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  1. 1sweetie

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    Welcome All!

    In the South the porch was the place to gather and in some places I'm sure it still is. When I grew up in the 50's and 60's, it was a gathering place. It usually had a swing and it was a great place to end a date and get that "first kiss".

    I am going to post this thread in case someone else is trying to post now. I will post more after this one appears.

  2. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I appreciate it. I will copy/paste the other (long-winded) post here. I sure did miss you and everyone else, too.

    Here goes:

    I've missed you guys!!

    Mr. Dad, I turn my back for a few days (SORRY!) and here you are dangling jewelry in other girls' faces!! My, my!! But, I don't blame you, as you thought I flew the coop!!

    I just have not been able to sit long, and not doing all that great but not totally horrible, either. Plus it is hard to follow this board sometimes. (The fog...endless... can't find my way out of it!) I go around in little circles like someone lost in the woods!

    I heard of a big shake up or something (?) so I was sure happy to see you guys here today.

    Poor Prickles! Hang in there. I can't imagine doing what you have done, while being healthy, let alone with all you contend with having these illnesses!! You're a very brave girl. Everyone gave you good advice and encouragement.

    Did anyone ever hear from Honora? Hope she's ok.

    Anne, Sweetie, Marta, Carla, Rockgor...and everyone else, good to see you all.

    Dear Anne, I've been thinking of you and your brother a lot and I sure hope the pneumonia goes away quickly and his recovery is speedier. What a terrible time for you!! I wish Danny TONS of luck, too!!!

    An old friend once said something like, I have so much to do, I'll never live long enough to get it all done. I was a teenager then, but never forgot it. Now, a few years later, (!!!) it is just ALL TOO TRUE.

    Do any of you guys have each other's e-mail addys? I know we're not supposed to post them here, but to give them in chat. Just wondering. Would be nice to have so as not to lose track of some great people!!

    Mr. Dad, C'mon over, I'll make you some stir-fry, home-made bread, and your favorite pie for dessert!! YOU bring the bubbly, ok? See ya around 7-ish, alrighty? MMMMMMoooch!

    Hope I didn't forget anyone but sure I did...

    Sweetie and Marta, love your posts, too!!!

    Have a good day, ok?

    Now I have to go find this great big post you guys are talking about so I can catch up on the latest!!

    Sorry for being MIA, but it just happens sometimes, ya know? Some days D-agony knows no bounds, as you all know too well, unfortunately.

    I'll be back!!! : - )
  3. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    Awww Sweetie, thanks for starting with my suggestion that I think I stole from Mrdad.lol. How are you or should I say how are Y'all doin'? I lived in Texas for over 20 years (I'm a native east coast girl,arrived in TX by way of Puerto Rico) and I finally felt comfortable saying "y'all" when hubby and I decided to move to the South. Funny, they don't say "y'all" in AL.

    Anyways...as we used to say in NY..just want to say hi all..thanks for leaving the light on for me. I've already been on the board too long. I missed most of yesterday due to dentist appt (finally) and since I was out of the house..wonder of wonders!!...I made 2 more stops and came home to DIE!! No board time yesterday and today have already pushed enough. I can't stand this pain that keeps me away from y'all which is the reason that I know you in the first place. Did that make sense?

    Talk to you later..I need a little break.

  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    "Freddie" is back mrdad. She just posted on the old thread as I was closing the old one. I posted again on the thread and told her what we were doing and asked her to copy and paste her post or to jump on over to this one and you guys can go back and read "her excuse" for abandoning you. She is quite upset that you are "dangling jewelry" to others so soon.

    Again the weather is perfect but a front is coming through and will lower our temperature to the high 60's by tomorrow. That will seem cool. I love the mid to high 70 degree weather.

    When we purchased our new home in 2001, the porches were some of the main attractions to us. They are more sophisticated than those of the past. I have french doors from the master bedroom and from the main section of the house that go to the back porch. It has ceiling fans to help with the summer hear. The dog really appreciates it! It's the smoking porch for my husband. On the front porch, I put those "retirement" rocking chairs and lots of container plants. I just didn't think I would be using those chairs at my age. I really had anticipated replacing them several times before I was "old" enough to retire. Life throws us some curves though and things do not go as planned. But if I was still giving my life to my job, I would not have time to set on either of those porches.

