OT: The Porchlight is on Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thank you my children! Bless You!

  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I keep running from house to house, darn folks all leave their porch lights on these days... Whew!

    Prickles, I'm so happy you're feeling better and that your speech went well, as I knew it would. I wish you a good haircut. If you don't get one, I saw a greeting card the other day with a little girl on the front (crying) with very short bangs. On the inside it said, "Your friend, even until your bangs grow out!" Think of me that way.

    Sweetie, yes, I see that Fredricka is back and as happy as I am to see her, that MrDad turned out to be a fickle one, didn't he? Well, that's OK; I think she's younger and lives closer. I never was one for long distance romances.

    How's the mold problem coming?

    Rock, yes, I do know the Marta song! My mother used to sing it to me. She also sang the one about the old grey bonnet but she only must have know the chorus because that's all I knew. Do you remember: She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes.... she'll be coming around the mountian when she comes..... etc.? How about the old grey mare who ain't like she used to be? Those was part of the roadtrip medlay (medly?) GROUP we used to sing when I was a kid.

    Georgia, I think you decided before I could vote but I agree with Minerva. What fun that must be. So good you're sitting down!

    Anne: my wish is also for a hot tub - and a warm place to put it. Is that two wishes?

    Carla, I'm reading the med pulsing situation with great interest because when I took an antibotic it help greatly for a few weeks, then boom, back to square one. Most things are like that for me. It's wonderful that you have a competent doctor who understands these things - or maybe it's your suggestion. Either way it sounds good and it must work, as busy as you are.

    I may have missed someone but if I hadn't written now I would have missed more or gone to the wrong house again!

    Keep singing!

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thanks for switching the porch light over mrdad.

    One of those achy breaky arm and shoulder days. Overdid yesterday, going shopping to HD.

    Was in the kitchen having a weak cuppa last night(I sleep maybe an hour wake for two routine) so it was about midnight and I hear squeak squeak and see the cats dashing across the room to the linen closet where they have cornered a quite big and toothy mouse. I immediately close the door and wake Dan, Danny wakes too. Dan tries to catch the mouse in a plastic container but the darn thing actually JUMPS like a kangaroo about 2 feet in the air and escapes.

    I am up on a chair whilst this is happening. Our completely toothless cat is the one that catches mrmouse and takes him into the sunroom. Dan tries to rescue the mouse and it dashes off to the cat bathroom. So I end up sleeping on the couch in living room with cushions at the bottom of the door.


    We bought two small live traps yesterday which we will bait tonight. We want to catch the mice and take them over to the barns and THEN seal the gaps in the basement where they enter. Don't want to break the Geneva Convention here!

    Have no idea why I am so scared of mice.

    So thta is my exciting news.

    Lolee and mrdad: I go back on the antibiotic today. I still think they were helping me but came off them due to getting stomach problems. I am actually wondering if the probiotics were giving me the stomach problems as every time I take them I get this.

    Like you all, just to actually feel well for a day a week...

    I hear you re the ironing for ten minutes. As I was starting to resemble WitchyPoo I decided to cut my hair back to its chin length bob this morning and just using the scissors got my back all agrog. Hair looks great though. Takes me about ten minutes if that. I am lucky enough to still be natural blonde with no signs of ever going grey-although I would rather be grey and have the muscles working.

    No news re Geoff. Had to get up and cook apple fritters for Danny's class this a.m. for Homebase breakfast.
    Recipe: make basic pancake batter. Cut apples using one of those gadgets you press over the apple and it segments and cores. Heat olive oil in pan. Coat apples slices in the batter and cook in the hot oil turning once. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Can do the same thing with bananas. Any fruit.

    So The is a Moose Loose aboot this Hoose as they say in Glasgow!

    Love Anne How I long for a hot tub.........
  4. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    You cannot hear my Irish accent, but just pretend my lad....loved your last post.Spoken like a true Catholic boy ( or one who went to Catholic school anyway). Don't get me started on those good ol'/bad ol' days. I had some meany nuns. They loved to spank us and pull our hair. YIKES!!! Those were the days..thank God they can't get away with that anymore...or can they?

