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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1sweetie, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    What a success our Porch has become. Meeting great people..making new friends.

    Just want to extend another invite to those just lurking to please feel free to visit our porch. It is expanding daily and we would like for you to visit it you have the time.
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  2. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Sounds like i'm missing out on all the fun! Hello to everyone, is there any chairs left on the porch?

    I've been mentally curled up in the fetal position for about the last month. But i'm ready to come out and play.

    We have been having some very gorgeous fall days, but on mon. we got invaded by the Asian beetles!!

    Nasty things, we had thousands of them in the house, and going outside was hazardous like being in a flying zone.

    It's like a horror movie!

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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the porch. Glad to hear you're feeling better.
    I don't know what Asian beetles are. Sweetie and I were just reminiscing (volume 7) about lightning bugs and June bugs.

    I only spent one summer in northern Minnesota. There was an enormous swarm of May flies. They were a beautiful chartreus green. Clustered around street lights. All died in a couple days.

    I lived in Walker on the banks of Leech lake, said to be the biggest lake in Minnesota. During the winter I stayed in a beautiful new motel right on the shore. Had a big picture window. Picture windows were new in those days.

    During the winter there wasn't much business so the motel was cheap. $87 a month! A kitchen, LR and BR. Utilities included. And it had something I've never seen anywhere else in the world: maroon bathroom fixtures! Very stylish I thought.

    I was working as a social worker and made $410 a month. My first job outta school. I bought a one year old Chevy for $1300. When I deposited my paycheck I got $20 back for spending money, and it lasted all week. Today that would buy lunch for two at a coffee shop if you were careful and didn't order dessert.

    Wouldn't it be nice to go back and visit the past for just a day or two.

  4. lptopcat

    lptopcat New Member

    Thanks so much from All for the gracious welcome to the porch.

    Mrdad, wish it was long playing, oh well..actually it is the initials of the city I live in here in MI, Lincoln Park.

    I have enjoyed these Porch OT's sooooo much. They make me laugh. And all of us need to laugh.

    Well, 1030a EST, time to run off to work. Yes, still full-time but don't know how I manage it. I guess it's the fact that financially, I need full-time.

    Have a great day on the porch and I will try to post tonight.
  5. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Asian beetles are a recent immigrant of N. Minnesota!

    They are a bane to all house dwellers! They look innocent enough, disguising themselves to look like sweet loving ladybugs.
    But, they are not helpful garden lovers, and they bite. Also they can't quit hide there malevolent nature in disguise.

    For they are abit larger than ladybugs, and more rounded, and very orange. They will swarm your buildings in the billions on these nice warm fall days.

    They fly in suddenly, and you are under attack!

    You can't go thur a doorway with out being swarmed. Landing in your hair, and clothes, they fly all around outside, and bombard you.

    I even had them up my Pj legs, when i was trying to drive my child to town, oops did i say pj? Busted!

    I was swerving all over trying to remove it!

    Unfortunately they have no natural predator here, because they were imported by the DNR to eat the army worm larve.

    Gee, Thanks!

    They also stink when squashed, and leave orange goo behind.
    When vaccumed up on the ceilings and walls, they also stink.

    They are trying to crawl into cracks and cranies to hibornate, and all winter long we will be finding some we missed, and sucking them up in the vaccum.

    Are you horrified yet? You shoud be!

    Walker is a great place, very beautiful, I remember when we were first married, no kids, and both working, we had lots of money!
    Don't know what happened to it all! Just disaapeared, we hadn't discovered to idea yet of saving for the future!duh!



    P.S. I believe milaca lake is the largest in state lake of MN, but leech is large too.
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  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    So glad you stopped in to visit morningsonshine...there are plenty of chairs on the porch. Wake has suggested that we bring in sofas...the kind without the legs attached...reminds her of days gone by also. I vote for rockers and swings and maybe a few lounge chairs for those of us that need to stay reclined.

    I also do not know what an Asian bug is but we get covered with the lovely lady bugs. Suddenly the yard and house will be covered where they are looking for shelter for the winter. They are such a helpful little insect but it is rather daunting when they begin to fill up your home. Before I knew better I once called an exterminator...I'm so sorry I did that. I didn't know then how important they are in the environment. People actually buy them hoping they will choose to live there and kill the harmful insects. I felt like a real jerk!