    I have an massage appointment and have to get ready. Talk with you


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  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Everyone has been very worried that you may have been
    a victim of the "purges". However, we did note that
    gladfully your Bio. was yet there! I fealt awful as
    I thought it may have been my playful antics that caused
    your demise. So glad you are back and I do hope you are
    doing much better. We were just all so concerned!

    Lots of stuff has been going on and if you hit your bio.
    page you should be able to retrieve most if not all the
    banter ov er the past week. Most of the other ladies on
    the Board were very sympathetic about my apparent "lost"
    in love. Now that you are back though, it is all gonna'
    be just GREAT again! All here missed YOU.

    Lots been happening. I'll let you "ketchup" with each
    and all as you can.

    P.S. (The "jewelry thing"? Who ya gonna believe, me or
    your lying eyes?)
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  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I did see her reply to the Post right after see Posted
    it! I'm just so relieved she is back. (What vow of cel-
    -ibacy, did I say that?) Sweetie you always have my very
    best interests at heart and I so appreciate the support
    you and other friends on the Board have given me thru
    this trying time! But all will be back to "normal" now
    for me. It's just such a relief to have her back!

    I kept her Pic on my wall above my iMac, hankie at the
    ready! No need for that now! It's just Happy Days Are
    Here Again!

    You are all my very Dear Friends!
  7. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I went back and read as many old threads as I could. I didn't even realize you thought I might have 'gone away.'

    I'm sorry!!!

    It is nice to meet more of you, and just knowing all of you care, that means SO much!! Thank you!!

    Mr. Dad, your antics help keep the rest of us going, dontcha know it!! Life's tough enough these days. Any good laffs we can get is great. I love the humor. (Obviously!)

    Do any of you use the chat room? It might be fun to do sometime.

    Hope your days are going ok.

    Mr. Dad, are you trying to get the doc to try you out on antibiotics long-term for the infectious CFS? Did I read between the lines correctly? That's what I'm gathering. (Besides wool & cobwebs & dust bunnies - mostly between the ears.)

    I like the title about the porchlight. That's homey and nice.

    Not too ambitious today. Not that it is any much different than any OTHER day!!!

    Hope everybody's doing alright. : - }
  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Wow I have to check out the old post agua after I post here. Relief to see Freddie posting.

    Bit achey today. I swear it is because I came off the antibiotic as I was doing so well. I will go back on it tomorrow.

    Odd day in UPstate NY mild and rainy, then warm, then chill.

    Started to hang a door with Dan, then decided to go to HD for a coupla things. BIG plant sale-the big plants that are usually $25 plus they were selling for $5 due to having no space to put them indoors. As we had not one plant, we splashed on four-wimawey wimawey, ...looks very jungly!!!

    Not heard from SIL since last night so hope this means Geoff is doing OK today. When I listened to the BBC Case Notes yesterday it describes life in the ICU and boy it really helped me understand that what is happening to him is pretty normal for trauma and ICU. Bit scary as they said only 2 out of 3 live, but many of these are heart and transplant problems I guess. I am just happy he has the tubes out of his mouth and nose.

    I wish I wish-let's play I wish I wish..... has to be an object OK?

    For a hot tub!!!

    mrdad I am trying to catch that program tonight BTW. Prickles dear how was the speech?

    Love Anne
  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just read the other post.

    Hope the mold problem gets abated by your dh.

    Rocky I know Marta song very well, my dad always sang it in the bath, and he would make us laugh(thin walls) as he would fill his mouth with water and gargle the marta bit!!!

    Also, if you hit the back button when you are writing a reply, it will take you back to the post, then hit forward to get back to your letter, this way you can refresh your brain fog memory to see who said what and why.

    Talking of which:

    "I have six faithful servants, they taught me all I knew,
    Their names are Why and Which and What and When and How and Who."

    Love that, learned it as a little kid-used to appear front page in the old Book of Knowledge.

    Glad the audit went OK.

    PG Woodehouse was a genius I think.

    The Kenneth-I think that sounds brilliant.