    Hey Rocky and Anne...only a hot tub..y'all are making me sound really greedy for only a month's all-expense paid trip to Italy with a huge diamond ring to wrap up the romantic getaway. GEEESH..a girl can dream!

    Anne, my husband loves apple fritters. Your recipe sounds very easy!! Your mouse/kangaroo story was hilarious. About that mouse phobia, I've got it, too. I think it's because they sneak up on you or in your case, jump up on you(plus they're nasty). I've also got a bug phobia...big roaches. uggghh, just the word gives me the creeps.

    See ya later,

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    We're over here.

    Well, good to see you. Comon up on the porch and sit a spell. We just oiled the glider and got rid of that pesky squeak.

    One of these years we're going to get this porch screened in. Keep those pesky skeeters out.

    Some lemonade? There's coffee too if you'd rather. Mother made some bars this afternoon.

    Oh, don't be silly. Of course you can.

    Yes, just finished listening to Jack Benny. I don't know how that man does it. Year after year he's the funniest thing on the radio. And just think. He's from right here in Illinois.

    I read he lives in one of them fancy Beverly Hills mansions now, but there's nothin' high falutin' about Jack and Mary.

    Oh, here comes Sam and Phyllis. Hollar at them, will ya. I'll just run in and get another chair. Always plenty of room on this old porch.
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It is strange about the things that disturb us. Back
    in the '60's here in S.F., I got a call one Sat. after-
    noon from my GF that she wanted me to come over and
    take care of a "spider" that was dangling on a web
    above the outside doorway. She would not go outside
    unless I came over and rescued her. That was my former
    wife and now my Daughter has the same arachnophobia thing
    as the wife did. My wife got her fear from a continual
    story my MIL would tell above a Scorpian in her crib when
    she was a baby in Nev. She tried not to past that fear
    on to my Girl but she doesn't do spiders of Mayo either!

    Took a Cat with us Camping for 2 weeks after Grad School
    who was a City cat. Were on the South side of Mt Shasta
    and the cat would spend all day in the Tent sleeping
    under the sleeping bag. Started to call him "Kitty Kot".
    In the morning we would fine him outside chasing Chip-
    monks and he kept bringing them into the tent and chase
    them around. I grabbed a large paper bag and the chipper
    ran into it as I pulled it up and put Chip or Dale (?)
    outside. He did this several times.

    Dangerous thing is that sometimes the little buggers
    have the Plague from the fleas. You 'member what happen-
    to London and half of Europe! Didn't want to be respon-
    sible for a Pop. decline when we came home to S.F. He
    made it back home to the City only to become dinner for
    some Raccoons the 1 st winter we moved to the Sierra!

    "Happened that way, movin' West"

    Hugs to Danny and Ebony!

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  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Do you really have an Irish accent? If so, what Co. were
    raised in? I have a cousin in Cork City but I haven't
    seen her since I was back there in '69!! The "Troubles"
    were just starting (over again). Bernadette D. was running
    around up North. Even got shook down by the British Police
    in Swansea on my way back from London to Cork. Thought I
    might be running contraband to the North!?

    Anyway, most folks don't know that Lee is a very Irish
    name as they think it to be only Chinese until one re-
    minds them of that Civil War Southern General!

    Another thing you might consider looking into would be
    Candida as I know of many Peeps who have this problem
    and can cause lots issues. Thinking myself that I have
    too much of a craving for sugar. Morning breakfast con-
    sists of 8oz. bowl of "gummy worms" floating in a cup and
    a half of Chocolate milk. But I use only 4 table spoons
    of BROWN sugar to "sweeten" things up a bit more!

    Lola, I think this all got started with those Chocolate
    and sugar glazed donuts that the Nuns sold to us after
    Mass and communion the 1st Friday of the Month!! 'Member?

