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    By the powers invested to me by SMG and mrdad, I hereby open Volume 27.

    Please read Volume 26

    Have a great day!
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    Good Morning Anne. I do not advice anyone to take a nerve conduction test unless it is absolutely necessary. For me it was so painful. I think it is worse if you have our problems but I can see it would not be pleasant for anyone. I was in such pain and tears were pouring down my face that I could not even check out. In my lifetime, I have had to have several painful procedures and I rank this one as in the top 5 for pain without surgery. It especially hurt when they were sticking the needles in my legs.

    Seeseaisme: WELCOME to the Porch! I was happy to see your post and glad that you are feeling good today. I could visualize what you were seeing early this morning. I love creeks and the sun shining on the frost. It sounded beautiful. I hope you stop in often. I checked your bio and you are a fellow Southern and you like to cook. You certainly will be welcomed here. The Porch is a nice place to be.

    Marta: We seem to be on the same dental schedule. I had my regular cleaning Monday. I love to have that done. I know some people do not like the dentist but I would have my teeth cleaned monthly if I could afford it. They feel so nice and look so shiny afterwards. How is our friend? Has she made any improvement.

    Carla: You would be so proud of me. I have remembered to copy all of my post this morning before I tried to send. Hope your day is going great.
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    I am still reaping the benefits of my trip. Slept 9 hours last night. (Usually I don't sleep at all; just nap during the day.) When I am in the great Northwest I can breathe and sleep so much better.

    Plus the sky is bigger, the streets (compared to Los Angeles) are clean, there is no grafitti, no visible homeless people, no vast crowds or traffic, the crime rate is lower, more people speak English, etc.

    I said to my brother many years ago, "I might like to retire here." His response: There are plenty of other states.

    Welcome Seeseaisme. As you have already seen we have a congenial group that come to sprawl on the porch and chit chat.

    Your local reminds me of the old grade school riddle. Do you pronounce the capital of Kentucy Lewis-ville or Louie-ville? Answer below.

    Good luck w/ your new teeth, Carla. I quit trying to wear my plates as they are just too uncomfortable.

    And good luck w/ your new laptop, Cromwell. I 'spect you're more computer savy than old timers like me.

    Hope you got your car situation straightened out, Jodie? I like your suggestion of a hungry Smokey the Bear. My brother would not catch the hidden message, however. Could just as well be written in Sanskrit.

    Yes, Donna, Portland is still beautiful. My old college roommate lost a leg a few years ago and now lives in an asssisted living building. The institution gets his soc. sec check and gives him $125 a month for spending money.

    He lives in the NE section which is being gentrified. Crumbling empty buldings right next to brand new ones. (What exactly is "brand new" anyway.)

    There is an Alcholics Anonymous building across the street from his building which has been there for years, maybe decades. Japenese developers just offered the owner one million for the property. Of course the rickey old building will be torn down immediately.

    My old roommate was an artist (mainly pottery) and a college professor and various other things. He is just as silly as ever. Has big muscles in his arms and shoulders from wheeling around Portland in his chair. Goes 4 or 5 miles every day.

    Don't want this to get so long people can't read it, so will stop for a while.

    Glad to be back w/ you nice folks. The answer to the riddle by the way is: The capital of Kentucky is pronounced Frankfurt.

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    Here I am, with a sparkling smile! Yes, Sweetie, must be we're on the same schedule and I agree with you; I'd have them cleaned monthly too, except I don't have dental insurance. The not-so-good news is that I'll be back there next Wednesday morning having the first step done for a crown. You see my icon includes my new crown.....

    With the dental work, a charge I didn't expect on my new glasses and the increase in my health care plan, I figure that if I do absolutely nothing I will spend almost $1,000 by the end of next week. Isn't it nice to have things so easy.

    Rocky, again I laughed out loud at your post. At first I thought that you found your brother's neck of the woods (pun intended) less stressful until I read his comment. Isn't it good we can pick our friends.

    Off to seach for the blasted info on supplemental health insurance plans. Again.

    Hugs all around and a big SMILE,
  5. 1sweetie

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    Pottery is one of my favorite things. My house is full of it. I like the traditional but love the modern pottery. I display it along with metal pieces. It makes it interesting.

    Have you heard of Seagrove, N. C.? It is famous for the potters that reside there. The soil in this area of N.C. has soil conducive to making wonderful pieces. There are world renown potters there and it is close to my home.

    The wonderful thing about most of the pottery is that it can go from display to functional. It certainly has changed over the years. I would love to have some pieces from the Southwest but I am out of display places.