    Oh the other day in the local "Agony column" a woman wrote in about a Kindergarten kid(5) handing out invitations for "An Old fashioned Birthday Party" to the whole class. BUT included was her wish list for gifts and her own toy registry web site!!! The wish list included things like donation to college fund and riding lessons. There was also a list of presents not desired. Poor kid, wonder why no one will show??? Talk about ME generation.......

    Anyone watch Jericho??? We rarely watch tv above PBS/BBC mystery thrillers and Jeopardy and the weather but we got hooked into this one.

    You know I was reading through my historical letters from the family and "the ague" is mentioned and it sound a LOT like FM/CFS. So I wonder if that Lyme disease connex is there???

    Danny has a pretty girl, Ebony, as his agent...taking after his uncle mrdad!!!

    Love Anne
  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    from the massage. This therapist aggressively attacked many of the trigger points. I herxed the last time I saw her although afer recovering from the severe flu like symptoms, the work she did helped. I just have to survive the next couple of days. I am going to drink more water this time to rid the body of toxins.

    It appears that most of us are not feeling our best the last few days. Most of us are experiencing weather changes...just wondering on how it affects every one. We are under severe weather warnings now with tornadoes possible until 11 pm.

    Anne, It was good to hear that they got Geoff up. Although it is difficult and he doesn't want to get up pneumonia and blood clots are so serious and movement will help so much. It is my hope that you will be able to visit him soon. I'm sure his spirit is low and a visit from his family would be a plus. How is Danny's campaign and are you feeling better?

    Carla, I wish your client had listened to you a couple of years ago...bet he does too. You amaze me...working...getting you MBA...and fielding off stalkers. Yes...amazing. Question please..How can you just take meds one month and not another? I guess I've missed previous posts that would explain but I would be in trouble if I did that.

    Marta: I really enjoyed your "Good Advice" on the previous thread. I think I'm going to keep that one. When my brain begins to clear, I am going to try to read your thread about the brain and dopamine again. Very interesting...I have trouble absorbing technical info though. I guess you've heard that Fredericka is back...so do you lose the jewelery now??? I think mrdad is the type that can handle more than one woman.

    Ken: May I ask what type of scooter? I'm seriously thinking of doing the same. My body is very comfortable horizontal or should I say reclined. As some of my other symptoms are improving, this has not. Life is passing so fast and there are places that I want and need to go again. I would like to try the antivirals first to see if that would help before I make the purchase.

    Rocky: I suggest that you do not send checks to mrdad although I am quite fond of him. Carla is the accountant and I'm sure she would volunteer to be the book club treasurer. mrdad has his mind on other things.

    mrdad: I'm so happy for you. You're life is now complete again. Your son sounds like his Dad...a lady in every country. I hope you still have your coupons for I Hop. Maybe you will get to use them again!

    If I left anyone out...I apologize. I'm tired and I can't think of anything witty or charming.


  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    this song had the word "porch" in it. Almost.

    On the old farm house veranda
    There sat Silas and Miranda
    Thinking of days gone by.

    Said he "Dearie, don't be weary,
    You were always bright and cheery,
    But a tear, Dear, dims your eye.

    Put on your old grey bonnet
    With the blue ribbon on it,
    And I'll hitch old Dobbin to the shay.

    Through the fields of clover
    We'll ride up to Dover,
    On our Golden Wedding Day.

    Big hit a century ago. Written by the same guy who wrote "Moonlight Bay".

  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Glad to see you on the thread. I vote for Minerva. Immediately I knew that was the right name. Let's see what the others say.

    Anne: I wish....I wish...for $$$(that is a thing right). Would love to get out of debt and would love to have plenty to share.
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Anne: I'm so proud of Danny! With Politics, a candidate
    must keep the priorities in order. And the # one import-
    ant thing is to obtain a good "laptop". He is of course
    attempting to get elected to the most powerful political
    position, the controller of the purse. King Louis built
    Versailles for that very reason. Danny might have himself
    a big Palace for all of us to live in soon! Hope "Guido"
    is doing his job well.

    Fredericka (Freddie): Thinking of maybe a lunch on Sunday
    if I can find some coupons for Taco Bell! Always try to
    grab a few extra "hot sause" packets to take home for fu-
    ture meals. I think we may be having a long Saturday nite
    making up for lost time!