    Enuff already, huh? P.S. How are the Grandsons?
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  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well written Post on the Jack Benny! The flow was an even
    and captivating narrative. You're a good writer and obvi-
    ously well read! Great that you have so many interests.
    It helps greatly in the relief of the illness. Yes, I won-
    der if Ken did get his "Lil Bomb washed N' waxed for the
    big weekend.

    Gotta get ready for the BIG weekend with Freddie! She's
    talkin' Stir Fry if I bring the ANDRE. Only the very
    best in the Bubbbbbly for her, don't ya know!

    "talk later"
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Coincidence? But I'm Spreading a Newsheet for the weekend
    too. The old boyscout thing. "BE PREPARED"!

    Don't work too hard!
  10. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Hallooooo...oh now I'm feelin' poorly.... shoulda said "pretend" Irish accent. The only Irish thing about me is my name..my real name...Eileen. Yes, my Dad used to work with a lovely Irish lady by that name and decided to name me the same. Plus, having been raised in New York my best friend as a young girl was Joanie Shea. Her mom taught my mom how to make corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and we always ate that on St. Patty's Day. I still try to make it...those food traditions die hard around my house. I've added homemade Irish Soda Bread to my repertoire 'cause I'm a big foodie. One of the things I miss the most because of this illness is cooking and the dinner parties we used to give. Thanksgiving around our house was crazy, ridiculous with all the goodies I used to make.

    Anyway, my board name is a combination of nicknames I've been called, Lee for Eileen, of course, and Lola for my middle name Dolores.

    Re Candida..I was treated by a Nutritionist last year for Candidiasis. I felt better for a while, but then had some major stress and started sliding down a slippery slope. I do try to stay away from sugar. I remember those donuts, though!! And, I remember being starving because we had to fast before receiving communion. Lord help us if we chewed the Host. Hell, for certain!!!

    My grandboys...boooohooo!! miss them terribly. We spoke to them on Monday as it was Evan's (isn't that an Irish name..hey what gives?) 6th birthday. They are great boys. Myles, the big brother (7yrs..yep my son and wife keep busy and they have twin sisters 3yrs old)..anyway, Myles wrote a report about himself at school the other day and he said that he has 4 great influences in his life. God, his brother, his sisters and his parents..and God is number one because He protects him!!! I'd say that boy's got his priorities straight.

    Now you know all my secrets....haha!! Bye for now, Mrdad.

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  11. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I think you were quite correct about not changing the rules. I do like keeping the same name. It is easy to locate and today I need easy. Does that mean I need you mrdad??? Are you easy? XOXOXOXO

    I am making brief appearance today..fighting a headache either caused by the weather change or by my DH...probably a combo.

    FYI Everyone: Carla has a great thread started to help those of us that are not computer pros. Great tips but I'm going to have to read them when my head is more clear.

    Will be back later.
  12. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Hi all,
    Just thought I'd pop by and say hi. I'll take a cup of decaf and one of those doughnuts you keep talking about!

    Serious sweet tooth here and I can't even blame it on Candida since my tests came back pretty normal on that. Sigh. If I'm so da*n healthy why do I feel this way? More doughnuts please.

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    With Dan snr. Had a doozy row. He was blaming me for the closet door we were hanging not fitting(this was after he blamed the doors, the screws, the hinges, so then he blamed me.)

    He's been trying to creep around me with chocolate and the evening paper, but so far I am not budging. Not often we row. Never do it in front of kids. He KNOWS the problem is the wrong hinges, but....

    And another thing I came out of the bathroom having cut a good 5 inches off my hair and said, "Do I look any different?" and he said, "You are wearing a sweater."

    Danny jnr so far has not even noticed. Think I will try a false beard.

    Anyway this is why I just ate a second helping of chocolate chip icecream.

    Now, I have to ask...what is pulsing? Is this keep going off the zithromax and then back on?

