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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid radio programs often had only one sponsor, and the program was named for the sponsor. The Bell Telephone Hour, The Lux Radio Theater, The Lucky Strike Program.

    Of course listeners ignored that nonsense and called it the Fred Allen Show or whatever. Anyway, When Jello sponsored Jack Benny, they used to close each show w/ something like this.

    "This has been the 4th program in the third series of the Jello Program brought to you by General Foods and starring Jack Benny. Stay tuned to this station."

    So this is the 32nd session of the porchlight series starring an ensemble cast and brought to you by the folks at Pro-Health who invite you to

    Come in and Sit Awhile!
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  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Thanks for getting the porch open again. I closed the old one so we should be set to go.

    After I whipped from porch to porch including one where I found Anne, I ran back here to chat. Whew!

    The trip to the city went smoothly - this finds me safe, however, who knows how sound. I came home to find the booklet from my class reunion in my mailbox and have spent a bit of time reminiscing. I do wish I could have gone but driving even 65 miles at night is out now. So many folks are no longer alive!

    Don't you wish you knew then what you know now? There IS life after high school. Several guys who were a nice enough but not Mr. Popularities got revenge by adding Doctor to their name, many are lawyers. Amazing what people are doing and how many married their high school sweetheart. Ah, the seasons of life.

    I hope everyone is doing their good thing today with little difficulty. Guess I'll wander over to the Big House and see what's going on.

    Hugs to go,

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  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks Rock for starting the new Vol. Ya didn't need
    any help fro Rochester?? My Mother just loved Jack Benny
    and Rochester! I can visualise her in that big Chair
    laughting now! That was always the Poetic moment I would
    choose to hand her my report card from Sister Mary Greg-
    ory! (Parent had to sign it ya know) "Thanks for the

    Marta: Wew! Good! You're a trooper! Glad ya got things
    taken care of so quickley in Town. Hope ya didn't for-
    get to pickup a fresh bottle of ABSOLUTE, sure ya didn't.
    You can hopefully relax now and if in' I were livin' in
    the neighborhood, I'd be drivin' ya to the class re-union
    and how proud ya'd be to show me off to the old classmates

    Hope we find that Anne Girl pretty soon. That cyber vac!!

    Gonna fix some lunch me thinks!
    The Joe aka MRDAD
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  4. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    What a grand opening Rock! I remember some of those from my youth.. though we had a black and white tv and I couldn't understand what my grandparents saw in listening to radio stories.. There used to be some detective story that my grandfather listened to alot.

    Marta.. How true is that! I try to convince my teen that life after high-school isn't so dramatic. Those years are so tough. We do alot of class reunions here at the ranch and I'm tellin ya some of the pictures from highschool just don't match those older faces. And your right, some of the nerds become the most succesful, the homely girl blossems..

    Mr. Dad - hope you are having a great day, your butler got lost on the way to my house. I'm still waiting for his arrival!

    Just finished an interview, still have an empty desk in my office and I'm growing weary of trying to fill two of them! I think I may have found someone! This young lady knocked our socks off during the interview. Fingers are crossed!

    Sooooo... Rock.. did ya ever tell us what your feeding the trick or treaters?

    Happy Halloween Eve to all!!
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i had a busy weekend. so that is why i haven't been on board. also homework. but i did find some time for some fun.

    went to halloween costume party at a local irish pub. my friend and i took 3rd place. 10.00 coupon for the restuarant.

    then we met some nice men. well the rest is interesting. i found some young 30 year old owns his own company, but darn it all he is an alcoholic. so it was tough to get that into him.

    his 25 year old brother is hot. my friend ended up w/him. he doesn't drink like his older brother.

    but i did get asked out for a date saturday after cody's football game. i was just getting out of my car and some 33 year old saw me on his motorcycle. took my name and number. he doesn't like the bar scene. wanted to do like dinnner an d movie.

    he has 13 yr. old. daughter. told him i am done having chilren. any ways. we all had a good time. and i would tell more but fraid the rumors might get spread out in the neighborhood.


    oh my son's team whooped the other local town rival 63-0.

