OT: The Porchlight is On Vol. 9

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thank you Sister Gregory!

    Bless ewe!
  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well here we are on the master number 9. MMM All fingers crossed as it is Danny's big speech today.

    Hope it will be nice.

    Gosh, with our dd's trips others just jump in the car for are a major production arent they. We leave tomorrow about 10 am eastern.

    Scones(and real Brits pronounce them sconns yummy!

    Love Anne
  3. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I probably should have answered the Thanksgiving question. I forgot about the separate Thanksgiving thread I started..oh how I miss my memory. Anyway, back to the point...this year Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the U.S. on Thursday, November 23rd. It is always on a Thursday in November (I think the 4th Thursday of the month). The date varies.

    One year my husband's aunt, dear sweet Aunt Olive, invited his mom and dad (her sister& BIL) to her house for Thanksgiving dinner. When my in-laws showed up at Aunt Olive's door, there were no wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen as is customary on Thanksgiving Day and Aunt Olive had a strange look on her face (probably wondering what these people were doing at her door carrying a pie). You see poor dear had forgotten that she'd invited them for Thanksgiving dinner...actually she even forgot it was Thanksgiving. It was really sad because no one knew it at the time, but she had beginning stages of Alzheimer's.

    I remember now that you said you don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Maybe we should have a Porch Thanksgiving celebration. The Porch and all our friends here are definitely reasons to be grateful. Hopefully we will all remember to come.

  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    FYI: This post was to answer your questions as to date. I just saw a post that popped up from Lolalee about Thanksgiving.

    They extended the length of Daylight Savings Time this year and the time will change on Sunday, October 29.

    I apologize for the late reply. I would forget to look up the dates. I needed to know them too.

    Hope your day goes well. I hope this lecturer is one with knowledge and you do not have to teach the class.

  5. lptopcat

    lptopcat New Member

    good morning everyone, another day, another volume, LOL.

    I'm in for the hayride!!! I'm a city girl and love the Holloween season, ghosts, goblins, hayrides at the pumpkin patch. Sounds just swell!!!

    Another work day for me, sigh....

    Thanks Sister G for starting my day on a great note!
  6. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Okay girl where's the cranberry-orange cream scones, did you bring them???!!!

    You had me drooling all over the keyboard last night, i could hardly wait! I've got my (now Decaff.) Coffee, and I'm hungary!

    Mrdad, beetles from liverpool! i like that, but mine don't sing, they stink. sigh

    Anne hope your son's feeling better.

    And who ever it was that was talking about their child and the prom, I think that girl's parents are crazy, they are just asking for a pregnant daughter!

    Your doing the right thing, no matter what pressure you get, i came home one time at 4 p.m. in the morning, and my dad was waiting by the door.

    I was picked up and held against the wall, and told to go to my room until i was 40!! HaHaHa! I have two more years to go!!

    I learned to drink at home too, because my family drank, but there was still rules for his little girl.

    Drinking at home okay, boys, noway!! I know, i'm really messed up!:)

    Hayrides! Love them, we use to raise belguim Draft horses, when i was a kid! Some good times on hay rides.

    We had a large rule neighborhood with alot of 4-h kids. We would hook a team up to a hay wagon, and go around the neghbor hood and pick up people.

    Love the rythme of those hoofbeats, and bells!

    What's even better is a sleigh ride, out in a woods, or field after a fresh snow fall. That nice crisp air, i love the silence of it, (only a couple of people for this one sorry) The steam rising off the horses back, and the puffs of fogs coming from their noses.

    Just the steady fall of they feet, and the sleigh making the very first tracks in virgin snow.

    Oh-heaven, and a little bit of peace on earth.

