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  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Do I just have that "brane frog" thing today or did your
    "New Post" for the gang disappear for some reason. Some-
    one is going to have to Pinch Me, Fredericka??

  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I cannot find it either. Can't think why it would disappear though. Please see new post as I found out why.

    Right now,with my brother so desparately ill, the comfort I receive from chatting OT with you guys is keeping me going. I would love to hear from anyone else too, this is not an exclusive thread nor is intended to be one.

    About to go into school to confront the Principal here to ask what the principles are.

    Love Anne ps can you recall what we said other than harmless chit chat?

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  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    for mrdad-resolved somewhat the situation at school, they admitted many mistakes had been made.

    Love Anne
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just woke up but I waited almost five mins. to get to
    the sight! Even have a cup of Instant Coffee on my desk.

    Are you saying you Brother has had a relapse? I hope that
    isn't the case!

    Did th e Principle ever read the "Persons with Disabili-
    ties Act"?

    The missing Thread most likely was done (possibly if er-
    ror) by the Moderator?? Don't recall any thing that
    could be considered inappropriate! With Rocky on that
    Thread, in may well be a sudtle case of Elder Discrimin-
    -ation!? I don't think anyone can delete a Message other
    than the person who wrote it or the moderator. Think it
    should be a demonstration of courtesy to give an explan-
    via email to the person who has been edited or deleted!!

    "Talk" to ya soon as I was up late with the FREDERICKA!!

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I didn't delete the missing posts. Not possible for anyone but the poster to delete, right?

    I wrote a long post, but don't remember what it was.

    More likely that the excommunication was an error rather than "for cause".

    I had lots of energy y-day. Went to the bank, library, gas station and for a gourmet treat, Taco Bell. (Used to handle their claims in our office.)

    Most days I don't go anywhere except next door to feed the feral cats and water the garden.

    Perhaps our posts should have a more general title to avoid the appearance of a clique?

    Hope you have good news about your brother Anne. Mr D. Have you started your book report yet?
  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Prohealth have told me that it was deleted because wording was viewed as a "clique" that could be hurtful to others.

    I fully accept the rules, and will watch any wording (even said in jest)that could be construed as exclusive or hurtful. I cannot imagine why anyone who read our threads could ever construe any of us are not always chatting to everyone and being very supportive too. We most certainly always are. If anyone out there does not know this,and you are reading this, we are hoping you will join in too, the more the merrier. I can sure use the support right now.

    So if anyone is reading, join in, I really need the support and none of my posts or replies are ever intended to exclude anyone nor would I ever wish that to be so. This is an open board and your nice comments and support are most welcome.

    I should explain that a few people have been particularly supporting to me over the last two weeks asking and receiving daily communication about my brother, who is still fighting for his life in a trauma unit following an accident, on another thread that was just getting too long, so I started a new one.

    The other thread started by 1sweetie is still up and if you read through it I feel certain you will see mentioned how weloming we all are on that thread.

    Also, if you click on my name you will see that beyond any doubt my replies and posts are always pleasant, welcoming and supporting to the nth degree, so I am sorry to whomever it was that felt hurt, but hurt was never nor would ever be intended. I am probably one of the kindest people you could ever wish to meet.

    Anyway, Geoff seems to be still with us, and I will call my SIL later. I am wiped out as we had all the trouble with the school today. For anyone who does not know, my 12 year old has autism and we have to work very hard to establish him in Middle School right now, but he has been bullied a lot already, just five days into school. We managed to sort it out and the school admitted responsibility for not having the supports in place and for being sloppy re disability protection rules and not following the IEP. They are now. They said they made five major errors.

    Then I had a doctor visit that was a little alarming as my left eye that I have been complaining of for some time as having odd vision in, this new and pretty good doctor, saw a problem in the blood vessels behind the eye, so I have to follow up there, plus it seems I have he thinks Guerrine Barre virus which he thinks is what has been affecting me all year since the flu shot in November that rendered me unable to walk. I had questioned then if this was it and it seems the doctor who gave the shot sort of covered his back a little. It can appear as a killer version (which a friend of mine had after a flu shot) though she recovered eventually, or a chronic version which he says is probably most likely what I have.

