OT - think naming your kid Apple is weird- how 'bout Pink & Dink?

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    Given the fashion of celebrities often naming their kids offbeat names (like Moon Unit, Lexus, and Apple, to name only a few!) --

    Here are some of the top 1000 names of the '80s and '90s. The 1880s and 1890s, that is. Got this at the babywizard site.

    Pink and Dink by the way were both (twin) BOYS - Not so strange back in those days. In fact, Pink ranked as high as #304 among boys back in 1881!

    (It seems to me that I read somewhere that the late 1800s was when hot pink came out as a color, and it was considered 'too strong' for girls, LOLOL!)

    Here are some other choice names of the period. To keep it fair, all these names made the top 1000 list in at least four different years:

    Flem Icy
    Clell Dicy
    Ples Mintie
    Cloyd Tinnie
    Bee Viney
    Gee Birdie
    Irl Biddie
    Purl Pinkie
    Perley Mammie
    Burley Lockie
    Okey Lovie
    Zollie Anner
    Author Lular
    Lawyer Ellar
    Fate Dellar
    Creed Arizona
    Handy Florida
    Chancy Indiana
    Pleasant Missouri
    Golden Nevada
    Love Tennessee
    Park Tiny
    Press Fairy
    Math Queen
    Shade Novella
    Price Edmonia
    Worth Permelia
    Toy Lugenia
    Coy Ova (!)
    Orange Media
    Lemon Floy

    The babywizard site is rather cool - you can type in your own name or those of your kids and see how popular - or unusual (does that mean unpopular?) - it was by decade from 1880 on in the U.S.

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    Every generation has it's quirks!

    Thanks for the cute post!


    H Michael
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    But then look at the names of Demi Moore's girls, Scout and Rummer (don't know how to spell that one).

    There is a coach in the NFL named Lovie.

    This was interesting, thanks for posting this.