    You found my passion. Now you know most everything about me.
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    Lucky aren't we? This time I got a clean bill of health from the dentist. They had to pull my tooth in June that had a root canal and a crown. It had abscessed. I had no idea that could happen. I also had to have glasses. I have eye problems and I actually need 4 different pairs of glasses to see. It gets confusing and very expensive. I do have dental insurance which helps but I've maxed it out a long time ago this year. I do not know how I would do this if I was depending on my income anymore.

    My meeting with my Long Term Disability company is next Monday. They want to stop my payments. Wish me well. I use this income for my health cost and needs and to pay for some one to help me once a week with my home. I can not do it myself nor can my husband. I paid premiums for 32 years to a company that was supposed to pay me if I could not work. They say they do not consider self reporting illnesses and as for the cognitive dysfunction, they want to say it is mental and they limit it to 24 months. Oh well, I will not go down without a fight. I hope my attorney is as good as he said he is. I wish I could hire Rocky!

    Oh, I love the icon...how appropriate.
  7. Marta608

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    Awful that your disability benefits may not be viable! Self-reporting illness, my Aunt Fanny! Oh! These insurance companies make me furious!

    I remembered that you asked about our friend earlier and I forgot (who me??) to answer. She's better than when I was about to call the Canadian Mounties but still very unwell. I think Laura Hillenbrand-ill with her - but cheerful as always, when she's not falling down sick. She received some new Buddhist books from her ex and is in book heaven again. She's such a wonderful friend. Like so many of us, she wants so badly to DO and just can't.

    Oh, speaking of memory.... Your eye problems. Do you think they're related to this illness? I had cataract surgery and also now am always searching for the "right" pair of glasses for a task. The doc says my vision will improve as my brain becomes used to the ReStor implants but he doesn't know my brain nor, I assume, CFS! I realize that my vision is worse on the days I'm more fatigued. Do you notice this?

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    Here on Plum Creek (no joke) that's where I live, fall has fell. DH is mowing the leaves. He calls it mulching, cause he doesn't want to rake. I used to, but no can do now.

    Loved the riddle Rock, do you mind me calling you Rock? Used to have a boyfriend by that name, but that's another story for another day. Yes, the capitol is pronounced Frankfort, and we who are native pronounce the other city Loo a vull. So sorry about the brother thing. I have 3 that I was raised with, they can be pricks sometimes. And thanks for callin me a kid.

    Marta, I just love your little crown icon, too cute. Witty girl. I really like that.

    We had lima beans with country ham cooked in, cornbread, and fresh venison tenderloin tonight. I brought some with me, thought you guys might be hungry.

    Gotta go, been fighting a migraine all day. I maxed out on the amount of rx med. I'm allowed in one day, but it kept it at bay and I'm still functional (?)maybe - except for when I put the stamp and return address on the wrong sides of the envelope. I kept lookin at it , yep I caught that one, wonder how many I've sent that way tee-hee.
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    Power has been off since this morning at the restaurant.. only got a moment cuz I've got to play catch up the typing with the computers being down all day..
    Rock welcome back! We missed you and your family sounds as screwed up as mine!
    Fires burning north and south of us on Interstate 5 - High winds.. Ugly day.. The sky is grey and it's tough to breath.
    We had an interesting call from a guest telling us they just drove by the fire (near a prison and insane asylym) there was a man in a white robe walking into the smoke like towards the fire.. with a cross around his neck.
    I wonder if the lady breathed too much smoke??
    Love to all.. will check in later if I ever get caught up!
  10. UnicornK

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    Just stopped in to say hey! Busy couple of days here on the East Coast. Cold too!

    MrDad, thanks for asking...the migraine was caused by my psych cutting my cymbalta dose in half. Went from 60mg to 30. Pain went through the roof, depression through the floor (was suicidal Monday night), and was irrational (or moreso than usual...LOL) for about a week. Needless to say, I'm back on 60mg. Whew! What a ride!

    Seeseaisme, welcome to the porch. I love your visual way of writing. I can just picture the sun giving the Earth the diamond. What a beautiful sight!

    Lin and Sweetie...thanks for thinking of me. It's always nice to know one is thought of.

    Well, it's about 7:30 here on the EC. Temps are getting chilly here, but hubby doesn't want to run the heat yet. Was in the 30s the other night! Good thing I have three cats 'cause it was a "Three Cat Night". LOL

    Am I showing my age here? Does anyone remember Three Dog Night? They chose the name from a story...I think out of Africa...about the cooler temps at night and how many dogs would be brought into the tent to sleep with them. A chilly night was a One Dog Night. A cold night was a Two Dog Night. And a freezing night was a Three Dog Night. LOL Well, I'm allergic to dogs so I have three cats.