    so i see some more games in the future. son just wants that ring this year for winning northcoast section in california.

    then some mother on our team. read b80900...bumped into me at the game and told me, "excuse you"! i could've went off on her cause she wsn't paying attention to where the heck she was walking...i can not wait for this season to be done/! i don't look like these snooty grandmas in marin raising teens and serving the alcohol or worse. sorry not into that click. and neither is my son for now ...i will never say never. but hope he keeps up the good work.

    i need to go to kragon auto and buy some stuff to keep my car clean.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Anne, THIS is volume 32. I responded to your other post which raised this question, however, I see it "didn't take". Wish I had $50,000 for every post of mine that has disappeared mysteriously. Haha

    I would entertain lavishly w/ pizza and soft drinks for everyone on the porch.

    Marta, have you been to any class reunions? I went to one. That was enuff to last a lifetime. I have no desire to ever see my old classmates again. Certainly wouldn't travel halfway across the country to do it.

    You're right about life after high school. We had a middle aged English teacher who told us the same thing, but I doubt many of us heard her. She was, nevertheless, the teacher most admired and most remembered.

    What do you mean "wonder over to the Big House"? "BIg HOuse" as in prison? Manor House? The "Big House" coffee shop and bowling alley?

    Jodie, I met a guy w/ a big, flashy ring. He was big himself, good looking, about 30. Turned out the ring was for playing in the Rose Bowl game on New Year's Day.

    At least that's what he said, and I believed him. Obviously he had sailed thru High School and college. Now, for the first time in his life he was in trouble.

    Some girl turned him down, and he was so stupified he followed her to another state to get her to change her mind. Now has to deal w/ stalking charges.

    He did seem pretty intelligent. I suspect he will do like he said and get this cleaned up and learn from the experience.

    Jodi, I hope Cody gets his ring and doesn't have to learn the hard way like the fellow above. Sad to say an awful lot of our professional sports heros are criminals and drug addicts. But of course, they didn't have a great mom like you.

    I applaud your decision to avoid dating alcoholics. My mother spent decades trying to sober up my father. She might as well have spent her energy looking for the leprachaun's pot o gold.
  7. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Good Job Jody! The guy on the bike sounds much more intrigueing!! (ok.. I know I spelled that wrong... and I'm too tired to try to fix it..)

    I'm avoiding going home... Joe and Micaela are at each others throats. Micaela just got her licence a few months ago and in the state of Ca. they can't drive with anyone in the car under the age of 20 for the 1st year.

    SOoooooooo... Joe is driving down the street and sees Micaela driving around with her girlfriends. She spots him and instead of stopping and facing the consequences, she peels out, dumps her friends behind a bush and races home to try and act like she has been there the whole time.

    So, I have a angry hubby at home saying I can't live with this lying teenager. I have a teenager saying JOE IS MEEEEANNN!! I'm gonna go live with my DAAAADDDDD!!!

    I'm seriously considering just staying at work.

    Could be worse, the child is not on drugs, not pregnet, has no tatoos... that I know of...

    But still, the joys of teenagers have their limits.

    Wish me luck!

    Love to all
  8. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Rocky...great job....love the way you sang us out of the Vol 31...don't think I didn't notice your cleverness. You were MIA for a couple of days so it's great to see you back in action.

    Joe-Dad...and everyone who asked about Myles, my 7yr old grandson...his kidney biopsy went well on Friday and we expected him to be released from the hosp. on Saturday. Well, doc checked him Sat and decided to keep Myles one more night because they were not satisfied with his blood levels or his urine output. Things had not improved so they kept him on Sunday night as well. His blood levels are still not good and now there are some other signs popping up that there might be something else going on. They are giving him some diuretics and are also going to do an ultrasound on Monday morning. We should have the results from the biopsy on Tuesday.

    Just got a msg from my son who's on his way to pick up Myles and mommy at hosp. It's times like these that I really wish I didn't live so far from them and also wish I was healthy 'cause I'd drive or fly to be with them all.

    Anyway, I think all this has affected me more than I thought...I'm really feeling awful today.

    One of these days, I'll quit moaning...promise.