    It makes it difficult now for me to visit Canada as I don't want to be trailing a bacteria or virus into the hospital wiht me for sure, and he wants me to go on this med for three weeks.

    As soon as we got in from the docs, we had a message saying Danny was at his grandmas due to vertigo. We collected him, checked out it was just stress and he is now back in school and wanting to be there. He just needed to hear how the meeting went is all. That blame for being a victim-they had made him sign paperwork mirroring the bullies promsies to never hit or call names when of course he hadn't!!! and he wanted it, quite rightly, torn up. We had told them to go and tell him, but again, see, they don't listen properly.

    So thanks for your continued support and my sincere apologies to anyone who I may have inadvertently offended, it was never intended.

    Love Anne
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So sorry for everything that seems to be coming down on
    you. Hope things can get straighten out at School for
    both Danny and you so it won't have to be a constant is-

    As for the Thread, I guess the "Hole in the Head Gang"
    is now defunct! Knew it couldn't last Anne, and I was
    just in the process of planning out next big heist. Was
    thinking perhaps, Bolivia! They don't speak much Ameri-
    can down there so we could get away with lots of "stuff"
    without being detected.

    You are always so ready to open others to the Immune Supp.
    circle of friends and all of us are all over the Board
    extending that openess and empathy to all! However, we
    both agree that we wish to avoid any notion of non-inclu-
    -sion and wish all to feel comfortable to participate
    on all the Threads.

    "Talk" later,

    Hugs to both YOU and Danny!!
  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've been off the board for awhile and you people are already in trouble!

    Anne, I wrote a very long post to you about Danny, your brother, and my SIL and it went to the missing post grave yard. I was so upset about what I had read and then upset that such a long heartfelt post disappeared.

    I had written to MrDad too but I can't remember what it was about.

    I tried to recapture my thoughts the following day (yesterday morning) and I just could not get it together and my computer kept loosing info. My internet is through a satellite and bad weather not only bothers me...it will freeze the computer.

    Today I am having a migraine and I'm sure it is weather produced. This is going to be short.

    What happened to your thread? I saw the new rules. I thought it may be our joking about the "picture". I don't even remember what was on that thread. I haven't looked since yesterday morning.

    Please know that you, Danny, and your brother's situation is heavy on my heart. Hopefully tomorrow my brain and the computer will work and the headache will go away.

    Mrdad you keep Anne's spirit uplifted please. You are very good with that for all of us.
  9. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    So I missed it all. Maybe just as well.

    I have never felt like you guys were all-inclusive, I just jumped right in a short time back, didn't I? I saw fun going on and in I jumped!

    But I respect the rights to have "rules," as seen fit by the owner. We promise to behave! Well, I promise anyway. Can't speak for anyone else!

    Us old people are gonna hafta start minding our P's and Q's OR ELSE!!!

    Anne, you have waaay too much to deal with. I hope things at the school will simmer down now. Bullies always have to test the waters, it seems like. I surely do hope your brother will improve every day. Now YOU with problems, too. Hang in there!! It never seems like it, but this too will pass. I really hope you're holding up alight.

    I'm so glad everyone is here for each other. Certainly is a much-needed life-float for everybody having troubles.

    LOL, MrDad you're too funny.

    BTW, I did put up a more recent pic of me in profile. The old lady doll thing was creeping me out a little. LOL.

    Have a good evening. I'm run ragged after many chores and chasing a 3 yr. old around the house. He keeps me sane and grounded, not to mention exhausted. But the laughs are so well worth it.

    Hope everybody reading has a good night.

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Everything is gonna' be fine! Just wish out of a sense
    of courtesy an email would be sent to the Author of the
    Post in explanation! Oft times they may be correct but
    no body learns from an experience unless they are told!*

    Don't think it would be that difficult and we would not
    be left to just wonder. Right gang? I mean---members.

    Sweetie, did you have a bad experience with a Flu Vac?
    I think Anne did also from her last Post?