    Well, I guess i should run off now. There are three cats wanting dinner. LOL I'll just drop off the pumpkin pie here on the table. I put the whipped cream in the fridge. Enjoy!

    God Bless.
  11. ckball

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    Hey 1Sweetie- great job SMG and Mrdad will be pleased

    Well, I finally got home, it was a long day. I did not get all of my teeth :-(. The uppers fit fine but the tooth shape is different than the ones I got in PA. They are more squared off and the others were more tapered. Then the bottoms weren't right so they get to make me another lower and I have to go back tomorrow afternoon. This is 3 60 mile round trips in 3 days.

    I sure hope they get it right this time. I did eat a Hot Pocket dinner- 3 cheese and the cheese kept getting stuck to the roof of the denture. Right now I have a carmel cream that will have to melt away cause it is stuck.

    Is this a common problem with dentures- earlier today the peppermint hard candy I was sucking on stuck and I had to use my finger to pry it off.

    I was a big gum chewer because I have dry mouth problems. The doesn't work either.

    I am beat right now and going chill for right now.

    Rock- your story about your brother make me glad I am an only child.

    Mrdad I hope your not sitting in a cell somewhere and things worked out for you today

    Everyone else I hope your feeling better than me tonight- Carla
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sweetie: I awoke this mornin' to see that you had taken
    care of changing the "Porchlight" in a smooth and order-
    ly fashion! I was able to go on to Chapel not having to
    perform that duty. I am grateful.

    Sister Mary Gregory (S.M.), (A.M.& F.M.)
  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Wow I searched four pages before. Thanks for telling me where to find you guys.

    Rockgor, one of the cleanest places and nice paced to live is up coast from you is Sequim. (pron skwim) Washington. It sits between Port Townsend and POrt Angeles. They clal it the Blue Hole. The climate is about 40 coldest day in winter hot is 80 summers. Very clean air. Cheap taxes and electricity, Great doctors etc. It rains only 14 inches a year. It is very flat too for we wobbly people.

    Lovely scenery, nice people in the main. Good recreation center that even has a big hot tub. I miss that clean clean air there and the way flowers grow. It is the lavender capital of the USA.

    Thanks for ups on the nerve conduction. If it starts to hurt I will walk away, but Dan thinks I should get it done. I almost cancelled it today as I went back on the Valium low dose for the spasms and feel better on it. The antibiotics helped a lot too. I intend to ask him to do a test on somewhere I do not have pain before I agree to it.
    I soemtimes wonder if the TENS unit did not trigger some nerve stuff when I had one.

    Well guys too sleepy for much. See y'all tomorrow. Going to listen to either BBC radio or a Fanny Flagg novel I have on CD "Welcome HOme Baby GIrl".

    nos dar,(welsh for goodnight)

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sounds like everydobby is having a good time.

    Well, sounds like everydobby is trying to have a good time. Sometimes little things get in the way.

    Sure, Seesea, you can call me Rock. Most people do. Plum Creek is one of the many places the Laura Ingalls family lived. That Plum Creek was in Minnesota, I think. At one time they lived near Lake Pepin.

    Illustrating that things may be other than what they seem, Lake Pepin is not a lake. It's just a wide spot in the Mississippi River. I used to go to Bible Camp there every summer.

    Sassy, hope you are healing up. Did you have a lipoma removed from you leg or a legoma removed from you lip? It's so hard to keep these medical terms straight.

    A soak in a hot tub sounds good. I'd have to take the plants outta ours tho. Gordon is babysitting some plants and has been busy this afternoon repotting, hydrating, etc.

    Anne, I had a nerve conduction test earlier this month. It was not really painful. On the other hand it was not at all pleasant. The doctor kept jabbering while he was jabbing. He told me he did that to distract the patients.

    The bill was $1400 for this 20 min. procedure. Fortunately I am not paying for it.

    What is an integrative doctor? Gonna work on you integer?

    Marta and Carla, I hope you have shining teeth to go w/ your shining spirits.

    Hope you have a gemutlich time w/ your family, Prickles. Looked at your site. Way excellent. Good for you.

    Donna, it's nice you enjoy your work. My attitude is that of most men. Stay away from women when they are in the wedding-frenzy mode.

    One of my first bosses was a sort of reverse-age discriminator. He told me never hire young women as secretaries. They always get engaged, start planning a wedding and then they are worthless.