    Lptopcat so glad that you came back. We will be waiting when for you after work (poor thing). You will need to relax with us and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful blue clouds that we have today. The leaves are really beginning to shine as the sun light dances on their leaves.

    Remember everyone...There is a walk scheduled around the lake so that we can enjoy the beauty of the season. That means we need to remember to pace ourselves so we will be well rested. I'm still looking for Ken to get a ride on his chair so that I can go with all of you.

  7. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Here is some info. i found. Are you sure you don't have the asian bug, instead of the lady bug??

    "The multicolored Asian lady beetle is an introduced biological control agent that is spreading rapidly throughout the United States.

    Despite the fact it is an effective biological control agent in agricultural and landscape environments, it has become a major nuisance to homeowners because of its habit of invading houses and buildings in large numbers while searching for protected sites to overwinter in the fall (mid-October to early November) and appearing again on warm, sunny days in February and March.

    In addition, beetles may get in picnic food and drinks, "swarm" like bees and land on people.

    The USDA made several releases throughout the eastern United States in an attempt to introduce this beetle into North America

    If beetles gain entry into living spaces, they should be removed using a broom and dustpan, or vacuum cleaner, and released outdoors. When using a broom and dustpan, gently collect the beetles to avoid alarming them.

    If alarmed, they may discharge a yellow fluid that can stain walls, paint, and fabrics, and that has an unpleasant odor. All lady beetles do this reflex bleeding when alarmed."

    Couchs with no legs sound nice! Thanks for the nice welcome, and i don't believe for one minute that your a jerk.

    I certainly don't want these things in my house, regardless as how benefical they may be. I don't enjoy getting bite by them neither, I bite Back!! With the vaccum!

  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hey newcomers, so glad to have you here.

    Rocky: Random Harvest was a good movie if I recall.

    mrdad: seems like you have been keeping outa trouble yesterday, but I am not counting on it. You will be pleased to hear that Danny got the loudest clap for the rehearsal speeches.(for newbies, Danny is my 12 year old who has autism and who is running for school office).

    Had his annual review yesterday and was gobsmacked(for non UKers this means flaberghasted) when a teacher said, "Well I think it is the kids who are just a little odd or quirky that get left out and meanness/bullying aimed at them. Danny so obviously has something more than that quirkiness going on, the kids seem to recognize this and include him more."

    We were under the (misapprehension?) impression that he did come across as just "quirky". Apparently not so. We always get worried in case educators "miss" his autism, so I guess this is a relief in a way, that they all so readily can see it. Plus every teacher said he was "a ray of sunshine, a delight, a wonderful kid". The meeting went really well and I think they are on the ball re what he needs and most open to outr suggestions as to this.

    Well I am voting we move a hot-tub onto the porch, or maybe in the gazebo at the side, but it is definately a swimsuit only one.

    Thanks for the pic of the maid of mist area. I will show it to Danny tonight. Went shopping. Healthy Choice were on sale and I just tried one. It was quite nice really, tasted a bit like diner food.

    Oh, Theresa, Jane Hamilton book. Is that a new book? I have not seen it. I love Jane Hamilton. Loved "Map of the World" and "A Thousand Acres"-they actually did a fairly good job of the movie of the former, but not the latter, they kind of messed it up. Like they did "The Shipping News."

    I am trying to read "The Beekeepers Apprentice" I am pretty certain BBC Radio has done a couple of these books into radio plays as this lady sounds familiar. What a great idea though.

    Wake and Lincap. Well Wake, I can let you have one couch for the porch. Lincap, we are always dumpster diving and getting stuff off the trash. We have furnished a lot of homes this way. It amazes me what people discard. I just bumped into a neighbor and told her, thanks for the crutches and ironing board you left out.

    All of our porch chairs and yard chairs are off the trash, plus shelves, armchairs, couch, cushions. I reupholster some stuff-Rocky that was your line once! Do art painting on others. Just painted a big tallboy/bureau and antiqued it. Looks as if cost $600.

    Oh well, Dan is out trying to complete the pavers on our real patio below the porch. So I better go help.

    mrdad: I agree with those titles. We rarely watch tv, but last night I watched "The Street" on BBC America from 1.00 to 2.00 am but only because I get homesick and I could not sleep. It was OK. See the new report re kids and tv? Dan is not allowed to watch schooldays and very limited weekends. He also has the Gamecube disarmed except for special occasions.