    Fredericka, your new Pic from the "Bio-Cam" will solicite
    a lot of "but you look so good"! 'Cause you do! Your just
    gonna be another Vana White when you get to be her age!!
    And NO detectable make-up either! You just a marvel.

    MRDAD * Old American word for, often.

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  11. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    Your insight, compassion and knowledge is tops. We all look for your postings.

    I have jumped into many postings and I was always told that I was welcome to do and anyone else was also.

    I about cried over one posting you did on books and chapters(tired so not stating well). If I could write what was in my heart and mind, it would of been the posting you did on that, I kept it, to keep forever. But that talent is not mind. Like singing, enjoy listening, but can not carry a tune at all! LOL.

    I have been wanting to tell you something. Remember the incident with Danny and the store that would not refund for a electronic item you had rewarded him with? It was missing a part. opened it right in the car after buying it.. The store opened the other boxes of same item and it also was missing that part. still, no refund.

    My DH recently told me that a couple of times someone mentioned to him that he could get this or that at "that" store and he said No, I will never shop there again.

    He said something like, "My wife has a dear friend in another state that has the same illness my wife does. This lady is well educated, professional and a giving, loving person. Her husband has health issues and they have a son with Autism. So finances are tight for them, yet they are exceptional in handling all."

    He goes on to tell of the incident. He said, "If they can treat someone this way, I do not want to deal with them ever".
    I remember telling DH how that had upset me and how undeserving you and Danny were treated. I feel proud that he really did listen and now relates this to others.

    Ann, you are tops in sharing and giving and we love you.....much. I have never read anything you wrote that was otherwise. One of mine, a answer to a posting, disappeared also, but the whole thread did. So I wondered if it was me or not. I decided not to worry about it, I try to be nice, fair and all. You do also.

    Your brother and all of you are in my prayers.
    Many Blessings.......Love, Susan

  12. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Good Morning fellow MEMBERS!

    I want to start a new thread with Honora's name in the title where we can chat. I hope she is able to peek at the board on occassion and I would like to know that she can find our posts. Is that "k" with you mrdad and all others???

    I'm going to call it: OT: HONORA your friends are here.

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Thank you all for your words of comfort and advice.

    The store incident just happened to another woman I know who has two disabled kids. Finally after much tooing and froing and arguing over two months, they are getting a replacement for the non working appliance they not only bought but had an in store insurance on!!!

    Had they not been persistent to the point of threatening to sue and starting procedings then their money would have been lost, plus they had the eductaion to fight the fight. What about those who don't!!! Thanks to your dh for being loyal etc. These big companies will not change policy until all the little people start uniting and stop using them. It is not a very good Buy anyway, if they have these terrible reteurn policies and often have shoddy goods mixed in with OK ones. Better But elsewhere as most stores now will match prices, so no point in putting up with it.

    mrdad 1sweetie(or was it Sue? you are right about the flu shot. The first thing this doctor said was, never have any other, but I had already decided not to have any more.

    Apparently that was the Guiellne (sp) Barre virus. Some people recover by themselves, but the the problem is that then one gets residual effects for as long as three years after, whereas if it is treated promptly one gets well quickly. Especially for a milder version of it. However, it is not the carrier in the vaccine that causes this but the vaccine itslf and only in the flu vaccine. I had most definately asked the doctor when I got all the symptoms could this be GB? I knew about it as a friend of mine got it after a flu shot when she was 60. Apparently, the previous two shots she had felt unwell and developed a somewhat milder version as I have, which should have been a warning.

    What I am a bit worried about now is this eye thing as I wonder why the blood vessels in the back of the eye would suddenly become yellow? Again that other doctor I kept asking he check my eye but he was so cursory he would have missed anything except an alligator in there. I do wonder if this has anything to do with the constantly present headache I always have. My eye doctor when I went to make the appt. thought it could wait till next week and I heard him tell the receptionist to file under chronic condition. He is the sort of man who would have had me sit there and have him look immediately had he been very concerned, plus I only saw a retinist about a year ago when I got the occular migraines and all was well then.