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  7. Boy does that bring back memories to this old gal! Many moons ago, I had this boyfriend and he invited me to a hayride. He tried to kiss me on the ride, now everyone else was all girls staring at us! I was so young, never did get that kiss. Funny, he wrote this romantic note to me I read afterwards what he thought was going to happen! LOL! NOT! In those days nice girls didn't do those sort of things on the first date, NOT LIKE NOWDAYS!
    Sure I'll go on YOUR hayride!
  8. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I just wanted to say hi all and drop off the scones. Hope you all enjoy them as I was up before dawn making them. If you know scones, you know they don't keep well so I had to make them this AM rather than last night. Hope someone remembers to bring coffee and tea.

    I'm going back to bed.


  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Just in time! Thanks Lola, they are delicious, rest up now,
    you deserve it!
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Many thanks to Sister Mary Gregory for instructing mrdad to close Vol. 7 thread. I collapsed in my recliner last night at 8 pm....stumbled to bed later and did not get up until 8AM. YEAH!! I have been so sleep deprived lately but so exhausted. The cause is a new med which has helped with many symptoms but it makes you a little "wired" I believe.

    It is another lovely morning in N.C. The temp at 8 AM was 62 but things will be achangin later today. It's perfect on my porch this morning.

    I would like to extend an official welcome to lauralea123. Linda, I apologize for the late welcome. I had my computer in my lap last night and the post was to be addressed to you and as you can see above I finally just collapsed. WELCOME to the Porch!

    Linda (now we have 2 Linda's) I am glad you can find relief with a chiropractor. Many years ago I had one that practiced Keneisology (sp?) and he was wonderful. It took my massage therapist many months and a neck brace to correct the damage the last one did to my neck. The hayride sounds so enticing and much easier than trying to walk. How much fun would that be? I can't wait. I do know what an Adirondack chair is. They are rather unique. They copy them in the Appalachian mountains and they were surprisingly comfortable but that was in days prior to FM.

    Misty being sent to the lodge is an honor not punishment. I do understand that you are in a war zone though and you can not leave the home front. I hope you win the battle and keep those bugs in N. Minnesota. What is the weather like there this time of year?

    Lolalee: I never forget you! I knew you were crashing a bit and you were being a good girl and taking care of yourself. The scones sound so good. I wish you were my real neighbor. I cook very little (you know that is dangerous for me) but a few weeks ago with the help of a King Arthur Mix (Excellent) and fresh peaches, my son and I made some also. They were the first scones we had ever had and they were wonderful.

    Jodie: I do not envy you at all. I can not imagine having young children or teenagers with CFS/FM. Other parent always amazed me. When my son was a teenager, the mother of his girlfriend brought her to my home during the summer and left them there alone all day. This happened several times. I was never asked. I only found out later. The Mom was aware that I was at work. I really liked this girl and the Mom was a devoted,loving Mother but....I could not understand what she was thinking. I had a very normal teenage son. What probably happened could have ruined both of their lives. Just don't understand what people think or don't think. He was not old enough to drive when this happened.

    mrdad: I can't believe you haven't heard of Nichole Ritchie. She is the daughter of Lionel Ritchie and the ex best friend of Paris Hilton.. She weighs less than 90 lbs now and states she does not have an eating disorder. She is cute and very fashionable though. I just noticed that I misspelled her name in my original post. Fredericka should know her since both are in People quite often.

    Anne: Crossing my fingers for Danny today and for you getting ready to go on your trip. It is not easy now to travel as you mentioned. I take everything I possibly can that will help make me comfortable. One of the tips is very frequent stops...a minimum of 1 per hour. That is a good rule for everyone to prevent blood clots and it is all that I can tolerate. I wish you a safe journey and hope that you find Geoff improving.

    Will talk later.

  11. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm! Just popped in to say hi - been feeling a bit punky so I hope I didn't miss too much! The smell of those scones and the coffee woke me up though.

    Hope everyone is as good as possible, I am enjoying a beautiful sunrise with the little hilltops still foggy and the birds a'singing. I may even get up today!

  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope all are having a good day!