    I hear ya Wake BTW. Cannot discuss here, but with ALL the news presently.

    Love you all,

  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    how awful! No, I do not have those insects and hope I never do. It sounds like you are describing a nightmare you had last night. Yes...you must declare war! My situation is mild...very mild compared to yours.

    Anne: Are you ready for your trip? I do hope everything goes well and that Geoff is doing better. I'm sure you have mixed feelings about going. I hope someone tells the neighbor to remove those gruesome decorations. Personally I do not like things that are gruesome and I do not thing children should be allowed to see it. We will only have pumpkins and nice things on our Porch!

    Marta: Your son should be visiting soon. I hope you are feeling better and not getting all of those "I should feelings" that we seem to get. Try to remember the important things. I love my children so much yet the visit Monday with my daughter and "Granddog" was exhausting. I think that anything other than resting exhausts me. I felt like crying when they left. We used to have such fun times together and my stamina when shopping together was always greater than hers. Now just talking and walking through the yard was so tiring and I did not want her to know that but she could see it in my face. I do wish for those times to be back in my life.

    Lolalee: Are you still feeling so badly? You were just trying to have a normal day. One day we all will. I have to believe that.

    mrdad: I haven't heard from you today. Are you a MIA now? What would we do without you? There is a thread that is on the board title about What would you bring to a party?. I started to put you and Rock. In fact, I may have. You guys are good for me! I'm glad you still stay in touch with your "Old Squeeze". I've always thought that it is a great thing to do. How can you just disregard people that have been involved so in your life? I am glad that you and "Freddie" are working on your relationship. It's good for everyone.

    Carla: You've amazed me lately. What a support you have been to everyone. The computer tips alone were great. Happy that you had a late birthday celebration. Sounded interesting! Who knows what is meant to be? I understand that feeling of knowing that "something" is not finished.

    sassy: Everything taste better in glass. I've started buying glass containers to store liquids and food in rather than plastic. Wish you had not eaten all the cookies! I haven't had even one yet.

    We do have to think about our plans for the upcoming holidays On The Porch and in the Lodge. We have such a lovely porch but it does need to be more comforting. I think I will bring a container of my pansies. Some one needs to be making plans. There is so many holidays that will be here soon. I want a Christmas tree on our porch...ops to early to think about that! I've missed decorating my house..no one will help me. Now there are many that will help and what a good time we will have!

    Time: 1:30 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time
  10. Lightswitch

    Lightswitch New Member

    Omigosh, it sounds like a horror movie!!

    Reading your post was making me flinch, I felt there were little bugs crawling up my legs!!! I hate bugs, especially ones that get caught in my hair b/c I always wind up squishing them there...ewww . YIKES!!!

    Can they do a town-wide spray for that??

  11. Good afternoon, can I come sit on the porch!? I would slso love to take that walk around the lake and just enjoy the sunshines warmth and the changing leaves. Indian summer! COOL!
    NO BUGS though PLEASE!
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Everyone finally hit the Porch at the same time it seems
    as I just had to "speed read" thru all the new replies!
    Didn't realise that I missed you in Vol.#7 Wake. Didn't
    mean to though. Or was it Vol # ?? They move quickly
    when we all seem to "hit" the Porch at the same time!

    Anne: I'm so, so delighted to hear how well things are
    progressing now for Danny at school! I hope Ebony is
    becoming that very special friend for him. I assume you
    are getting ready for that trip to see Geoff. How's the
    weather look for the weekend on the "Right Coast"? Hope
    it will be good for the drive. I'm sure you are anxious.
    Is your cold any better?

    Sweetie: Glad ya had a good day wiff your Daughter and
    the Pup. It is nice having a good relationship with
    the "formers". Met her a couple years after my wife
    and I parted and that was over 20 years ago! Spent 9 years
    with her, almost 10 and these last ten on Sabatical Leave!
    So to speak. Speak with her almost everyday. She and my
    former Wife get along well as I do also with "my Wife's"
    husband. And that's exactly how I introduce him when the
    occasion arises! We all laugh! Boggle's the mind!!

    Carla-NL: We have at least two Carla's! Anywho, it was
    me who was asking you if you ever have been to the"Sta-
    tes"? Yu'd really like Northern Cal. ifin' ya ever got
    here in the future! Wouldn't that be fun!!!

