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    Good Morning Again. It is the weekend and I hope everyone is feeling great.

    All of us probably gained weight just from reading the posts. I am glad that the truth is now out though. It's been hard hiding this sugar addiction. I suppose there is going to be a 12 Step program sent to us.

    Brrrr...it is cool this morning although at the day progresses it should be in the mid 70's. How perfect is that?

    I will be back on the board in a few...got to make plans with mrdad and Fredericka. I may bring Anne with me. Don't worry about the computer. There will be plenty of room. I have a lap top. It will be perfect.
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    We overlapped. Just deleted mine. We maybe should say, I am posting next volume NOW. I can retype what I wrote.

    Which basically was I have forgiven Dan. Yes I WAS wearing a sweater!!!Rocky!!!I have tummy ache this am due to geting stressed. Maybe chocolate too. So what is new I always have some tummy ache!

    Nice day here. Sent Dan to collect patio pavers. We will work on that.

    Porchlight readers: Our porch here is totally open to every single person who wants to join in. It is intended to be a friendly aside to our day, that does and should include some on topic stuff too. We also all post topically elsewhere as well.

    Top of the mornin to you. I have a niece in Cork County. She loves it there.

    LOve Anne
  3. 1sweetie

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    We must have been posting at the same time. I was trying to copy this post so I could paste it to your thread and now I can't find your thread.

    I'm so sorry. Where is your thread?

    I came on line to edit this and apologize again. I decided to make a cup of coffee with honey before I started the apology and instead of sitting the glass honey jar on the counter top, I released it in mid air and it shattered on the title floor.

    I guess that is my punishment for ruining your wonderful thread. I was trying so hard to copy mine and move it to your thread but I guess you deleted it while I was trying to do that. So sorry.

    I loved your thoughts of expanding our porch. There are so many interesting people on this board.

    I hope everyone has responded to research's thread. I started to invite him to our porch for a visit. You could make the fritters. Rocky can serve the coffee and lemonade. Which thread was that recipe listed? I was going to copy it. Sounds wonderful. If you keep sending great things like that with Danny to school, he may get voted in as class treasurer for your cooking skills and not for his wonderful accounting abilities. Whatever it takes, we will do. How is the campaign going? I also have not heard from Geoff recently. Is he making improvement?

    I'm glad you and Dan Sr. have made amends. I was going to invite you to go with me to see mrdad and "Freddie" this weekend. I don't know what my DH can do to make amends. I should write a book one day. I wonder what the ending will be???
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  4. mrdad

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    It is so nice to be able to awake in the morn' with my
    cup of Java and turn on the 'puter and fine instant
    friends! Always anxious to see what everyone is doing
    and what they are up to today!

    Sweetie: Sister Mary Gregory would be so pleased with
    your deligent attention to the eleventh commandment con-
    cerning the "30th" Rule. St. Dominic will be happy as
    well. However, instead of the pains of mortal sin, I
    might suggest that it only be a venial sin to extend the
    Vol. a few to avoid diletions or postings when necessary.
    30 or 35 may work just fine, don't ya think? More con-
    venient for all. We can call it "changing the Bulb".??
    Good thing Saturday's "Confession" day, I think, or may-
    be that's been changed too!! The Old Church was so much
    easier to know!!

    I think Freddie was gonna" dew that "Rice a Roni" thing
    especially for me tonite and then stir fry it. I'll
    just ask her to get a few extra boxes so there will be
    enough for you and Anne as well. I'd invite Danny too,
    but this may end up being an Adults only weekend!?
    Oh, I can taste the Sodium now!!

    Rocky: Funny that you should bring up that Tom Leher Song!
    When the the Gulf War II was about o start I was goin'
    around singing"SO LONG MOM, I'M OFF TO DROP THE BOMB"!!
    But I changed the lyrics and added Sadam! "he can see me
    on his T.V. Da-DA-DA---

    Anne: ya doin' well today. It's aft. back in N.Y. You go-
    ing to keep a lookout for my Son next week? He's like the
    "old Man" and if ya had a good looking Daughter, sure he
    would be droppin' by! He and Sissy are in Tahoe for a
    wedding this weekend! She will be flying home from Reno
    to Portland tomorrow as she has a long day at school on
    Monday!! She stopped by and saw my "Old Squeeze" last
    nite on her way to the Lake. Haven't spoken with either
    one of them yet. Picked "Guido" up at SFO last nite and
    grunted something about how well your family treated him.

