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  1. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Welcome, welcome all. With the help of SMG, I found the light and have fluffed all the pillows in the chairs.


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  2. mrdad

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    You and I were on the same page at the same time. I just

    deleted my Vol. 31 so all should be fine. Hope you're

    having a "shot" of Christian Brothers Brandy in that

    coffee this Morning.

    Have a great day!
    MRDAD a.k.a. JOE
  3. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I just posted to mrdad's thread and now it is gone. Let me see if I copied it.

    Thanks to Carla and her advice I did not loose my post this time. THANK YOU CARLA. I had copied it. I asked before but can we make a rule that the person that does the official close start the next thread. I was waiting for Marta and then I saw mrdad's thread and sent in my post to it. S.M.G will be back now for sure and I don't know how to handle a nun. I have had no training. mrdad and Lolalee will have to handle her.

    Hello everyone. I've missed you guys. My brain is wanting to do "the fog thing" so addressing individuals is not possible at the moment.

    I've been lurking to make sure everyone is doing K. mrdad SMG will find little money here will she? Did she really take your money for "little Pagan babies"? I truly appreciate the public school system now.

    Two things I do remember from the previous post that I want to follow up on is Lolalee's grandson. How is he? Poor little guy...those stones hurt. Darn, I can't remember the other...oh, now I do. Anne your hands are doing what mine are. Sometimes my fingers stick and will just pop open. Doctor thinks it is carpel tunnel. I keep dropping things and don't even know it's happening. It's much worse in the morning and I'm having trouble as I attempt to hold a book. They are going totally numb. This too will pass I assume.

    You guys and girls please remember me tomorrow as I have to make a very long journey to face the attorneys (4 hours round trip) and the Long Term Disability representatives. I am really scared and not feeling well either. Rocky, I really appreciated your advice and knowledge in my thread. You are a Rock.

    Lots of love to all and I hope each of you are doing the best that you can be.

    Also for those that are wanting real names. My name is

    Susan but Sweetie is what a lot of people, especially my son, called me. That is before I became so irritable. So you can call me which ever you wish.
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  4. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Good morning all,

    Well Carla I’m gonna try this ‘Word’ thing since my puter won’t do the shifty reply thingy.
    I wouldn’t recommend getting the mail by the way, maybe it’s different where you are but mine almost always has bills in it. Not to mention the stacks of catalogs this time of year hawking tacky Christmas gifty crap.

    Charlotte I love your name and you are the first real live Charlotte I’ve ever “met”, not counting Little Women (or have I got my authors mixed up?).

    Sassy I hope you find some relief for your neck soon,, that sounds unbelievably miserable.

    Marta thanks for thinking of me, I’ve been in a bit of a flare but decided I better pull my head out and try to keep that good attitude. I’ve got to remember that curling up into that little defensive ball is much worse that keeping in touch with you folks who cheer me up.

    MrJoedad, good to hear your ever inventive voice.

    Rocky, I know this was a few posts ago but I just wanted to let you know that I would have waved if I knew you guys were flying by a few thousand feet above my head; we are under the Ca. to Portland flight path and I lay out on the kids trampoline and watch the jet trails sometimes and wonder where all those people are going. Heck, I would have been really happy to have you drop in and visit – I would have fed you too! This may or may not strike you as funny and if it doesn’t I apologize in advance but have you ever seen the Red Green Show? There is a Ranger Gord character on there that I thought of when you described your brother. He has become slightly (!) deranged from being a forest ranger for many years. It’s very funny on the show but I imagine it’s notso in your case.

    1Sweetie is a great name and the best of luck on your trip, I hope it goes well and is productive.

    WooHoo! It worked! Thank you thank you Carla, now my mushbrain won't have to remember who said what to whom in order to reply!


  5. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    I'm feeling great today. Few aches, or pains and my energy is up so I'm doing what I can when I can. Don't hate me. If I don't pace myself, I'll be on the couch tommorrow.

    Carla - thanks for the pc tips and I yam what I yam and I yain't what I yain't - where does that come from? I'm a "real" person and my sign is Cancer, in case anybody cares. What are you doing in the "nether" regions? Are you Amer.? Were you born in the Netherlands? Inquiring minds want to know.