    Boy, I think we all wore Fredericka out yesterday. She
    seemed to really enjoy sitting up on the Porch awhile!
    Maybe she will come over again today in a bit. Did every
    one see her new characature on her Bio. page?? I'll bet
    her back hurts all the time and she most likely has to
    have a neighbor come in to help her tie her shoes! Would-
    -n't ya think?? Or find her shoes!

    Gotta get this Secretary off my lap for a while Kids!
    After a while my legs go to sleep with she AND the iMac!

    I'll "Ketchup to ya" later. "K'?
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Lightswitch and Fibrobutterfly. Comon in. No bugs here. We have the latest high-tech bug zapper. One night the electricity went out, so we just got some bats from the barn.

    When I was a kid I used to catch bats. When I was adult I learned they may have rabies. I guesss that's why folks say "live and learn".

    We used to have an old sofa in our back room. I think maybe it's in a storage unit now. I'll have to look. Unfortunately it still has the legs on, but we can always knock them off.

    Comfortable furniture, some snacks, good friends; the simple pleasures are best.
  14. Pennygirl2

    Pennygirl2 New Member

    Hi all, what a wonderful positive group of loving people gatther on this enchanted porch. I have had trouble reading most of the posts, just here an there, but it is such a wonderful idea. I can tell you all are really having fun with the idea and I will bring my swing if that is ok. I think it will be very padded, not like the wooden one I have in front. I look out at the Rocky Mtns so i guess that is a pretty good view for me. Yes, I think we would all see something different. I used to love to walk and though I'm limited now, I am definitely in for the walk around the lake if I can figure when it is. we can surely go at our own pace. I wish I could push a wheel chair for some of you, but will be doing my best just making it around the lake. Love and laughter, can't beat it.
    Oh those bugs tho, they really sound pretty bad. I am mostly scared of spiders but THAT many bugs would drive me, well you know.
    I have read when I can and can see what people say about Rocky and Ken being so funny. Thanks for contributing to the fun and laughter. I have thought so too and enjoy your posts.
    I wish I could specifically reply to more people, maybe in time. Hugs, Penny
  15. Pennygirl2

    Pennygirl2 New Member

    Hi all, what a wonderful positive group of loving people gatther on this enchanted porch. I have had trouble reading most of the posts, just here an there, but it is such a wonderful idea. I can tell you all are really having fun with the idea and I will bring my swing if that is ok. I think it will be very padded, not like the wooden one I have in front. I look out at the Rocky Mtns so i guess that is a pretty good view for me. Yes, I think we would all see something different. I used to love to walk and though I'm limited now, I am definitely in for the walk around the lake if I can figure when it is. we can surely go at our own pace. I wish I could push a wheel chair for some of you, but will be doing my best just making it around the lake. Love and laughter, can't beat it.
    Oh those bugs tho, they really sound pretty bad. I am mostly scared of spiders but THAT many bugs would drive me, well you know.
    I have read when I can and can see what people say about Rocky and Ken being so funny. Thanks for contributing to the fun and laughter. I have thought so too and enjoy your posts.
    I wish I could specifically reply to more people, maybe in time. Hugs, Penny
  16. jole

    jole Member

    Hi y'all! I read a volume or two of your porch light renditions and love them. Hope you don't mind me joining. I love the porch, the friendly people and good conversation.

    Hope you don't mind if I don't come sit right away, because I see a few weeds that need pulled in the flower garden, and I just love sitting on a porch that overlooks flowers, don't you? Not the nice tame variety, but the wildflowers that fit so well into the countryside, especially with the pond nearby. The flowers are so calming, blowing gently in the breeze with all the different colors flowing like banners.

    I too want to be included in your walk, but don't know if I can make it that far. If not, I may just "borrow" your porch swing until you all get back, Okay?

    Friends - Jole
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Everyone keeps talking about bringing "brownies" for
    everyone on the Porch. Curious as to whether those
    have the same "recipe" as the ones my friends from the
    Haight-Ashbury use to make in the "60's ? I'm curious
    but Yellow ? 'Member that one all you OLD FOLKS out
    here on the Porch!?

    Gotta make some "Brunch" Kids,

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  18. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hello, everyone. So good to see new faces here!