    Come and sit by me on the Porch, I need some TLC.

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  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    sending TLC and prayers for Myles. My little grandaughter had kidney surgery when she was only two. Scary stuff..
    Hope he is back to normal in no time.
    Big hugs.. dona
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Some people say it's hard to read long posts, so w/ my earlier post I stopped before I was ended. Haha

    Lolalee, put your feet up and just breathe for a while. It is so hard when our young ones are in trouble and we can't fix them.

    Dona, you know what Mark Twain said about children. Anyway teenagers and a step parent are a real recipe for sturm und drang. Don't worry. It will all simmer down in ten years or so.

    You are so right. W/ wisdom comes age, unless of course we are speaking of a lobster or some other form of rodent.

    MrDad, I think I saw your butler. He was rummaging around in back of Ralphs market. Said he was collecting carboard boxes. Gonna fix you a Robby the Robot costume for tomorrow night.

    Old Robby is almost as old as we. Made his first appearance in the mid 50s masterpiece "Forbidden Planet". What a film! They don't make you-know-what like you-know-what.
  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Dona: I'm glad that along with the fustration of dealing
    with a teenager oft times, you stopped to have the pre-
    scence of mind to realize all the grateful things you feel
    for her other level headed ways! As you well know, they
    listen to Calm and "reasonable" sounding adults better
    than the loud screamers! But never be affaid to go home
    as you and Joe together can handle things!

    Sassy: Glad you are doing better! Have "They" allowed
    you that long, hot bath yet! Hope the surgery is healing
    well! Tell Hubby to stay out of the Halloween candy!!
    When I come by, I expect a handful of sweets! Hope Marta
    is savin' me a Jigger of Absolute chilling in her freezer!

    Jodie: I'm so proud of you! It can't be easy to go back
    to school and you have shown so much self-descipline and
    resolve! Was in Mill Valley Friday nite to have Din-Din
    wiff mu 'Lil Buds and their Folks. I brought Halloween
    cupcakes and Cookies & Cream ice cream, Halloween Toys
    etc. yet they always are thrilled and never act like they
    expect anything! Great kids that are so different they
    could not even pass for Cousins let alone Bros.!! Funny
    how those Genes get shuffled around!

    Ya gonna do anythin' Tomorrow. I only live three blocks
    East of the Big Party in the Castro so it's gonna be nuts
    around here. They ALL think they will drive into Town
    and find a Parking Space! DA!!!

    Rock: Great job today!

    Gonna cook dinner. Was it Gordon that made Beef Stew over
    the Weekend? Boy that sure sounds good tonite as it is
    very Cool here. 'Posta get down to 47 tonight< That is
    fairly "Cold" for S.F.

    Joe aka MRDAD

  12. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    you can always make me smile!!

    Ok.. I guess I've stalled as long as I can. Off to face the music.
    Dang, I do not want to go home tonight!
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just spotted your message regarding Myles and want you
    to know that I'm projecting positive thoughts in that
    direction! I'm confident that hey will figure things out
    and he will be back doin' normal kid stuff soon!

    Understand the fustration you have in not being able to
    be down there! Thanks for phones and the internet so that
    communication can at least be instantaneous!

    Huggles Lola,
    Joe aka MRDAD
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  14. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    Great intro, Rock! You're truly a star.

    Just popping in this evening quick like.

    I swear I'll catch up with all of you. I should be in shape again by the time I do!!!

    Good to see you all again.

    Take it easy Lola. Will be thinking of you. That's rough.

    Jodi, good to see you, too. You're always so busy!

    JoeJoe is always cookin' up something so we've still gotta watch him, too. LOL. I'm a keepin my eye on you. Those 2 fers must be gettin soggy and unreadable by now.

    See you all tomorrow.

    Been tickling the ivories. It helps a lot of things.

    Good night!!!
  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I had a great day today- I got to walk my dogs without Butter leading, he was off somewhere else so I took advantage of it. So much better.

    Then I spring cleaned. Worked some in the out building re organizing- imagine have all the tools for woodworking, staining glass, ceramic tile, and painting. I need a professional organizer.