    MrDad, I think you're probably an "old hippie". Better watch out - that's the kind of guy I was always attracted to - free spirits and all, but I know your heart belongs to Freddie (lol). I knew they were no good for me, but couldn't help myself. Child of the 70's here, with 2 older brothers, never could have any fun.

    Marta, yet another night with the spirits, heh? Or you could be in church? How are u? I love your sense of humor.

    Anne - how goes it. I read old posts last night, yeah, I have real exciting Sat. nights here. I now understand who Danny and Dan are? I think. My son has a learning disability . I know that's nothing compared to autism. Did I spell that right? But it was dagnabit hard for him and me with school.

    Perhaps I will back later, I'm doing laundry, dishes, and giving the house a pick up. Geez, I might even rake the leaves.

    ta ta for now


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  6. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Marta- thank you so much for hosting today. I wasn't up to it. That extra hour we got didn't help me, my girls couldn't decide in or out this morning.

    I made myself go and work on my project- no sewing machine needed. I don't know why I insist on working on small projects, sometimes they are just as time consuming as the big ones.

    I had to stop, my back was starting to hurt between my shoulder blades, that is where my scolosis is. I may go back later and try to finish it later. My horoscope said I would get discouraged today but to fight it and dig for my creativty- I need to find my energy first!

    Charlotte/Sees- I see ur in my neck of the woods- kinda- same state. I'm in Ashland, even tho my bio says Catlettsburg, no one knows where that is,hehehe- It's a holler on top of a mountain. Do yo spose they call em hollors because that what neighbors have to do to talk- phones here have a mind of their of own.

    What types of things do you do on your sewin machine. In my former life I use to sew my daughters clothes and for my mom. Even made Easter outfits for all of us one year. My mom use to make quilts before she got sick.

    I got into glass a few years ago, when I won my SSDI I treated myself to my glass tools and glass. I need to come to that big sale in Luieville they have once a year. My town is too cheap to pay for stained glass. But I keep making it.

    Lin- Sorry about my guest book on my website- It got spammed and I have to take it down- I'm getting hit 20-40 times a day. thanks for looking at it.

    So no Tyrone today? A freind of mine's teen had to do that too, but like you said absitence sp? is the only sure way to prevent it but because all teens think "oh that won't happen to me"

    No one commented on my liquor preference ;(- I was being totally serious, it is called a Buttery Nipple. Butterscotch shnappes and Baileys Irish Cream, it's like liquid candy with a kick- The rule is you always have to have 2, one will leave you lopsided- 2 evens it all out :)

    Carla-NL- what is going on with your iron and your skin issues. I have scalp psoroisis, it started this summer with a bump on my scalp then multipiled. It got better after I was was abx for the dental surgery.

    Rock where are you? We miss you

    1sweetie- I will send prayers your way for your trip- best wishes that all will go your way. I'm glad you figured the copy paste thing. I just open Wordpad and do the same thing. I lost a few posts myself because I would get disconnected or puter freeze. Works for me. Try to enjoy your ride on Mon- I don't know what part of the world you live in but the trees are beautiful now.

    Foggyfroggy- Another Red Green Fan- I just love him. That was funny you thought of Rocky's brother. Your probably right. It seems like most of those folks may be "in the woods" even when their not.

    Joe-Joe you have been quite today- you ok?

    I guess I have procrastinatied enough and will go back to my project then try to walk the girls again today. See ya later- Ck Carla
  7. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Good afternoon all!

    I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

    Been enjoying some Halloween festivities over here. A group of us went to see Saw III on Friday night. What a movie!!!! It was so good and so insanely scary. The Saw movies have to be one of my favourite scary movie series. So many twists and turns, the writers are really brilliant.

    Last night hubby and I met up with my cousin and bar friends at the karaoke place we visit. I am by no means a singer but I enjoy watching the others and my cousin is really good, sings lots of 80's rock. I dressed up hubby as a vampire and I went as a bride of darkness. Got lots of compliments on my costume, apparently I pull off the dark look very well. Haha. I had a really nice long black wig but my cat decided to curl up and make a nest in it while I was getting ready and totally destroyed it. Haha. I put my hair up earlier that day as I didn't intend to straighten it (it gets REALLY curly otherwise) but I went out with my curls, which I never do. People were surprised when they found it is my actual hair. Yes, those curls are all me and all too real. lol. There is a photo in my profile.