    Sure enuff; a few months later an oil spill produced thousands of insurance claims for our tiny office and he had to hire people fast.

    One gal about 20 began planning her wedding about 3 days after she started work. For the next 4 months she was on the phone w/ wedding plans many hours a day.

    Well, as my grandmother used to say regarding travel, "Nice to go and nice to get home."
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    She got home late from bingo! Again. What happens on
    the Porch, stays on the Porch. (Well, most times, right

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  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    well out standing by the pool looking up at my porch! he is trying to get all the sun and peeps he can.lol

    i took my psych vocab quiz i think i got a perfect score. it was all about some of the mental illnesses. i have so many role models and exhb's to give me first hand experience to figure out what the right answers are for everything.

    that smg for that for me.

    math was nice today, subsitute teacher really nice older fellow. he told me he was going to write my teacher a note to reccomend extra credit for doing some math problems on the board in front of the class. well i will see what i can get out of it. if nothing i met a potential math professor in my future. a nice irish man. very sweet person. and i even learned a new trick on a math problem.

    sorry my life seems a bit boring, school and no play. well, not really so i did stop at local pub and had a beer and some talk w/some of the fellows there. one of my friends won a football pool so he bought some people a drink. he used to fight casius clay back in the day. he is a local u.s postal person. retired from airforce. and comes in usually for a drink every night.

    my friend from tiburon asked me to go to the dna lounge for a live band tomarrow night. i told her i needed to go to local library and get a reference book on apa style formatted essays. i never wrote one of those. but i think i will figure it out.

    the teacher w/look over our rough drafts but need to be turned in on 11/2. or i can go to the english lab and have them check my work: punctuation and grammar etc.

    so i will most likely w/not be going out tomarrow night.
    i need to crack some books and write up my term paper, body must be 5-8 pages typed not including the bibliography and the title page.

    i need to get some sleep soon, i have to be at that dragon speakingnaturally class sometime around 10 am or 11 am.
    i'm am sorta disappointed in that class, they haven't taken the appropriate role for me. so they say i have shown up 9 out of 15 days. it told her i didn't miss that many days.

    it is a cr/or nc class. i have called whenever i was going to miss a day. and that has been 2 days. only, one being last week thursday. they do not take a role call or have sign in sheet. this other lady sitting next to me said the same thing to the teacher as well. so she said we could check in at the front desk somehow.

    we have to do like 25 hours. we both have put in more than that. or close to it.

    well gonna go so
    i can deal w/it in the morning

    i have the program here at home.
  17. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Thought I'd better check in before you sent those Mounties out looking for me, or worse, SMG. It's been cloudy and a lot cooler the past couple of days. I can smell "holidays" in the air. I feel a little better this morning...think it's 'cause I've been resting so much. I have to try to get out today and buy a couple of birthday cards for my sisters who have bdays Nov 1 and Nov 9. Can't believe my "baby" sister's going to be 54....LOL

    Sweetie, thanks for always thinking of me and mentioning me here. It means a lot. I pray that Monday's Ins. Co. meeting goes in your favor. I especially hope that you don't get too stressed over it my friend. BTW, I know what post you referred to...thanks.

    Marta, thanks to you as well for asking about me. I'm taking it one day at a time like we all are I guess. Glad your Dental appt went well. I finally went to see my dentist a couple of weeks ago for an overdue cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised when the technician said "you floss a lot don't you". I thought...Yeaahhh, it's paying off.

    Lincamp...oh hon, so sorry to hear you have pneumonia. Please do take care and get over it real soon.
    OOPS...just noticed that you stopped by and left us some hot coffee. Thanks hon and glad you're feeling better.

    Sassy...really sorry about your mom's home. Hope no damage was done. Did your mom lose much? Sam is gorgeous. Everytime I see a wonderful dog like Sam, it makes me want to get one for myself.

    dononagin...don't know if you saw my msg to you a few days back so I'll say again ('cause you can never hear it enough) what a gorgeous pic of you and hubby in your profile. You look perfect together and your hubby looks like a sweet guy. Girl, I don't know how you can do weddings. Well, you did say that mostly you do the admin work now, right? When I lived in Texas, I had a catering business with a friend and we did weddings. She was a master with the wedding cakes. I did the food and we both did a lot of "grunt" work. I remember watching people dancing and having a great time and thinking....it's gonna be a long night. I was just starting to get sick around that time so it stopped being fun for me.

    Mrdad...you doing ok?