    Then cleaned all my floors- opend the doors it was in the 70's

    My phone was down for about 5 hours today, I have requested better guage wire for the cans.

    Than I took a very long bubbly bath.

    But the time I've went back and forth I still can;t remember tonight.

    Lin- I hope your trip was successful

    Marta- glad you trip to the big city when well.

    I will be in town the next 2 days- Missy to the vet for shots, then Wed me to the Dr for bloodwork.

    Rock- very nice touch on the intro, I would expect no less from you.

    I'm off to beddy bye- see ya the other side-CarlaB

    Anne - how's the hand?
  16. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    I had a very productive day today. Did 4 loads of laundry, painted a plant stand.

    I couldn't wait to get outside - the weather was great here today - low 70's and sunny. I took care of my animals. We have a 3yr old beagle , and a 2 yr old rabbit, that live outside. The beagle's name is Blackie and the rabbit's Thumper.

    I went to my Mom's today and planted her mums my sister gave her. My sister gives her live plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, but never thinks about actually putting them in the ground for her. My Dad passed away last year and Mom is going to be 80 next week. I mean, it's not like she can do a lot of landscaping.

    Family, ain't they fun. I know, you can pick your friends, but not your family.

    So, the day was going great til DH came home, and the d's not for dear tonight. We had an argument. He's alseep and I'm still so mad, I could bite a nail into. I can't sleep and I'm starting to hurt very badly.

    Sorry, I'm getting negative and don't want to , here.

    Well, tommorrow's another day, and I'll be better then, I hope.

    I hope everyone's had a good day and that you forgive me for venting.

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    whose on 1st or second since the tiger's lost. darn it marta they were supposed to pull it out in the series.
    next year we will get them.

    rockgor thank you for the compliments. i just try to do the best that i can w/what i know how. and there has been some great people here to give me good sound advice when needed.

    and of course i had to learn about some men, from my little sister. and i can not forget my therapists. which i am over do to meet.

    i ca when i thought i had to get my carpal tunnel cortsone shots. and darnit i had the dates mixed up.

    you new friend you met w/the rose bowl ring? that is very impressive only 1% of all high school players get to play collegiate ball, then only 1% of the collegiate go on to get a pro-contract.

    cody's coach asked him today if he could count on him for next d-line. cody said yes! he is looking forward to it next year cause most likely will be the starting noseguard and name in the papers. i am going to send him to u of m football camp next summer. just in case he changes his mind if he gets the opportunity of a football scholarship. the colleges come scout there big time. he went there two summers ago and he had a great time. he was tired but it was a good experience for him.

    he has been sent letters this past year inviting him to the camp this past summer but he didn't want to go.

    he already has 48 months paid for and books at any u.c. or state college in california-due to fact of his father 30% disabled veteran. so cody doesn't need the help financially for school there.

    but if he has a chance to play college ball and doesn't like it he can always quit and still have the va back him up. plus they will pay him a monthly stipend. doesn't need to work.. just get the studies down.

    it will be his choice of what he wants to do. i don't want to pressure him. and he also may not have what college teams are looking for. but you never know what might be if you don't try it!

    so my grades are great so far. my new car is running fine, knock on wood everyone. it feels so nice to feel like i am getting back some of my life together after the divorce.

    i gave away assets etc. just to end the marriage.

  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    When we were kids in the UK we used to listen to Schenectedy on SW radio and also Radio Luxenburg that broadcast Johnny (Rivers?) and the Blue Grass Boys.

    Ovaltine used to sponsor and just like that great movie, "A Christmas Story" my sister had the Ovaltine code and would not share it with anyone.

    The very first commercial sponsors were Lever Brothers who made Sunlight Soap in UK and they got the rights to show their soap, often cartloads of it, in the old silent movies. Then of course, the idea caught on and the "Soap Operas" were created, along wiht many other sponsorships.

    The advertising industry is losing audiences and the TV companies losing money so they are supposedly going back to sponsored shows. ET the movie, Reeces pieces and Coke both plied the producers with money to use their products. How do I jknow all of this. I hear Joe saying, "because you are smart". No, because it was all on the BBC Radio this morning is how.

