from last year and had been tucked away.

    Have a great evening and enjoy the fire I built-Carla
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm back. Thanks for all your good wishes. I have spent hours and hours and hours reading posts so as to catch up. Have decided to tell you a little bit about my visit

    and finish reading posts later.

    As I have mentioned once or 500 times, I come from a dysfunctional family. Everybody is dysfunctional including me.

    Here's a somewhat truncated report on my visit w/ my brother. I alerted him by e mail that Gordon and I were coming. We called him when we arrived. He invited us for lunch which he would fix the following day.

    I reminded him of my sleep disorder and told him I would call at noon. I did. No Answer. Left a message. Three hours later I called again. He hadn't responded to his blinking answering machine.

    So Gordon drove us from Portland to Gresham (20 miles or so) and my brother greeted us wearing a bathing suit (only)inside out. The inner mesh had shredded and worn away over the decades. Just little fragments of material here and there.

    The message light was still blinking on his machine. He never served any food altho he did give Gordon a cup of coffee. He offered me nothing.

    So we explained we couldn't stay long as Gordon didn't want to drive after dark in unfamilar territory. Gordon suggested we come back the next day. My brother said he had to listen to Garrison Keillor and watch a U of Minnesota football game. I kept murmuring "No, No..." Gordon was determined we would come back the next day for lunch.

    As soon as we got in the car I launched into "Are you out of your mind?! etc." "Well, I thought you wanted to spend time w/ your brother." "We did. That was enough for the current decade."

    Anyway we went back the next day. This time he wore a nighshirt and again served no food.

    When we got back to Los Angeles we found an e mail he had sent a few hours after we last saw him. It is a report he wrote on the status of the school of Forestry at the University of Minnesota. He has already sent me 6 or 7 similar reports.

    Not one word about our visit.
  17. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Hey Rocky, welcome home to your "normal" family. I say that tongue-in-cheek as I don't really know what normal is supposed to look like. I'm sorry your visit with your brother was so bizarre. I don't know what to say...I don't want to say anything against your brother, but I wish he would have at least fed you after that long trip. It must feel really good to be home.

    I haven't been on the Porch or the Board, for that mattter, too much lately. Still feeling puny. But I just wanted to give you a big welcome home HUG and tell you that you were missed very, very much.

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Is he the Brother that is or was a Forest Ranger? Did ya
    drive all the way up there from L.A. for that? I'd say
    the poor man is disfunctional. How does he manage to get
    thru it at all? Sorry, sounds as if you weren't really
    surprised at the "reception". Very sad Rock. He just is
    not there, is he?

    Well, I'm glad you are back "HOME" with us! You were
    missed by all. Big hello to Gordon, "K"?

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am pretty much used to this sort of behavior, so it was not terribly upsetting. Here's the follow up:

    Since posting the above I received another episode about the forestry school. Still no word re: the visit.

    He and my sister have not spoken for about 35 years. The bizarre thing is they are so much alike. She gave her husband a water color portriat of her Peakinese.

    She said in her e mail to me, "He didn't really seem to appreciate it."

    Of course not. SHE is the one who loves the dog.

    Mr DAD, re: your mother and tongue sandwiches, you know the standard joke, of course. "An unspeakable idea!"
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    maybe you should send him some pics of "the big foot." that lives in the woods in michigan; i'm sure it has made it to minnesota by now.

    send him a nice xmas card w/smokey the bear on it. then he can open it up and the card will say, "is there any food in the woods? i need some energy to put out those campfires.

    well glad you are back safe and sound in the beautiful city of L.A.

    we have been having gorgeous weather out here i hope it stays all year.

    so that way mr.dad knows that the orange man, george hamilton, is still being my body guard. it sounds better than my peeping tom, or stalker.lol

    need to go to bed i have math test at noon and psychology test, or vocab test rather. i should get another a on that one. it is all about mental illnesses. i was married to one. he had a couple of them. then i had my great parents.