    I know we are gonna' hear somethin' from FREDERICKA soon!!
    Gonna' Half ta pickup a couple more bottles of bubbly
    if you lovely ladies are gonna' be here too. I'm gonna'
    buy some ANDRE. Don't want to risk the "real stuff' in
    case anyone is allergic to grapes!

    Hope Geoff is doing better and you will have the opport.
    to have a meaningful visit with him soon!

    Best to all today!!


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  5. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I really appreciate your thread about how to make it much easier to use our computer. I have already used some of the tips.

    Due to sensory overload, the computer was a major problem for me until I made some of the adjustments that you mentioned in your thread. I had to go much further. I can not tolerate the bright colors. I had to go to the advanced sections of appearance and make changes. I invented my own colors...those that are not bright and easy on the eyes. I also had to change the fonts...both size and kind. Since you may can explain this better than I, would you add that info to your thread (I am making an assumption you know how to do this). I also had to make the color and font changes under Explorer to make the changes uniform.

    I will be happy for you when your audits are over and maybe you can relax a bit.

    Are you staying safe???
  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Started to pack this morning and was going to get Anne & Danny but...I've got to plant some of those pansies that are going to die if they do not find a permanent residence soon. My dear son was supposed to help but "he forgot". Just jogged his memory and hopefully he will be ready to start soon. He gets the hard job. I am going to just set on a stool and place the plants where I want them.

    I am not standing you up...just postponing the trip. The last time I flew I left with just CFS and by the time we got back from San Antonio, I had a full blown case of FM also. I'm afraid to fly now. What little that I saw of the town was quite wonderful. We had a room with the balcony overlooking the River Walk. His convention was at the same time that they had their annual River Walk parade. I could not get out of bed by the time of the parade. He flung open the balcony doors and I listened to all the festivities. I was only a couple of blocks from the Alamo and didn't even get to go there either.

    I'm glad that I am better today than I was then. We had taken all the precautions that we knew then to make things easier for me but I was not as aware as I am now of my limitations. I just pushed and CRASHED. We even flew first class although I feared I would be coming back by ambulance. My CFS specialist said that travel and flights can intensify symptoms. I would agree with her.

    I hope we here from all the others soon...THE PORCH LIGHT IS ON. Hopefully they are somewhere having fun. It would be great for somebody to be able to do that!

  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just a quickie here. No Sweetie, it was fine, I had no problem at all deleting and changing. The 3 minute delay is what did it(LOL)

    Well, Sister Mary Gregory-mmm that could be a before and after Jeopardy question: Who taught mrdad's mocking bird?

    Sister Mary Gergory Peck (Gregory Peck starred in To Kill a Mockingbird for youngsters here)

    I was going to do Cape Fear but the newer version of the movie(both good versions) kyboshed that.

    Dan and Danny are both socked out in the bedroom. I think I dare admit we have twin beds due to my sleep problems and Dan's snoring and lurching all night. Plus he gets up and sleep eats. MM that condition is true: 4 bananas, five slices bread, cold hotdogs, anything that is easy. We have always been comfortable enough with our relationship so we don't always have to be face to face.

    I'll say Guido was made welcome here....boy can that boy eat!!! Can you ask him to send back the silver though and the Rolex as they are family "pieces"-he already cleaned out the bank account of the whole $624.00 we had stashed away. The next door neighbor was asking if his 17 year old daughter showed up in SF? She does turn 18 in a month but still, she is still in school. To be fair, Guido may not know that as the school district doubts she still attends as well.

    ohoh I hear the bigger of the sleepers has awoken. I hear the kettle being plugged in.

    Hope Prickles is feeling better today and where the heck is Wakemeup???