    Anyways, the party was a blast. I have pics posted here if anyone wants to take a look:
    They are in the party section

    Going to check out a haunted house tonight. I just love Halloween!

    We got tickets for the Twisted Sister concert in December as well. Front row!!!! I can't wait :)

    Hope everyone is well.


  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Marta for stepin' up and helping out. It sure makes
    it easier on all of us now that SMG has us trained so
    well! I'm happy to share the GLORY as well as the respon-
    sibily. Carla -ck did a great job yesterday setting up
    the new Volume.

    Sweetie: Sorry I lost you in that transition to the new
    Vol. 31.! What I'd been trying to do is ta set up the
    New Vol first and then go back and CLOSE the old one and
    I think that process may help to lessen the poss. of a
    reply going into oblivia! And Sweetie, in all fairness,
    the Pagan baby money was collected for charity to help
    the children be fed and educated! SMG did take a Vow
    of Poverty! They would never "pocket" any of the $$ as
    they didn't have POCKETS!!

    Carla-CK: Yea I'm around and it was so great to get that
    extra hour sleep after staying up until 2 a.m. to set the
    clock back, I think I'll stay up again tonite and set it
    back another hour!!! That=another 2 free hrs. sleep!!
    Hope you are feelin' increasing better while cultivating
    that new smile. Ya just look great!

    Seasee: I was here while all that Haight-Ashbury was going
    on but that Summer of Love I was working for
    MA BELL as I had just finishing my A.A. degree and trying
    to save some money to go back to Koolidge.

    I've told the story here before but I do love it so I will
    repeat it!
    I was working on a term paper one Sat.
    afternoon when my younger Bro, who had just returned from
    the service in Germany came up to my room and asked how
    my paper was coming. I quickly replied that those darn
    Hippies in the house it back were being "a complete dis-
    traction with their loud live music"! "Well, Joe,'that's
    the newest Rock group that's playing tonight at the Fill-
    more Auditorium, the MAMA's and the PAPA's". "Oh my Bro-
    ther, well if those Hippies don't either close their win-
    dows or tone down the music, there's gonna be a bunch of
    little ORPHANS running around the neighborhood"! Got quite
    on "MONDAY-MONDAY"!!

    Froggy: I have my plane tics to come up your way over
    Thanksgiving! Gonna fly into Portland to have Dinner
    wiff my Daughter, Son and my "Wife and her Husband"! In-
    teresting Family, hah?? Think Fredericka has been very
    quite since I mentioned that I'll be geting off the Plane
    wiff all those 2-Fer restaurant coupons! WELL, when ya
    get invited to another State, ya can't showup empty hand-

    "talk to ya all Later, K?
    Don't want to miss anymore of that "49'er Game!
    Joe a.k.a MRDAD

  9. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Foggyfroggy, I am going to try using word too. Carla has given good instructions to me before. If it had not been for her, I would have lost my earlier post. It’s good to see you on the Porch. It is nice on the Porch today. The sun is shining and the wind has finally calmed a bit.

    Am I the only person on this thread that likes NASCAR? There are a few Southerners posting on here. I used to “not get it” but I’ve become a big fan. I got involved with some of the people associated with the industry while I was a banker. It’s time to watch the race in Atlanta now. My driver is in the Chase to win. It’s become a big sport now.

    Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow everyone. I think you are right….there is just too much happening now and I already feel my life is out of my control. I feel a little (maybe a great deal) useless. There is so much that needs to be done and I know how to do it but my brain and body just will not cooperate with me. I wish I could have a drink. I have some nice wine here BUT my meds say no alcohol. Oh I wish……

    Carla again if this works thanks so much. I was able to see that you posted and read it and saw where Bekah has joined us. With your degree you should be able to do whatever you wish. I use to love to do work with business plans. I live in a rural area and when I would ask for business plans and projections from my customers most of them had no idea what I wanted or why I needed it. They say no problems in asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars with nothing but a dream in their head. You will do well. I hope you get back to your island. I really like typing on Word. This is your best tip yet. I can go back and forth & refresh. WOW!