    I've been researching the possibilities of anti-virals
    as I been hearing more and more Peeps having some suc-
    cess wiff them. Fight 4 and some others as well as some-
    one I'm aquainted wiff here in S.F. My Doc doesn't have
    the authority to order aProtocol as it is yet considered
    "experimental. I will, however, do the testing for the
    viruses as an independent action. Likewise, anti-biotics
    are another possiblity. Anne has been having some encour-
    ageing success with her Protocol.

    Rest up for the Weekend Freddie. Must make up for lost
    valuable time! May be in Portland for that Stir FlY
    sooner that ya think.(??)

    Sweetie and Marta: Hope you are both doing better this
    Evening! We just never know when things are gonna turn
    sour on us! Maybe it is better that way. ??
    Hope you are going to recover real soon. Thinkin' of ya!

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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    They had something new for your porch when I was a kid. Yellow light bulbs! Didn't attract bugs. See, they had high tech way back then.

    They had high tech a thousand years ago. The horseshoe. Very big in agriculture. You could plow more, the food supply went up and the population grew.

    But my point is...as Dave Barry says, the point is I don't have a point.

    Georgia, I have a neighbor who has an aunt who is a nun. She took her name from her siblings, Wilhelm, Henry and Mary. She was Sister Welhema. (I always ask him, "How's your aunt Sister Hematoma?")

    Lately he's been saying, "She's dead." Don't know if she really is or if he's just tired of me asking.

    Georgia, maybe you could be Grannie Minrushbar.

    Nice to see you back, Fredericka. That ol' brain fog gets annoying doesn't it. Just switch on the defroster every now and then. That's what I do. Course I can't always find the button.

    Now about this romance w/ MrD. Is that brain fog, a delusion, a tabloid rumor...? Inquiring minds want to know.

    MrDad. Your "OXOXOXOXOX" reminded of the Tom Bodett book I just read about Norman Tuttle. Norm, age 13, got a letter from his first girlfriend that said "OXOXOX" at the bottom.

    So when he wrote back he added "COWCOWCOW".

    Anne, I tried that computer trick, but it didn't work for me. I think you have to be born in the computer age. When I was born they didn't have silly putty, and my mother's credit card was made out of cardboard.

    Ken, after you get your vanity license plate, you can get a bumper sticker. I suggest:
    My other scooter is a fork lift!

    Forgot what I was going to say to you, Lolalee. Well, all the best from here in the West.

  15. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I don't know how Anne does her computer trick but I know one that will work. I have severe brain fog too and I have trouble remembering who said what too. Some one gave us a hint on the board.

    Before you hit the reply button, hit the shift button. A box should pop up that you can reply in. I have to maximize that window usually so I can get a view of my I am trying to type but the entire post is still on your screen and you can just go back and forth. I use to take notes and still do at times. See if that will work for you. What I am trying to say is you will have two immunesupport.com screens up....one with the thread and one with your reply.

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Where is the Gold Rush celebration? Those things are
    always fun. They had Pioneer Day's when I lived in
    Plumas Co. I'm sure they still do.

    Have great fun!

    P.S. (Rocky was too young for the Gold Rush. However,
    I hear he was at Provo when they placed the GOLDEN
    SPIKE!!)[This Message was Edited on 09/28/2006]
  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sounds like a "logical" place to me! Ask an obvious
    question and get an obvious answer. May be Fredericka
    would like to go there with me. Is the River still warm
    enough to swim in? Knew a young man who spent his Sum-
    mers in a wet suit diving for gold in the Feather River.
    Found enough gold that he sold to a Dentist in the Bay
    Area to help get him through college for the

    Let us know all about it!

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  18. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I thought I'd better get in here before this got too much longer.

    Rock..your response to me just made me crack up, because that's me all the time, not remembering what I was going to say..thanks for thinking of me though. Maybe it had something to do with the south or y'all. Love that OXOXOX, COWCOWCOW!!! I confess I had to read it a couple of times to get it.....but get it I did and it was funny.

    Sweetie, growing up my "porch" was something we called "the stoop". For anyone who doesn't know what that means, the stoop were the outside steps leading to the front door of your apartment building where all the kids would hang out and wait for the Good Humor Ice Cream Truck.