    Ken I posted for you how to get the BBC radio for free on your thread. Rocky, doesn't ARe you lonesome Tonight have something in it about a porch light? "

    Love you guys, had to put the heat on here in New York today. Freddie, I would not have mrdad making you cook for him BTW. He's just looking for a housekeeper you know???

  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It must be getting into mid-eve back there about now.
    Sure-I have to drink the other "faux" wines myself or
    I hear my liver screem--"Oh. no. you're killin' ME!!

    Has it been quite with the Crazy Guy lately? Hope he
    goes South for the Winter so you can have some relief
    from the anxious moments!!

    The was and still is a Large bank out of North Carolina
    that was directing tax avaiding methods on the OFF-SHORE
    investments and I believe it was a 60 MINUTES exposure to
    the practice. Lots of denials of course!! Just feel that
    the BIG guys can get away with so much and the worker al-
    most always pays the Piper! Enron etc. Their is now a
    legal question as to whether they can even go after Ken
    Lay's widow for the $$$ he stole now that he is DEAD!!
    Something about he not being around to take part in an
    Appeal Process! Loop-py Hole?? She and family will con-
    tinue to enjoy the bounty of his mis-deeds for life!!

    It's nice to have your most attractive face on my wall
    above my 'puter! You and Freddie have surely brightened
    up "the office".

    "Talk" later, "K"? P.S. (8a.m. your time ok 4 Din-Din)?
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  9. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Sweetie - I just read about your travel fiasco. I hate that. You know my kids live in Texas and the only way I get to see them is if we drive or fly. It's not easy for them to come here with 4 kids and gasoline being so expensive (although we would certainly help with that). Anyway, each time we visit I come home in a terrible flare. Actually the flare starts on day 2 of our visit usually.

    I hear my hubby at the door. I'll talk to you later. He's coming to pick me up...something about a sailboat regatta.

  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member


    For those who own a house. We just got the new school taxes here and they are (with STAR exemption) $2,400 a year on a house valued at $127,000. County and town taxes are the same again.

    Does this seem a lot???

    Here is a the deal too. If we were 65 and earning less than $60,000 a year we would get enhanced exemption and save about half of the taxes.

    However, we with a disabled dad, a disabled child and an income of less than $24,000 cannot get the exemption as we have a child in school.

    Does this seem OK to anyone???

    I just wrote down our basics: taxes, loan, insurance on house and car, telephone/computer/tv,utilities and it comes to more than our income once I add in food (and boy we don't even eat meat!!!) What about car repair, medical deductables, dentist, glasses, clothing-nada. We normally would not get tv but get it all in as a deal for one year. It really works out cheaper than paying a phone company.

    The school superintendent just gave herself a rise, bringing her wages to $180,000 pa in this small district.

    To cap it all my MIL just called and informed me they are not taking the priviledged grandkids(Not Danny he never gets included except a token once)at University out for their usual Sunday brunch tomorrow. Those brunches would buy our food for a month.

    GRRRRRRRR. Looks like we shall have to sell up and move again.

    Love Anne
  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Wake, Rocky changed the light bulb to yellow. Those bulbs are not supposed to attract insects but we can change to back shortly if the weather continues to cool so much as night. We were using RED when we were attempting to attract the guys one evening....one of the times they were missing. Rocky and Ken are especially hard to find at times. Did "ladies of the evening" really use red lights??? I do hope you are feeling better and it's great of you to stop by and visit. Please make your self at home and stop more often.

    Lolalee: I'm going to try and retrieve the thread where you and I were discussing our protocols and try again to post with out losing it. For Texas to be such a large state, I certainly didn't see much of it. I know you must miss your family.

    anne and mrdad: Please do not take offense if you are Catholic but I am certainly glad I did not attend Catholic school. Are you guys just messing with us or did they really treat you badly?

  12. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I do love coming in here and seeing all these smiling faces (if only in my mind). LOL

    I started a new thread called "Cast of Characters". It has some cute emoticons. Someone has too much time on his hands! LOL

    I'm not online every day as it hurts to sit here. Hubby just ordered a notebook for me, and it should be here in about a month (!), so hopefully then I can be on more often.

