OT: Those that have trigger point therapy??? Feedback needed

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suz45, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I see a chiropractor who is trained and teaches Trigger point therapy as well as myofascail relaese. He does not do alot of crunching on me, doesn't want to aggravate my pain. My question for those of you with CMP, do you notice that the trigger points that are the tough ones come back dsay several days after treatment? I'm at the point now where I see my doctor every other week, which seems to be enough( unless flaring). However, I have these two stubborn areas in my hip/shoulder that he has to work really hard on to strech out. My left hip is usually out of alignment due to this particular bad trigger point.

    Anyone else can you relate to this and what have your doctors orLMT or PTs said to you. I also am dealing with a bad back at are L4 and L5 so this also impacts on the area.

    Just wanted others feedback on there therapy...As I get frustrated when I think the trigger point is worked out only to have it come back full force. I also do yoga and streching at home almost daily to keep the knots from becoming worse.

    Thoughts anyone....

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    Thanks prickles..I thought that this might be the case from the research I had done reasing bout the TRps, just needed to know I'm not alone with the return of the monster trps' I take calcium and magnesium at night to relax the muscles as well as a hot bath or shower after therapy..Will keep tyring to find the balance. I appreciate your feedback.

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    Tanks Haley: I appreciate your feedback. I do the strching to maintain more muscle strength as well. When my doctor works on me he uses the streching in the areas to keep out of the trigger points. In the areas that I have TRPs he uses the pressure point release..I have to say it does seem to help. As I said to prickles I suspected they come back. Just trying to minimize the impact and not go into a flare. My chiro really takes alot of time to work on me though and I has helped my bad back area as well. So if he can do both and I can manage it with as little meds as possible I will. I already take 4mg of Klonopin daily for a seizure disorder, I really don't want to add to this. Muy focus has been more alterantive med and utilizing meds for breakthrough pain.

    I will read your latest post. Afterall you are our reasearch Diva.

    Thanks agin for tour feedback always appreciated,


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