    I'll tell you all I've have major life adjustments being born and raised in New York City,New Jersey (back when Atlantic City was just a long boardwalk, with something called "the Steel Pier" where they had a diving horse..didn't know back then that it was cruelty to make that poor horse dive into a huge pool), Philadelphia..then Puerto Rico for a few years....Texas (where I met and married my man) and now the deep South. (well, maybe some of you have lived in many more places) It is gorgeous here in the South and a very, very peaceful place to live which is perfect for this stage of my life. Except that I miss my grandchildren big time!!

    OT - A tip to all about going back and forth to read and respond to posts...I've lost so many posts going back adn forth that now before I go back to check a post, I highlight and copy everything I've typed. This way if I get lost in ProHealthland, my words are saved and all I have to do is open a new reply window and paste....WALA!!(sp?)

    MRDAD ....Please tell me about your anti-viral quest. I am thinking of seeing an Infectious Diseases Specialist because I feel so ill. Today was awful and I spent most of the day in bed. I have no energy and feel that awful malaise.

    Anne...I'll play..I wish, I wish I had one month of perfect health and plenty of money to take my dream trip to Italy (especially Tuscany) with my honey where we would have our fill of any food, wine, dessert that we desired. And...have enough energy to romp up and down the Spanish steps and have my beloved give me a fabulous diamond ring at the foot of the steps just like in the commercial (I think that's where they are)where the woman says "I love this man..I love him..I love him...."

    Oh..sorry..I'm back now. Anyway, I've got the man if not the rest and that's a very good thing!!!

    Don't mean to leave anyone out by not mentioning names. I hope you know that this message is for all of you, my friends.

    BIG YAWN....Nighty, night....

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Think you may not see this until the A.M. as it is very
    late on your side of the Country. Yes, I suspect among
    other things that I could have an active viral condition.
    Had to drop out of Grad School in l970 cause of Mono.
    Been exposed to other possible viruses also. I'm just try-
    ing to eliminate things as I go along. Plan to have an in-
    dependent lab do my blood work soon.

    There is a Doctor Montoya at Stanford U. in Palp Alto
    that has been using Valcyte anti-viral protocol with
    some impressive success. Understand he is planning to
    do a more extensive study on the subject. Haven't heard
    anything rescently though. Anti-virals even if effective
    may not be the "answer" for everybody.(??)

    I do think, however, that anti-biotics may also prove
    to be helpful for many people. All very interesting yet
    very inconclusive thus far. At least thereis some encour-
    aging signs that some more postive things are happening
    in the field.

    I know that you most likely feel as I do that the fatigue
    is the worst and most debilitating part of these illnesses
    for most of us. If we had normal energy levels, we
    could better cope with the pains and discomforts!

    Always know when the panhandler is from the South here
    in S.F. "Y'all got some change"?

    Hope ya feel OK today!

  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    It's nice to "hear" your voices this morning. It's chilly this morning and the low tomorrow morning only 46 ( brrrr). The front came though last night and we had severe weather for a couple of hours and it dropped the temperature quickly. Happy that the tornado did not appear.

    The after effects of the massage is better this time. Already feeling better..just sore. I have been blessed the last couple of months with the best health that I have had since the total collapse. It's far from normal and "normals" would think they were very sick but to be from where I was to now...I am blessed. Two months ago I would not have been able to participate on these threads with you guys and this has been so good for me. I need to sit down and write what changes that have happened that I credit to my improvement.

    I am a "people person" and since 2003, I've been in a bad way....mainly just me and a dog that is a little "off balance" at times. LOL I think he is more tired of our situation than I am. It's not fair to him. Labs are high energy dogs...just what I need. Poor dog...poor me. I was a high energy person one time in my life.

    Lololee: I was happy to see your post and thanks for telling me how to save my post from the "post graveyard". I lost a very long one to you on "our thread" a couple of days ago. So disco urging...hopefully I will get try it again today. I lost 2 long ones to Anne recently and 1 to the whole group. Are you doing it like you are going to copy and paste? When I lose them, I usually quit posting for awhile.

    Fight: Glad you came to visit. I hope you are feeling better. Change is scary...especially with all that you are dealing with.

    Prickles: How are you? I do hope you are getting some rest.

    Where is findmind, ken, and all the others that post on occasion? I would love to see some post from y'all.

    I have to rest for a few minutes. Think I will just read some post for awhile.


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