    Do not have an update on Geoff btw, will have one later today.

    Fredericka, I have to go check your picture again see what is up now. I think mrdad is handling it well and clearly is not ageist as he accepts you "as you are" and it mattered not a jot to him you actually were not the model on the beach. By the way where DId you get that old picture of me???

    Anyone started Marley and Me? I have to go and get a copy. I liked My Dog Skip so I probably will like this so long as no awful deaths of animals, don't mind old age, have a cry deaths.

    Raining again here. I am trying a new ply as I start the meds, that is I intend to actually not do anything physically taxing for the next couple of weeks and see how that helps. I do wonder if I overdo it. I will just walk a little more. Oh does anyone use one of those over the door neck stretchers? dh got me one yesterday and I am not sure how long one should sit with it on or the weight to add in the water bag??? Any ideas.

    Sorry you lost long and thoughtful posts. I was just trying to read what else was writen and cannot get the thread up small.

    Love Anne
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----and to all Ships at sea! Rocky remembers that call!

    Anywho, hope we are all gonna' have a good day! Our Mon-
    -itors, we will all agree, have a difficult job. They pro
    tect us from predators and unscrupulous others. Until I
    found you "guys" I spent alot of time on another well
    known website. Got very tired of the name calling and
    more than questonable language on legal and pol. sites!
    So I'm glad to find his site that has a kind and decent
    demeanor. Our monitors do help to keep it that way I'm
    sure we agree.

    Thanks Sweetie for staring that new sight for Honora! We
    of course all continue to be concerned and would like to
    have a reassuring contact. Hopefully soon!

    The Flu shot incident continues to interest me in terms
    of a possible source of illness. I became increasing
    fatigued after a combination of Hep., Flu and "Ammonia"
    shot about three years ago. It was so within that time
    frame that I inquired of my Doc of any poss. correlation.
    "Of course not". He was the same Doc to assure me that
    they had done my Lyme Test after continually requesting
    one. "Came up negative". New Doc finds no record of it
    ever having been done! Have the paper work for the
    Igenex Test and will do it soon. He will hear from me!!

    There are Institutions that encourage reporting any ad-
    verse effects to Vacs. even if just a suspicious nature.
    "Brighton Collaboration" is such an institution.

    Well, gonna cut this short and get ready to get ready!
    We all know what that means, huh?

    "Talk" later, "K" ?
  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I wanted to elaborate a little on the flu shot thing. My friend in UK started to get Fm like stuff one year, lasted about three months or so, the next year after flu shot got the fm stuff again but a little worse and lasted longer with some stomach stuff and fatigue too. Third time, the full monte. I certainly think the same pattern has happened to me.

    My new doc said that the bacteria and parasites responsible for lyme type illnesses are very similar. Hey so I will guinea pig for you on this regime of 500mg zithromax three days three weeks and report back. They are finding it can work with those who got ill from the flu shot and GB is so similar to FM/CFS in its chronic form. This doctor office have seen big improvments in about 25% of people, plus it stops the arthritis aspect often. They use anti virals in others.

    Sop I am with your line of thinking for sure.

    As my dh pointed out. Is it coincidence that all this CFS/FM started about the same time as flu shots.....

    Love Anne

    I still think the other shots are OK but only spaced as they used to be one month/six weeks apart one at a time.

    Love Anne
  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Great to hear from you! I am really skimming through the board these days, tend to click on the search at the top and just read those then skim the board for "desparate" posts.

    I am so sorry that your son is doing poorly and also sincere condolences re Dale's mom.

    Gosh and you are still feeling so poorly? That is awful. I often wish that we could all just move into a big old apartment building together and help one another out.

    I think of you daily, lying in your bed, suffering and always meditate on you and yours. For some reason I picture you as a younger Liz Taylor (when she was thin).

    Do they know why your son is having the tia's or is it other type of mini stroke?

    It did occur to me that the yellow could be cholesterol but all my dopplers have shown really clean blood vessels in and around my body even though my blood levels always show high LDL, my docs have never worried as the ratio is good. Plus there has never really been any evidence at all to suggest the theory that warrants statins in the usual doses. New research is actually showing some really down sides of lowering cholesterol BTW.