    Sassy: So sad for your Mother and the Family. It is so sad
    when a long chapter in life is left behing though necess-
    -ity. I remember a few years back when the Family home
    here in S.F. was sold and closing the front door for the
    last time after an almost 50 year attachment and all the
    memories of Family now departed. Only live 3 blks. from
    there today and on the same Blvd. so still go by on reg.
    basis! It's all just part of the evolution of life I sup-

    Carla: Hello to ya!! You might be interested to know
    that Monday Oct.9 is Thanksgiving for are wonderful
    neighbors to our North in Canadia! It is also Columbus
    Day! Can't remember whether he was Italian or Scanda-
    -navian?? Still a big debate on that one! Did your know
    that 90% of Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S.
    Border? A well known, interesting, but as usual, useless
    fact from MRDAD!! (Makes it easier to distribute contra-
    band back and forth though) Cigs, Prescription Drugs etc.

    Anne: Happy that you will be seeing Geoff this wkend. I'm
    sure all will go well. Told "Guido" that Danny very well
    could be the very next School Treasurer! He seemed very
    interested in that prospect for some reason? He was look-
    at "His" Rolex and wondering if he could make the next
    flight back to N.Y.?

    Lola: There is something innocently sweet about the story
    of Aunt Olive and somewhat humorous don't you think? Hope
    all is well there and are feeling better. Another wkend
    will be upon us. Did ya find those books on the other
    Post yet? I'll re-do the info. if you need it, "K"?

    Sweetie: I do know who Paris Hilton is. Grandfather must
    be proud! Thought someone spotted her going into a Motel
    6 in that Town in New Jersey that F. Sanatra was from?
    Classy gal! Hobooken can have her! Money doesn't buy
    class does it? In contrast, my "Old Squeeze" could walk
    into a "K-Mart" and walk out looking like she was ready
    for a "Vogue" cover shoot! Interesting! Hope you are hav-
    ing a good day thus far.

    Gotta get a 2nd Cup of Java. Hope to have Brunch wiff my
    son a bit latter. "Talk" to ya all after.


    P.S. Marta, have a great day with your Son!! So happy he
    could get there to see ya!

  13. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    thanks for the funny post! I needed the laugh today. I'm with you on the golf cart, please. You can drive.

    My day has not been so pleasant. Before my move into the "country", I lived in a neighborhood in a small town. My neighbor had to raise her grandchildren because the Mom..well she made a choice to a wild life...lots of men, drugs, & all that goes with her lifestyle choice. One of the grandchildren was one year older than my son and my house was a safe place for him for a long time. They were the best of friends. He would help me when my son would not...carried in groceries and helped set out plants. He and my son both loved to fish and when my DH & I were divorced he would travel with me to the mountains. He was part of my family. As he got older, he started making bad choices also and to make everything really bad he suffered from a severe case of juvenile diabetes. He stole from both set of grandparents and eventually from many others including me. He stole a $3,000.00 sapphire & diamond ring and some other jewelry from me along with his grandmother's car to take a trip to the beach. My son being naive and wanting to always believe the best had let him in our home to "use the bathroom".

    I went to every pawn shop around and after a week I found the young man and had a talk with him. He could not look at me and tears were pouring down his face. He told me to wait and he would be back and bring me my things. He did. He told me how sorry he was and how we were the only family that treated him with respect. I really was stunned that he could not sell my things. He had stolen much more than I had even known. I dropped all charges. The police who knew him well could not believe that he had them for that length of time and had not sold them for drugs.

    The situation beside us was escalating and was becoming unsafe due to 1 family. We had lived in a decent neighborhood and suddenly I thought we were in the hood. It was one of the deciding factors of why we moved.

    Today they called from the funeral home. They just wanted me to know that he died early this morning from a heart attack. The diabetes was very bad and he had been in the hospital and his use of drugs had not changed.

    I am so sad. I know the Porch is not a place for sadness but I needed to get this out and by typing this I hope it helps me deal with the sadness. I wonder if he really ever had a chance. He did have choices, he just made some bad ones. He really wanted to change but never tried for very long. I'm sorry he's dead.