    So...who all is going to MrDad's? I'll be there if I can find it. Need directions. What should I bring? I can check out the chocolate cake thread and see if something pops out at me. Well?

    MrDad...I like the flavored water at Safeway. Can you get it, or should I bring my own? I love lemonade, but I'm diabetic...unless this is sugar-free???

    Sweetie, I think inviting research (Rich) to the porch is a great idea! We can pump him for a heads-up on his new feature! What a guy! He amazes me! (For real!)

    It's a beautiful evening here. I opened the windows and now have a cat in each one, and one on my lap. (I have three. Cats, not laps! Although I'm big enough for two! LOL) Oops! One just found the lid to the catnip container! LOL The one on my lap has decided that my hair is a toy, and she's trying to pull it out. Ouch! My littlest one has "requested" that I throw out some peanuts to attract some bluejays to the yard. I swear they can hear a peanut hit the ground from a couple of miles away!

    Well, gotta run, if I want to check out any other threads before I poop out. Church tomorrow! See ya!

    God Bless.
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Left a reply for you on OT: Don't miss this Thread
    concrning your Q. about the old Movie. Likewise, tried
    for 30 mins. to download BBC interview from last week
    onDaniel Tammet (Autism) and couldn't find the actual
    archieve for it??? I know it's there I'm just not able
    to find the correct string to pull! Have you been able
    to do it yet?

    Haven't heard from Fredericka about Dinner tonight?
    Hope she is feeling OK but I'm beginning to be concern-
    ed. We may have to Stir our on Frys tonite. Just hope
    she is not having another bad weekend!

    Anything on Bro. Geoff today yet? What has Danny been
    doing? May have to have him "hookup" with God again and
    ask Him to get this crazy world straightened out. Can't be-
    lieve we just compromised our "humanistic and ethical val-
    ues" and made are peace with torture? Must be and uncon-
    scious attempt at the new Conversion Theory. Especially
    disapointed in John McCain a man who I'd think would be
    the very last to even sit in on a debate on the subject!

    Oh, well. Time for a nap!! You'll have to tell me a bit
    more about Dan sometime. Glad you two have a good relation


  14. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Oh my! You must move South. There is no way that we could get the house and land that we have here if we lived where you or mrdad live.

    I saw pictures of homes and apartments throughout the US and the price and taxes in different areas is unbelievable in an article about what you could buy for your money according to where you chose to live. We love to sell our homes to people from the North. They are willing to pay so much more because they are used to paying so much more for so much less.

    My home is not for sale but a home near us was but the potential buyer liked our house so much that they had the realtor call to see if we would sell. They offered $475,000. and thought it would be a steal. We should have taken the deal. It was several thousand more than we paid although we paid plenty.

    In the article that I read there were 1 bedroom apartments selling for 3 to 4 times what we paid for our home which is very nice on 4 acres of land and a separate detached brick garage apartment that matches our home that my son lives in. It was hard for me to believe. It is the same with taxes. The annual taxes (county only) since I live in a rural area is around $1,300.00 per year. If this house and land was moved to another area that was in that article it would be considered a mansion. I do not understand how any one owns a home in these areas.

    This is the reason we have such an influx of people to our state. I hope it never changes here. The problem though is that in general our income is not as high as what it is in the areas where the real estate is so costly. So people work in the higher paying areas and retire here where their dollars will buy much more.

    I am so sorry that you are facing this problem too. I used to be a financial adviser as part of my position and when the numbers do not work...life is not easy.
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Unicorn, I've been drinking Gatorade lately as I'm sure
    that I haven't been getting enuff of those "electriclites"
    Too much coffee all day to stay awake! I espec, like the
    lite blue colored Gatorade that is made from swimming pool
    water. The chlorine helps keep things clean as well!
    Bring what ever you care to drink, but you are limited to
    "Uni". Don't want to have to carry ya all the way back
    home from the "left coast" here. Ya know what I'm sayin'?