    Mrdad, it turned out OK. I was crushed at first. I could not understand what had happened. I was waiting for the new thread to come up before I posted. Sure am glad those Nuns did not have pockets.

    ck Carla, When my DH was able to drink, he liked Buttery Nipples. He developed alcohol intolerance suddenly. He now gets sick with any alcohol. He has been told he has FM but he is in denial. He blames everything on his disc problems which are really bad. He is really not in great health either.

    Again to all thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. Going to watch the race and try to forget about my problems.


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  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I turn my back and a new post that is almost through!!!

    I think it would be Blue Nun wine we should be drinking to SMG.

    Went to our fave chinese restaurant for a monthly treat. My fortune cookie said "Play the lottery today" and gave numbers. So we splashed out on a $1. pic. Abysinnia Tuesday if we win the $32 million.

    Here is what I want to spend it on: A true homeless apartment complex with restaurant and job training and child care built in... Pets allowed!!! Money for local SPCA which is the ONLY true NO KILL shelter in the whole nation. A free medical and dental clinic open 7 days a week help. Pay off our loan. Help the kids. Get that bathroom that stands akimbo hooked up. I would like to found a special autism center for free training for teachers. This money is sure going a long way....something to do with world peace too.

    I will have money left over for a porch party I think.

    Love you. Anne

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just popped in for a few minutes to see if there was any food leftover, which I am sure there is not ! <>

    Marta - Good job on putting on the new porch light !

    Sassy - Somehow I missed your neck problem. Could you elaborate alittle more for me please. That is the worst part of my fibro !!!

    I still have to to learn how to post while I can still see all the posts. It will make it alot easier to write I am sure. I still haven't tried it. will have to check again to see if I can find the post that Carla told me about.

    I also checked out what Carla-nl was telling Erm about doing this. It sound really easy except for the fact that I do not know how to cut and paste. I think I did it one time and haven't done it since and so have forgotten. I am SO good at technical stuff -duh (-: !!

    Foggyfroggy - that is another really cute name.

    Just wanted to check in and out quickly to see if I was missing alot and if there was any food left !! If anyone brought any today. Even stale cinnimon rolls would be good , esp if you have a microwave on the porch.

    How, interesting!! I just found out MrDad's real name. Hi there Joe-Mrdad? Did I hear that you were going someplace or was it someone else??

    Leaving tomorrow morning bright and earily with another couple to go to San Antonio to drink some Margaritas and have some fun !!! Maybe that will take care of some of this pain !! See you all in a few days !!!

    Lots of hugs and blessings to all ,

    Marilyn (that Granni)
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Who's best-selling book opened with the sentence, "Sly down in the leg chair" and used the term "Everydobby". (Clue: it was about 43 years ago. Yes, you may call your best friend for help.)

    I'll just sit down, my, this pillow feels good. Somebody certainly did a good job of plumping it up. Marta, I remember those Blue Nun radio commercials from some decades ago. Very funny. I think they were done by Jerry Stiller and Ann Mera.

    Carla nl, I think you and Sees are working too hard. No, Sister didn't blow my mind, but the technology involving a real-live computer and an imaginary ficticious and let's pretend critter did. I wonder if MrDad knows how it was done.

    Joe-Joe, huh? Ever read about JoJo the dog-faced boy? He was one of P.T.Barnum's side-show wonders. Was super hairy and communicated (to the public) in growls and howels. I read he was originally from Russia and could speak 4 or 5 languages.

    Side shows are a thing of the past, but they still existed when I was a kid. I saw one in 1950 in chicago. Part of a large amusment park called Riverside, now gone.

    Before the days of social security and welfare (started l935) a side show was the only way some people could support themselves.

    Sweetie, Good luck at your metting. Marta had a good idea re: underwear. If thinks get unpleasant, try it w/o the underwear.