    Rocky I loved your porch story-you could do a book of vignettes like that.

    mrdad there is a British movie with Valerie ????? (who was the star of "Mother")about kids in Liverpool in the 1950's. Very poor, mostly Irish area. She was a teacher at the catholic school. I wish I could remember the title, a boy's name-every time I try and recall it all I get is "Billy Elliot" another good movie. Anyone know? Very good catholic based movie.

    Anyway you would love it as the staff there at this school make sister Mary Gregory look like a pushover.

    Even in regular primary school in the 1950's UK, we all wore uniform, 50 kids to a class, sharing one book to three kids. We mixed the ink with powder and filled the ink wells and our "pens" were a piece of wooden dowel with a weird nib that had its own little basin on it. We had pink blotting paper. We had to write very neatly or get slapped on the hands with a wooden ruler. If we got a blot we had to rewrite everything as well as write lines. "I will try and write neatly" 100 times. This was in 1950 to 1956,

    Stephe Haan stuck my plaits(braids) in the inkwell on his desk behind mine(the desks were doubles). Anyway, I was a goody two shoes (as you all well know from the fact I still am)but some kids were always getting hit on the backs of the legs, having the chalk eraser slung at their heads.

    Anyone who was really bad, like forgetting to bring in a clean handkerchief after a warning, or having dirty knees, would go upstairs to the headmistress's office (principal to you)and she would remove a bamboo cane from a glass case, and have this elaborate ritual of whipping them across the palms of the hands with it.

    Everyone hit kids. Neighbors, bus conductors, bigger kids, shopkeepers, I mean everywhere we went someone was always itching to swat us.

    NO wonder I am sick!!!!

    Hey I just happened to put the end of Oprah Winfrey on today and she already was stealing my recipe for banana fritters calling them some fancy name but they were my fritters. I would have done banana ones today but only had one banana, so I did apple.

    Boy I am finding it hard to resist the Cadbury's chocolate Dan brought me - maybe I'll tell Danny to get a piece and share it. Don't want to have him think I forgave him yet.

    Enjoy Taco bell with Freddie mrdad.

    Love Anne
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know. There actually was a SISTER MARY GREGORY!!
    She was the seventh grade teacher that I somehow
    did not have for some reason! Dominicans from Bavaria.
    Wasn't bad enough that they were nuns, but focused
    genetically as well. Ain't that rite Prickles? Think
    one went back home and is working as a hair dressor!

    Glad the Grandsons and there sissys are doing well, Lola.
    I understand how you would miss them! Sweetie, I admit
    that I'm easy, but I'm not CHEAP!(Inexpensive) Thanks
    4 the OXOX's and ditto to you! Gretchen, have a few of
    those ginger cookies while your're at it and give my best
    to Hansel. Don't let the Witch get too well done!

    "speak" wiff awl later, "k"?

  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    TellDan and Danny that MRDAD thinks my hair "looks great"
    And, the price was right. My "old" Squeeze has been a hair
    dresser for over 40 yrs. and she brings her sissors wiff
    her whenever she comes to visit and offers to cut the
    hair for all the Housemates for free. I remind her that
    I find it unexceptable to do free stuff for people that
    don't work and have no ambition to do so! Let'em get a
    bonified job and buy their own haircut. It's like the
    guy ya teach to fish instead of feeding him the fish!
    She is generous to a fault. Does lots of free Profession-
    al things for the handicapped and others that legitamitly
    need some help and appreciate it.

    Did "Guido" get to the Airport OK? Glad he was a help to
    Danny this week and that Ebony is taking over the now.
    Need to have "Guido" head to the NL and see wants the Haps
    at Carla's digs! Gotta do sumtin about that weirdo hand-
    ing 'round there!

    Ya'd like Ghiradelli Choc., the real San Francisco Treat!!
    "Speak" wiff ya later,
    MRDAD P.S. Oh! The phone! "Freddie"??
    What do you mean, you have noth-
    ing to wear? Why a problem??
  16. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    This must be haircut day. Prickles had hers cut, too and I was threatening mine. I think it might be a girl thing.