    Sweetie: I don't think Anne is an R.C. but you must be
    thinking of Lola. Believe she indicated a past encoun-
    ter with similar to mine! It was pretty bad exprience
    and they just can't figure out why the Church has lost
    so many of us? Didn't sent my kids to Cath. Schools
    regretfully as the Eduacation level was wonderful. Had the
    equivalent of 2 years of College when I graduated from
    High School! Public schools are the other end! Too much
    permissiveness! Lot of collective punishment Cat. School
    had kids keeping kids in order.

    Carla!! You still awake? We gotta find you a nice BF to
    keep you safe and warm this Winter!

    Anne: We have Prop 13 out here whereby the Tax assessments
    are only increased at the time of Sale of property! That
    way older folks can stay in their homes and not have to
    worry as much about being taxed out of them as they become
    strapped to a fixed income and victims to any inflation.

    Based on your assessment, the taxes seem extremely high!
    Property (Non-Commercial Residential) are not done until
    a new sale has occurred! Barring other considerations.
    Don't know if a move would be of a benefit as evrywhere
    seems to be getting "out of Control".

    We will have to work thru it, I guess!
    Less chocolate, golf and Chinese Buffet (OH No, MRDAD!!!!)

    Author (Unknown)

  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Mrdad and lolalee I do think that the nuns actually copied British schools when planning their schools!!! That was a public school system that treated us like this. .

    Thank goodness we have no debt other than the home improvement loan which will now have to suddenly become the school tax loan!!!(LOL) Dan says, "Quit worrying, we will use up the loan paying taxes for the next couple of years and then sell and move into an apartment."

    mrdad I think I may have told you that dan has a brain trauma from ski accident. Really impacts our lives.

    Will go check out the movie OT now.

    Hy to everyone else.

    Love Anne (no new news re Geoff)

    going to try that download again now.

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  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Is your porch light red or are you just glad to see me?

    Anne, "Are you Lonesome tonight" doesn't mention porches, but has a reference to the parlor. A rather outdated term when Elvis recorded the song in 1960, but it was an old song.

    Carla, are you saying we should not use caps when the type the title of a post?

    Computers are such a mystery to me. So are people. Here's an anecdote that illustrates both. I was up all night and slept till 3:30PM today. Gordon took the computer to our friend Tony for some adjustments.

    Several years ago Tony was homeless. We provided him w/ room and board for five months. Today he charged Gordon $40 for working on the computer.

    You know what they say about no good turn.

    Many years ago Jon Voit said in an interview, you never fully overcome a Catholic upbringing. Don't know if he was talking about school or something else.

    Yes, MR.D. Tom Lehr was so creative and so funny. But he gave up show biz at an early age. Read an article about him w/in the past year. He was living in northern CA and still doing a little teaching, I think. Nothing seems to stick in my mind anymore. Well, we all know about that.

    At one time he said there was no point to satire when the real world was so loony. He was specifically referring to Henry Kissinger winning the Nobel Peach Prize.

    Gordon just got back from the library w/ 7 books and 2 DVDs for me. Alas, none of the books was Marley and Me. Almost finished Beekeeper's Apprentice. Good book.

    Hope you all are having a good weekend. Yes, I'll have another glass of lemonade. Thanks.
  18. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Yes, on occasion, we turn on the red light for you. I had sleep issues like that for so long. They finally came up with a "cocktail" of drugs that help me obtain sleep. It's not perfect but better than the world that you are existing in now. I used to dread the nights so much.

    Now I understand so many of people's problems...Catholic or English schools. It sounds like legalized torture.

    You also mentioned depression as one of your main symptoms. This disease caused severe depression for me also. I think we agreed that when everything you worked for and thought was right is taken away from you and you suddenly lack the mental or physical skills to take care of yourself and are in pain...depression can and probably should appear. If it does not, I would think you are seriously mentally ill. Antidepressants did not work for me...they made me suicidal. Lately I am trying the smallest amount of the drug Abilify and it has helped with the sensory overload, pain, and helped some with the cogntive issues. A similar drug Lamitical (sp?) seems to be helping a few others. I just wanted to share this with you since we seemed to share some of the same issues.

    I can not read books any longer because I can not concentrate. I was an avid reader but I can not remember what I read or concentrate long enough to read but a few pages. Does the CFS not affect your memory or ability to read books? Evidently that is just one of my issues since their is a book club on the board.