    Thanks for listening my dear friends on the Porch.
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Hope you both are feeling physically "comfortable" today.
    Rain earlier starting last nite but is clearing up now!
    It's "Fleet Week" wiff he Blue Angels flying around prac-
    ticing for this weekends airshow. Here we can climb a
    hill and find a panoramic view for the Show. Peeps
    line the Golden Gate Bridge to watch the Fleet entering
    the Bay beneath them. I fine that I stay warmer if I
    watch it on the news than from the usually cold fog at
    the top of the Bridge!

    Wake, you should have that Brownie recipe I would think!
    Back then you would go to a Party and not know what was
    being "Laced" with what! New a couple that thought it
    etertaining to feed those brownies to Kids or their Dog!
    Can you believe that?

    Sweetie: So sorry about your young friend! Some people
    get on a track that they just cannot find the "switch"
    to move on in a different direction. Even know kids with
    wonderful parents who gave love and direction and still
    took another path. Hope he is at peace in a place that
    makes sense to him now!

    My best to you both,
  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Peace is what he was always searching for I think. I wish he could have had some. People look in the wrong places sometimes. He left 2 children (the last time that I had a count). I hope where ever they are there will be some hope for them.

    Carla: I do understand what you were saying. We may have to borrow from our neighbors! Certainly they will be happy to help us.[This Message was Edited on 10/05/2006]
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I tried Carla's technique so I could read messages and write a response, but it won't work for me. Don't doubt your expertise, Carla. It's probably my browser or my server or my hoofenstaufer or who knows?

    Carla, Thanksgiving is Nov. 23. I know it's already been posted, but you know: repitition is the basis of learning.

    Lolalee, Aunt Olive reminds me of a play I saw about 20 years ago. Los Angeles has about 100 small theaters. Under Equity rules, if the theater has less than 100 seats, it is not necessary to pay the actors.

    So lots of talented folks act for nothing w/ the hope that they will get discovered. The general rule is, the plays are pretty bad. The cast is usually excellent.

    Anyway a friend had wallpaper tickets. He paid some small amount like $50 @ a year. This allowed admission to these small theaters if they had empty seats. And they always did. One night he was the only one in the audience.

    He said, "You don't have to do the play for me." The director said, "The cast is in make-up and costume. They could use another rehersal." So they did it.

    And as usual he fell asleep.

    Anyway we saw this stupid play. The hostess invited people for Thanksgiving dinner. Then served nothing. She wanted to see their reaction so she could put it in some paper she was writing.

    This nonsense was allegedly based on a real incident. Hard to say if the diners or the playgoers were more disappointed.

    MorningSS and Sassy. I remember some hay rides and sleigh rides from my youth in snowy Minnesota. Usually w/ horses, but one time we used a tractor.

    Wake, love your costume idea. Be perfect for a secret lush. Could turn down drinks cause of what was in the IV.

    Sorry to hear about your grandson, Sweetie. Of course you can talk about it here. Wish I were there to give you a big gentle hug.

    I suggest we do not get started on decorating the cabin. You know how women are when it comes to decorating. " Move that over there so I can see how it looks. No, better move it over..."

    Better perhaps a separate House Beautiful thread. Your virtual men can do all the lugging.

    I am off to play bridge on-line. See you all tomorrow.
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Y'All !!!(from one x NYer who has lived in TX for over 30 yrs),

    I hope that there is enough room for me on this porch. I cannot believe that I have not noticed you all till now. Well, actually I have been so preoccupied with other things that when I have checked in to the boards I somehow missed this great porch !!!

    Since I found you today I have been reading and reading till my eyes are blodshot. All you guys are wonderful!!!! Just don't ask me everything that you all have said in your posts. This is NOT a time for a test ! I am so tired from a busy day. However, I consider myself lucky and would be glad to push any of you guys in a wheelchair (if needed) or climb into the porch swing myself. Then I would be a goner for sure.

    1Sweetie - I just caught your last story. How sad for you and your family. It is like you lost your son. I am so sorry for you all.