    Yes, Sweetie, I'm almost ready for my son to arrive - he's is 38 but he's still my baby. His brother and his family as well as his father want to be here when he arrives so that's a few more folks than I planned on for tomorrow. I'm thinking positively.... I plan to have a picture to post in my profile by the time he leaves. It may be of me lying down but then that's OK.

    MrDad, I'm like you in that my two ex-husbands and I are still friendly. The boys' dad, the one who will be here tomorrow, still drives me nuts but I never felt my kids should pay in scattered holidays for a decision I made. It's worked out well.

    Misty, you have Asian Lady Beetles there?? I've been expecting them here but so far they haven't shown up. I'm glad to know where they are and am so happy for you to keep them. They were major pests last year here in Michigan.

    lptopcat, you're in Lincoln Park! Not too far from me over here north of Brighton. Some storms today, huh? I was in the grocery store when the power went out. You could hear a pin drop as everyone, wisely, stood very still. Soon the power came back on and the employees were running around trying to get all the computerized equipment back up.

    That reminds me of a time when the kids, husband #2 and I were at a cottage when the power went off for a week. We had so much fun making do (woodstove in the garage, lake water for toilet flushing) that when the power came back on, we decided not to tell them right away. It's still one of our favorite memories.

    Anne, such good news about Danny. That the teachers think he's quirkly is wonderful. My favorite people are quirky.

    Sassy, hope you have a safe trip to see your Mom. You'll never regret taking the time to do it.

    Sorry I'll miss the walk around the lake (right, I'm sorry). Collect some colored leaves for me and we'll iron them between waxed paper so they'll last for the winter. Anyone ever do that? As for a hot tub, we have two of them adjoining the pool over there in the pool house. No need to take up space on the porch unless you want to although the porch has room for everything and everyone. I also just noticed that it has an outdoor fireplace off one end! No wonder we've been able to stay out here so long.

    I'm leaving a few more cookies for you so share. I'll be back when I can. Please think energetic thoughts for me.

    Hugs all around,

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    mrdad those HA brownies-funny you should say this as today some kid at lunch pulled the oldest trick in the book on Danny. Talked him into chugging some "salsa" down that was doctored with???? something that burned him for sure. Now we are on pins. Called the kid, he swears it was just from lunch room. Mom not home dad away?! Dan went over to the school in hopes of checking it out, cafeteria locked till 6.30am tomorrow. Danny told the nurse and she just ignored it.

    Goodness knows HOW many times we have said NEVER take food from anyone. He has no idea why I kid he barely knows would just suddenly come over and ask him to drink it, but he OBEYED!!! We are wondering whether to take him over to the ER seeing as all the pediatrician offices close at 4.00pm-how mad is that? Should they be better running after school hours?

    Now you were an all american kid at school. What would this be doctored with? Anyone any ideas.

    Love Anne
  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    OUr neigborhood is growing at tremendous rate. Glad to see all the new neighbors and hope you enjoy the porch as much as I do. Welcome to lightswitch, fibrobutterfly, Pennygirl2, and Jole.

    Lightswitch and fibrobutterfly after our early report of flying Asian bugs our porch will not be located in N. Minnesota and Rocky is bringing a zapper in case they follow Misty. She may need to move to the lodge for awhile. Penny a nice padded swing will be great. And Jole you are a person after my own heart. If able I will help you with the weeds, we must be able to see those lovely wildflowers. What a beautiful place we own.

    Wake there is plenty of room for your sofa...may I bring my recliner? Our time is going to be limited if we can't get comfortable. I'm so glad that you are bringing your blankie too...but everyone is going to be jealous of us. Rock is fixing one for you.

    Since so many of us are concerned about the the walk we need an idea of how we can all go and enjoy ourselves and not get so fatigued. I was thinking that maybe the owners of the adjoining golf course could donate their carts for a few hours. Surely they would love to help a few disabled folks. We must contact them. If Fredericka will wear the attire that was posted in her picture and mrdad does not care, we will send her over with our request. No one will turn "Freddie" down when she is "dressed" down.

    mrdad I remember The Brownies. Even with brain fog...you do not forget those brownies and I did not live in CA. Hope your legs are feeling better. You need to keep all the ladies off your lap or find tiny ladies. Heard Nicole Richie is single. She will not weight very much.

    Anne: What a change for Danny! I'm very happy for both of you. When is the election?

    Sassy so sorry for your Mom, I know she must be sad that she has to leave her home. See you later.

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