    If these questions are too personal, I apologize. Sometimes I just need to understand how we can be so alike yet so different.

    Getting our the lemons to make fresh lemonade. I still use sugar, O.K.?
  19. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I hope everyone had a good day. I just updated my profile with a pic my hubby took of me today. It was a gorgeous day and I was actually feeling like I could muster up enough energy to get dressed and go out. I'm so glad I did. We had some burgers by the bay and watched the sailboats in the annual regatta. Boy, it sure is lovely here!! We are really blessed to live here.

    Anne, I didn't know about the British school and Catholic nun connection. I agree with Sweetie re taxes....the South is a lot cheaper. Come on down..although it would probably be quite an adjustment . Our property values have increased also because of many people from the North moving here. Sweetie, I know what you mean...people are really discovering our area, too. When we moved here 4 years ago, you couldn't get a decent cup of coffee, now we've got a Starbucks within a 15 minute drive. At least our immediate area is fully residential, so all the new commercial locations are out of our area but still close enough to be convenient....that is if I could ever get to feeling well enough to get out and shop...lol!!!

    Sweetie, I want to hear about your health. What are you trying? Did you order the CDs? I'll look for the thread. Sorry I had to rush off before. My hubby went out this AM to check our local library book sale for me. I collect cookbooks and he offered to go check it out for me..what a great guy!! Anyway 3 1/2 hours later he calls me from the marina to tell me that it's a gorgeous day and they're grilling burgers out there and he'll come pick me up if I'm up to it. Sounded lovely and thought I could push myself to do that. Glad I did.

    About Catholic School, yes Sweetie it was MrDad and I having the conversation about the nightmarish nun experiences. They truly did smack you around. Corporal punishment was totally acceptable. My parents were super strict, so I never told them if I got into trouble at school, because I'd get spanked at home, too. Their reasoning being, I must have deserved it for the nuns to hit me. No wonder I'm a mess.

    Rock, Jon Voight was right. Talk about guilt. Somebody wrote a funny book years ago about being raised Catholic. Of course, I can't remember book or author, but it was hilarious. Everything was a sin..you even had different levels of sin...mortal sin and venial sin. So if you ate a hot dog on Friday that was a mortal sin (no meat on Fridays), but if you just "thought" about eating a hot dog on Friday that was a venial sin. Anyway, I probably have it all mixed up, but it was pretty funny for those of us raised in Catholic schools. I'd better stop now 'cause I don't want to offend anyone by bashing religion. The important thing for me is that my faith in God is firm. As we know, religion and relationship with God are not the same thing. Also, MrDad is right about the Catholic school education...excellent!!

    Prickles, honey you are anything but WEAK!! It is perfectly understandable for you to give it a go at Oktoberfest. Sorry it was such a disappointment. I remember the smoking when we went to Germany many years ago. It was acceptable everywhere. All those men touching your face...they'd never seen a real live angel before.

    Carla, you mentioned something on another post and I thought I'd ask you about it here since I'm not sure if you'll go back to the other post. It was a discussion on weight gain/loss. I'm eating healthy foods and can't lose weight. Plus, I know I'm definitely not eating enough or often enough and my metabolism is off. I was wondering how you got control of your situation. How did you know what "healthy" foods were wrong for you? What changes did you make to lose weight. I know we are all different,but I'm curious as to what worked for you. Thanks, hon.

    Ok, enough already. Night all...sleep tight.

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  20. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Prickles, I am sorry it turned out the way it did. At least now you've been to one,,,

    Your post made me think of icky goofs touching when they are drunk!
    One guy (when I was young) grabbed me (you know where down there!!!) I turned around with a big smile so he would stay. I calmly but firmly put my hand on his (you know what!!!) and said:- "Is that all you got???"

    He was gone-fast!

    I don't know where I got the courage, but it sure came in handy!

    I hope you get better soon, you need it. You're in my thoughts.

    Everyone else, see my post "can you tell your brain cells are dying off?" I would love some responses there.

    many weekend hugs to ya all!

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