    I laughed out loud about your hubby's sweater comment. Men, 'ya gotta love 'em.

    Loved the porch scenario, Rock, and thank you for the blessing, Sister.

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya most likely "hit the sack" by now. But want you to
    know that I totally agree with you on the Candida thing.
    Your observation is most likely correct and I feel that
    it can be an added part of the puzzle but certainly not
    the "cause" in general. Believe that most Peeps would
    agree with you on this!

    Sounds like it's been quite over there! Has your shadow
    disappeared for now? Have you had time to do the Police
    thing this week or just too busy preparing for my IRS
    Audit?? Just keep me out of jail some how and I split
    withyou all the $$$ I hid from the Government! O.K.??

    Oh, wait a minute. There's a knock at the door! Wonder
    what those two guys want??

  18. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Is anyone welcome here? I've been checking out this thread and it sounds so welcoming.

    I grew up with our porch light on too. In fact, I grew up not locking the doors at night. Can't do that now!

    Tell me more about the anti-viral thingy. That's a new one for me.

    That's enough for now, in case this thread is closed.

    God Bless!
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea as Rocky said, "there's always room for another chair
    on the old porch." Watch that three step though, it's a
    bit loose!

    The anti-virals of course refer to viruses that are one
    of the possible suspected causes for SOME of us! Don't
    think any of this is definitive as it is still being stud-
    ied. There are people that are having some encouraging
    results taking them on a prescibed protocol. Don't know
    other than generally about it but know of one person
    I've met that has had CF for well over 20 yrs. that has
    witnessed a 70% improvement on the protocol with Valcyte.
    There are a number of drugs being used within his family
    of drugs.

    A study, I understand, is being or about to b e conducted
    with anti-virals at Standford U. in Palo Alto by a Dr.
    Montoya. Don't know if that controlled study has been
    started yet. Other Peeps are using antibiotics that are
    proving of some help. I think that much of this depends
    on the individual are their specific "trigger" or set of
    "triggers" for the illnesses. (??)

    Anyhow, I'm behind in the research aspect myself as Rocky
    has me so busy collaborating on our new Comedy Routine.
    Or is it, routine comedy? We just steal the jokes from
    where ever we can. Letterman has been using mine for free
    for years!

    Glad your on the Porchlight thread now,
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  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I was just checking in a glad to see you. I loved Rocky's analogy of a porch...seems to bring back lots of memories to many of us. There is always room on the porch for everyone.

    Glad to see you back also

    Oh Carla...you are the brave one. I love the sweets also...but I've been hiding it. Now our secret is out. I found when I was nauseated for so long, I could eat sweets and they did not make me sick like everything else did. I do the spit test on occasion and everything seems to be fine. Lately I've decided that chocolate Hagen Daus (sp?) was one of the reasons I was feeling better but for those worried about my health, I was adding cherry pie filling (you know for pain) over the top of it. I have been craving all types of sweets. I did eliminate fruit juice though so I can offset the sugar in the juice with the ice cream. We've been really bad haven't we? You know I'm tired of being good all the time!

    Anne if you find a place to put displaced husbands let me know. Yours is in less trouble than mine for sure. I've lost my "safety room" due to mold and I can't even hide. If he isn't careful, I'm going to visit mrdad and Fredericka this weekend. I'm sure they could make room for one more on those new sheets. I would pickup the tab for the Taco Bell buffet and he could save his coupons. Do they really have a buffet? Better idea,I will leave my credit cards at home and bring my DH's and we will go where ever we want too. K??? Mine is in so much trouble that we will not even talk about it now. But Anne, I would get Danny to sneak a piece of chocolate.

    I now know what we have in common...sugar.

    Sorry if I haven't talked to everyone today. Still struggling or should I say strangling. Does Rocky still practice law? Anne and I may need him.

    "Nite Folks" Let's find some supplements and something for a sore throat and headache. Talk to you tomorrow.

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