    Everybody...have a lovely day on the Porch. Glad everyone enjoyed my scones.

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  18. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Hello everyone! It's good to see everyone on The Porch. Welcome back Lolalee. I was concerned but I know how it works now...if you push..you crash. I was on the board more yesterday than I have been in several weeks.

    Rock, I am so glad that you are getting some sleep now. That has been a fight for me lately also. It's like I'm wired...so tired but just can't sleep. I use to sleep all the time...could not stay awake. It's strange how these diseases cycle. The whole board really missed you while you were gone. I was thinking about that yesterday...it's nice to have you home. I hope that one day you can retire in the place of your dreams....far, far away from your brothers.

    mrdad, I am a little worried about you. You rarely speak of your health but I've noticed you have not been on the board as much. I hope you are doing OK. You and Rock have to get that comedy team on the road.

    marta, I was born with a lazy eye but no one knew it until I was much to old to correct it. Most children who have this problem will have an eye that will cross and it can usually be corrected. My right eye was so strong. My brain learned to let it do most of the work. Age and CFS started a major problem. I got the dry eyes symptom and my vision changes nearly daily. For 1 year they attempted to get a correct prescription that would allow me to see. Finally they gave me on correction and are just trying to help me see. The opthamologist said their patients with FM/CFS had vision difficulties. Because of sensory overload all my glasses are tinted and I have special ones to use on the computer that are tinted and glare resistant and designed for intermediate vision because I use a lap top. Nothing is easy for us as you know. I am so sorry that our friend is still so sick. I'm glad you are her friend. She needs one and she needs a break.

    I thought I could write to everyone but I'm getting very tired. I must rest for awhile. To everyone that I haven't replied to, I apologize...I'm just so tired now...you understand.

  19. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    I have a lot of witty and fun things to talk about, but this dd has me tounge tied now. Darn fog!

    As I sit here on the porch, looking at all the people go by, I love watching people, I am discovering how deep you have to go, to greet everyone on a daily basis.

    I'm looking over your bio's, this morning and trying to get all of you in my head, but the wind keeps ruffling my pages.

    Sweetie, you could write a book, and I think you did,(ha-ha) in your bio. Oh my, what you have been through. You are one steel magnolia.

    Rock, your comment about church camp brought back wonderful memories about my own experiences at the old camp grounds. I'm all country (can't ya tell), so to go out of state - from KY all the way to IN was a huge adventure for me. I loved it, gotta away from my dysfunctional family. I loved to be at one with nature and all God's chillen. FUN times indeed.

    Sassy, you are a good daughter, I admire that. Hope your mom's ok.

    Unicornk - I remember 3 dog night. I'd ride around with my brother in his hot rod Nova and listen to it on 8 track. Being from the country I already knew about a 3 dog night. My sister and I slept together, before that became a bad thing, by society- not us, and we had wood heat. Mostly we were ashamed that we "had" to sleep together, but on cold nights it was extra warmth.

    Carla- you are such an artist. What a wonderful outlet.

    Anne - hope your tests are pain free. Just keep saying, "this doesn't hurt, this doesn't hurt" and you'll get through it.

    Jodie - you have such an active life. I envy you. Your are one busy person, how do you do it?

    And where is MrDad? I love being here. I love listening to his stories. Tell me more, Daddy.

    Hope your day is filled with happiness and joy, I hope I'm not too wierd for you all. Ooops, gotta go , the wind just blew my papers away and gotta catch 'em....

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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry I've been on "slow mo" the last few days I've just
    been tied up wiff all my legal concrns involving my Sis-
    ter. My younger Brother and I presented it to the Po-lice
    yesterday to no avail. Will have to go the "Civil Route"
    and I have been prepared to do that as well. May have to
    go thru Superior rather than Criminal Court at this point!

    This so call protection of "Elders and Disabled" is pretty
    much a "crock" as I see it so far. If I can legally chan-
    lenge the actions of my other "family" members, my dis-
    abled Sister's assets may already have disappeared. So
    much for protecting the "Old and Disabled"! My best hope
    now is for an investigation by the Superior Court into
    the circumstances involving my request for an "Independ-
    dent" Conservatorship responsible to the Court and outside
    anybody's "Undue Influence" as is legally possible.

    I start that process next week. "It happened that way,
    movin' West"! (Right Rocky)? Hope it will play in Pe-
    oria! I think Marta and I are gonna watch the World
    Series today, or was it yesterday, or is it tomorrow!
    What, me confused?? Thanks Sweetie 4 your concern! I AOK.

    "Talk" later, "K"?

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