    What next, we'll be having special interest groups paying for politicians!!!

    Night night I'm off to bed. Got a scary Stephen King book to read for Halloween, a new one about cell phones.

    Love Anne

    ps my hands are doing better today. My whole self is doing better today as it was 60 degrees here and Dan even got golf in!!! Have to be up early to dress Danny for the school Halloween day-he is having mainly makeup and spray painted hair, black sweats with an orange Halloween shirt. We fixed up the basement rec room with black lights and a disco ball and lots of glow planets-got it all for free from a give away-looks so cool!

    May all of you who have been feeling porrly do better also.
  19. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he works and is looking or is buying a home right now. so he said he was currently temporarily living w/his mother. as long as it isn't a permanent thing that is fine.

    we'll see if the little cutie will call me this week.

    funny thing is i couldn't find my cell phone on saturday all day. finally found it at night when i went into my lingerie draw to drag out my fishnet pantyhouse for my costume.
    and low and behold i must've dropped it in there. i had my ringer on off. so i couldn't find it.

    thank goodness my friend talked me into going to the party.

    mr. dad cupcakes and candy oh my.

    i saw a t-shirt tonight that said "got candy" i thought about buying it for school tomarrow. but i saved my 13$ and the line was looonnnggg.

    i think i going to be mean and not pass out much candy this year. only toothbrushes and toothpaste samples from when i used to dental assist.

    i think the parents w/like that.lol just kidding

    i need to study for test on thursday over two chapters in math.

    also guess what my friend that is going thru her divorce surprised me w/tickets to go see a concert at the shoreline for aeorsmith and motley crew.
    she said she wanted to treat me because i do for everyone else and wanted to thank me for what i have helped to w/going thru her divorce.

    i told her i would pay her for them. and she said no her exhb to be will be treating us.

    everyone have a good night and day. i may check in for a bit later, but i have some homework and i better get started before it is too late.

    love you all

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Rock: Ya we not kidding about the Butler were you. Went
    out the the garage and he had the whole back seat of my
    Jacquar full of boxes! Wondered why he wanted to borrow
    the automobile! If he knocks on my door wiff a tape mea-
    sure in his hand, I'm really gonna' freak out!!!

    Jodie: Is the Party in the North Bay tomorrow nite? It's
    gonna be CRAZY over here! Tens of thousands hit the Cas-
    tro for the Halloween Party! They even had a guy that had
    a "live" chainsaw one year. They curtailed the Booze alot
    which is a good thing!

    Anne: Glad you are doin' better today and that Danny will
    be all ready for the big Halloween Day at school. It's a
    multi-billion $$ business in the U.S. now! It's almost
    as big for the adults now as the young people. Think I'll
    stay home and wait for Jodie to come by "Trick or
    Treatin'" if on this side of the Bridge! How's Geoff do-
    ing the past few days? Anne, I couldn't get the BBC in
    last nite on my Radio! Missed that reference! Everything
    has become so commercial. Cal is starting to take the
    sponsorships out of the Public schools as well as much
    of the Sweets found in the vending machines espec. in the
    lower grades! Very good thing I believe.

    Charlotte: Wow! You sure had a productive day! If in' ya
    still have energy tomorrow, I have a couple of loads of
    laundry that needs some attention. The dryer in the House
    went on the Blink about Five years ago. My housemate land-
    lord came home with a "new" used WASHING MACHINE!! It's
    in the basement but still no dryer in the laundry room!
    Have to go down the street to the "Matt" to DRY the clo-
    thes. Oh, boy! Where is the logic? Ya keepin' that grass
    BLUE back there?

    Linda: Sorry ya aren't back to feelin' yourself yet. I
    hope soon for ya. Was there that much damage to your pl-
    ace from the storm that Fema is envolved? Didn't real-
    ize you had any extensive damage. I'm so sorry!

    Hope I didn't miss anyone!
    Keep that ABSOLUTE well chilled Marta for my Halloween
    appearance tomorrow nite!

    Sleep tight my Friends and best to all!
    Joe aka MRDAD

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