    Never heard of the drink called Buttery Nipples but they had some similar candy in the Moazrt movie "Amadeus".

    Lolalee, hope things are working out ok for your grandson. It is such a terrible feeling to have loved ones in trouble and not be able to help. 'Specially when it's kids.

    Some folks say they have trouble reading long posts so will quit for a while and drop in later. Wish I could serve you all some of Gordon's beef stew he made in the crockpot. It is wonderful; he didn't even use chopsticks.

    Oh, yes. The best-selling author was a kid from Liverool who came to visit America and brought 3 friends w/ him. Now do you know?
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Good to "see" ya on the Porch this Aft as if I recall
    you are usually pretty quite on the weekends. I'll
    be flying to Portland for Thanksgivin' and was wondering
    what Airline you and Gordon used on your recent trip to
    to see "Ranger Rick"?? Just curious.

    Hope you are having a good day. Have ya been working on
    anymore material for the show in Peoria, Ill.? If we do
    it in Mid-Winter, there will be a lot less fresh fruit
    and vegetables available for an unappreciative audience
    to respond to us with. What da ya think?

    MRDAD a.k.a. JOE
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Has the weather mellowed out there yet? Ya know, we on
    the Porch here are all too familar with your kindness
    and generousity to trust that there will be anything left
    of that 32MIL $$ after all favorite "projects" are taken
    care of. Is it possible to have the PORCH party BEFORE
    the funds are disbused?? "Guido" is already to"help" ya
    verify those Lotto Numbers. What a Guy!

    Anything concerning Geoff today! So sorry about your
    (SIL) Sister. Difficult time for the Family and hope
    for some encouragement for all soon.

    I've done that plastic thing on the Windows when I lived
    in the Sierra and it's amazing how it helps with the
    draft and cold! S.F. seldom gets very cold and I am
    fortunate to havea Sunny western exposure that warms up
    the room natually by 15+ degrees compared to the East
    side of the House.

    Huggles to you and the Danny,
    JOE a.k.a. MRDAD
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Susan: Tomorrow you just bring 'em a copy of your Bio
    here on the Website and suggest that although it indi-
    cates that everything has been just fine, your are just
    trying to prepare for a time in the future when, "I may
    not be well"!! Don't know Susan, how you could possibly
    be denied. I'll be thinking of you and try to relax as
    best you can.

    Your Porch Buddy!
    JOE a.k.a MRDAD
    P.S. Susan: I loved how smoothly you made that transition
    in your Post from Nuns to "Buttery nipples". Had to laugh![This Message was Edited on 10/29/2006]
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did anyone answer the question I posed re: the lad from Liverpool?

    Nic pic, Bekah. I went to the website you posted. It had lots of pics, but couldn't find anymore of you.

    Marilyn, have a nice time in San Antonio. My aunt and uncle used to live there. You can stand in front of the Alamo; then turn around and face a multistory hotel. About 300 years of architecture in the same square.

    MrDad, we flew on Alaska airlines. The attendant said folks on the left could look out and see the new Alaska plane painted gold. We missed this treat as we were sitting on the right.

    W/ re: 2 dodging vegtables from the audience, I am reading a book on violence in America. It says on ll/30/42 a young man named Alexander Ivanovich Dorogokupetz stood up in the Paramount theater and threw an egg.

    He hit the target, Frank Sinatra, and started a change in the relationship between a fans and performers.

    Carla B, are you talking about aluminum foil in your work?
    I had a roommate in college who made Tiffany style lamps w/ cut glass and lead. He didn't use any foil tho. Later became an artist in Greenwich Village.

  17. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Thanks for your words of encouragement and that was a smooth transition from Nuns to Buttery Nipples wasn't it? I got a laugh from that too.

    The issue is my history. That is what makes me so mad. They say that anyone that has gone through so much must have mental issues to cause the cognitive problems hence they want to use the Mental Illness clause that is in most LTD policies which severely limits their payout time to 24 mo. They were going to cut mine off in June but did not after I got an attorney and one that is well known to them. They do not consider CFS or FM because they are "self reporting" and can not be proved. Now even if I "win", it will be the attorney that wins but it's the principal of this deal.