    Going through some sad times also with my daughter( I have 4 and one son) and 8 grandchildren. She ended of her 15 yr. marriage (with her 3 sons), the youngest(4/years old) of which has leukemia. Luckily it is the most common form that will most likely be cured eventually. Enough said about this story for now. There is alot more of it, very frustrating and SAD. Yes, sometimes it helps to talk about them on the porch or whereever you are with friends.

    I have had this DD for over 20 years and was finally dxed about 6 months or so ago. I found this great Board and wonderful people just before I went to see my Rheumatologist and ws dxed. I have done some posting adn alot of lurking and reading !!

    You guys think those little buggies are bad? You haven't seen a REALLY BIG BLACK TREE ROACH. I think that is what you or we call them. They are not the little brown ones. These things are REALLY BIG and they can fly or should I say DIVE sometimes. Haven't seen to many of them lately, so I am glad. We do alot of spraying and hope you guys don't have any creepy crawlys on the porch- zap, zap !!!

    Well, I can't beat you guys with your wit and humor. Believe me we all need it !!! Hope to be back soon on the porch, maybe tomorrow as I don't have alot of plans. I could clean this house but I surely don't feel like it. I know you all KNOW how i feel about lack of energy -PLOP !! I think I am going to take a hot shower and plop into bed. After I take my meds I am really gone -ZZZZZZZ ! My eyes are hanging now and I haven't taken them yet.

    BTW, if any of guys or gals need another golf cart I could borrow my DH !!

    Love and blessings to you all,

    Granniluvus (Marilyn)
  18. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I just wanted to say so sorry about this loss. Drugs are a terrible thing. What a great shame. What a shock for you.

    I thank you all too for your well wishes for Danny and Geoff.

    Danny did great and got rousing cheers.

    Geoff. Not so good. Just got a call saying his BP has gone down 79/50. Not sure how dangerous this is. He was not so well today, plus they let us know he is(and has been) actually on life support not just ventilator. My SIL is trying to get to the hospital now where daughter is already.
    Just praying this will be stabilized. SIL told me he is happy we are going to be there tomorrow.

    Sorry for the low message. PRAYERS AND HOPE.

    Love anne
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just what to say that I'm so happy for Danny! He may end
    up being the real love of the school and it would not sur
    -prise me at all!

    I know you mentioned a 10 a.m. departure for he Morning
    so wanted to widh you a good trip and visit with Geoff.
    Will continue to keep both he and your family in my
    thoughts! You shall be missed on the Board this weekend
    but trust we will"talk" to you soon! It's Thanksgiving
    Day in Canada and of course Columbus (or Leif Erickson)
    Day here. Can't offend our Scandanavia friends! Are the
    School's closed in N.Y. on Monday in observation of--?

  20. Thistledown

    Thistledown New Member

    or at least I would if I could really hand them out!

    Sorry it took so long for me to arrive, I was running from porchlight to porchlight like a dazed moth, and I think I absorbed most of it (leans head to the left and taps on right ear with palm of hand).

    Just a few comments on all the topics that swam by...

    morningsonshine - massages are free, I would do as many as my spring chicken hands can handle. I started with backrubs when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and I have kicked around the idea of massage therapy school.

    mrdad - I loooove the Blue Angels! When I was about 10 years old we were on the way to see them perform at Brunswick Air Base (Maine), and my mom was telling me how my uncle and grandfather were friends of the current team. My grandfather is a retired army pilot and aerospace engineer. He designed the engines for the P3-Orion, and my uncle was a navy pilot on sub-chaser duty (flying the P3-Orion). My uncle is now a captain with Delta airlines.

    Hayley Mills...gosh I am a young one and I know Hayley Mills..."The Parent Trap, playing both Susan and Sharon...That Darn Cat (one of my favorites). Dame Judy Densch...awesome lady! I loved her as Queen Elizabeth in "Shakespeare in Love", the Air Elemental in "Riddick", and a few other films.

    Well, I am glad to sit with such fine folk on the porch, and since I am faring better than most, just toss me cushion and I'll pull up a step and sit down!


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