    Well, I digress. Danny was just in here telling me he is going to print posters in all languages to stop all wars, bless him. Hey he is getting A's in all his work and it is the same as the other kids' work load too. We have always been upset that they were dumbing him down rather than just teaching him in a way he needs.

    Oh I got a letter of "apology" from the neighbor today. When I say apology it started out as such then went on for three pages giving excuses and qualifying the actions of non inclusion. Maybe I can use this as a springboard to get her and all her cronies to really start talking and thinking how to include our kids and what to teach their kids. Some of the excuses were really all about running social activities that excluded Danny!!! Plus they have no idea how their kids ignore ours either, they are looking from a different perspective.

    It is our block pinic this weekend so she is probably hoping to clear the air.

    My brother is doing a little better today and the doc said he is starting to turn the corner, so we are all very hopeful he will make it, but he is still serious but stable, and not awake.

    Love to you. Wake have you ever thought about doing the anti viral therapy or the antibiotic therapy I am trying. There just HAS to be something lurking about thta needs chasing off.

    I came on to read about your scooter post so I will check that out but not reply there.

    Love to all,


  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Glad you poped in for Coffee 'cause that's just what I'm
    having now! Anne should be along pretty soon. Your point
    is "well taken" about my suggestion that they don't speak
    American down in Bolivia! They probably don't even speak

    I still remember the scene when "Butch" and "Sundance"
    get off the train down there and start slowly walking
    around the Station among the roaming Lama's and as
    Sundance slowly lifts his leg to observe what is stick-
    ing to the bottom of his boot! A precursor to the future
    for them!

    We all know the ending to that adventure!
    "Talk" later Wake,

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Some history of the Old West for you.

    I don't know if we really know what happened to Butch and Sundance, Mr D. There are various stories. Butch's sister said he came back the USA and lived another 30 years of so under an assumed name.

    There is a book on Etta. I have it on hold at the library. (Her name shows up in crosword puzzles.)

    To illustrate that history is just around the corner, the most famous bank holdup in the old west took place in Northfield, MN, in 1876. The James and Younger gang was shot to pieces/captured by the intrepid townspeople.

    One of the posse members that tracked down the Youngers was still alive when I was a kid.

    The second most notorious bank holdup was when the Dalton gang tried to hold up two banks simultaneously in their home town of Coffeeyville, Kansas. That was in 1881.

    Same scenario. The towns people unleashed a barrage of bullets. Emmett Dalton survived and was still alive when I was very young.

    So in only two lifetimes we can go back to the days when the Old West was a frontier that included some really nasty characters.

    I'm sure we would all have been stalwart pioneers had we been blessed w/ good health.

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    That was interesting history. I saw a documentary about butch and sundance and it was really good. Can't recall it all now.

    Just an aside there was an old episode of Gunsmoke on tv the other day, and we were grinning as all the women had sprayed hair, false eyelashes and some really pointed undergarments!!!

    I think we would all make tough pioneers.

    As my post with all the witting testimony in it went to the land of nod,:

    "In June of 1857 we again set our faces Westward to labor in Iowa somewhere anywhere. Between MOnday morning and Thursday evening we passed from New Hampshire to Iowa performing in a few days what 14 years ago could only have been done in as many weeks. Providence turned our steps northward to Decorah in the county of Winnesheik."

    So this made me think that just getting by horse from one bank rbbery to the next was probably made possible by having a semblance of roads. Isn't this amazing when one thinks about it? Go Pioneers!!!

    Love Anne
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    New Hampshire to Iowa in four days?! All the way on a train? Amazing.

    Guess who was born in Decorah in the county of Winneshiek? Yes, moi!

    In l876 a luxury hotel was built there. It is still standing, and is now the Vesterheim (Western Home), a museum about the Norwegian immigrants/pioneers.

    The last time I was in Decorah was for the annual Nordic Fest. We ate krumkaka, lefse, polse, rommegrot and kransakaka. ("Kaka" refers to cookies.)

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