    I am not a wimp and I handled all the past situations with calm and humor and because I am human there were some tears and concerns. I always used negative situations to better myself in some way or those around me after I had the time to evaluate the situation. It was not fun and I wish things had been different for me but they weren't. That is until I ran into this CFS stuff. This one does have me stumped. It just seems like a waste of a person that was tried to make a difference. I can't figure this out and I am depressed now because I miss me and my life. I am tired of having to proof I'm ill. This is every one's story I guess.

    So I am being punished for having had problems in my life by a medical system and insurance company that does not have a clue to who I am or what I have been.

    I really appreciate having you here to talk with about things. In my real world, it is hard for anyone to understand how hard this is on me. I love my independence too much to have to rely on others that are somewhat clueless.

    Thanks for being my friends.

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I think the man was JOhn Lennon,

    I use copperfoil with my glass. It has adhesive on the back, you warp all the peice and put the puzzle together and solder it.

    I also work with came but it has issues of its own too,

    What does your freind do now? Carla
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I had notes so I could say a personal note to all my good friends here, but the tablet fell on the floor, and now I can't find the page.

    The CFS truck ran over me 26 years ago. Every since everything is lost, misplaced, missing. I am confused, befuddled, addled. Once I belonged to Mensa. Now...well, you get the picture. Grrrrrrrr!!!

    Anyway, Sees, yes. The "Yamer" was Popeye. Aside from his strength, he is notable as the cartoon character having the most fickle girlfriend.

    Your g-daughter is a cutie.

    Carla, nl, there was something I was going to tell you. Well, who knows. Good guess about the Beatles. Re: insomnia, I had trouble sleeping even when I was a child.

    I remember cold winter nights w/ the eerie sound of a train whistle in the distance. One doesn't hear that sound any more. Like everything else, the trains have changed. And the one that ran thru my village no longer runs there. The depot is now a gift shop.

    Carla, You're right! John Lennon.

    My friend who was an art major moved from Minnesota to Greenwich Village and designed sets for off broadway productions and did some painting. Can't remember if I posted about him here before or not.

    Mostly he continued what he had been doing in high school. Making dolls and puppets. They were big, about 4 feet tall. All of famous movie stars. Sold for several hundred dollars @.

    He came out to Hollywood about 16 years ago to sell two dolls to Leonard Maltkin. In many cases he met the stars he sold the dolls to. Spent an afternoon going thru scrapbooks w/ Constance Bennett.

    If you don't remember Constance, she was one of 3 movie star sisters. In the Depression she made $30,000 a week!

    My friend, Ron Kron, was written up in People Magazine and others. He had exhibits in gallerys and the NY Library.

    My friend died, probably of AIDS, shortly after visiting me. He had a wonderful life. Did what he loved doing. How many of us get to do that?

  20. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Good morning to everyone,

    I must drive into the city this morning and must find my wits before leaving. Since this will be a lengthy process -the finding wits process - I wanted to say 'mornin' and to tell you to watch carefully for the new Porchlight until I can get back to "turn off" the old one. I should have just enough energy to do that.

    Also a quick word to a few:

    Linda: A mom never does get over worrying about her kidlets no matter how old they are. You'd think we'd get smarter about it but it seems to be genetic like some other stubborn things I know. I trust everyone arrived home safely last night in time for you to babysit.

    Carla NL: No, I'm still in awe of your talents and skills (does that help?) and will stay in awe. You may write me here.

    Susan: Thinking of you today. I so understand the being very strong until this Thing hit you concept. That was me and now I'm like Jello. I know you'll represent yourself well today. That's all you can do, then it's up to them. Keep the faith that things will go as they should. And think of them in their underwear or, as Rocky said, less if need be. That has a way of putting things in perspective.

    Rocky: Good to see you back. We all get nervous when you're not here. How does that make you feel? lol We still have train whistles here in the midwest and I love them. I know there is somebody awake at night when I am.

    Gotta run, leaving hugs on chairs. CU all later. I'll check in quickly before I leave just in case you need the light off earlier (she says anxiously).


    I deleted all my posts but the first and this one. Hopefully this will give you all some more space on the porch. m.

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