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    Hi Anne, this is Carla. I hope this finds you doing well today. If it might be possible, I have a few more questions for you re: Tabby my cat. Tabby's bloodwork from yesterdays test came back today, and her bun test and creatine levels were increased; which means she has not improved from the flushing of her kidneys. She is on a strict diet of only vet approved dry and canned food. No treats, no milk, no table scraps. I mentioned the Ace Inhibitor to the vet yesterday when she had her blood drawn and the vet said that he didn't know of any specific way that this would improve her condition to his knowledge. Well, today, he said that he did a little research on the Ace Inhibitor and said that it couldn't hurt her to put her on it, so tomorrow I am picking this med up to start giving to her. Is this med something that I will give her in liquid form with a dropper? I know you had said that your vet had recommended this to you for your kitty and you were using it. HOW IS YOUR KITTY DOING? The info. that I pulled ofline about the Ace Inhibitor said that "one Ace Inhibitor has now been liscenced for use in the treatment of kidney failure of cats." It said that in one study it increased appetite and body weight. And that it lowers blood pressure - high blood pressure is a result of the CRF. I am so surprised that Tabby's test results show no improvement at all, in fact, that they show a worsening of her condition. She is still eating good, and grooming herself. The vet said that all we can do is control her diet and try the Ace I. and when she starts to show signs of not eating/grooming, then, we can do another flush of her system, he said next time we could do it 4 days in a row, instead of 2. He said that the treatment that we gave her was considered "aggressive treatment". Hope to hear from you soon. LOL Carla
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    After having a blood clot this week and just found out I have some problem with my ascending aorta from TEE done yesterday, well I may be going on Ace Inhibitor myself!!!(See posts have had an awful week)

    The pills my vet gave to me, I cut in half, they are tiny, and I just pop them straight into kitty's mouth,towards back if I can. Then I blow on his nose and tickle his throat. Till he swallows, which is usually right away. Fortunately, this cat is good about this. Benazepril 5mg (so that is 2.5 for half)

    Also the Omerga 3 and 6 capsule, my vet thinks this is of great value and I pierce that and give it same way, but you could mix it with food. Called Dermacap concentrated Fatty Acid. She says that this regime has turned cats with only 10% function around, but not all cats respond.

    Kitty seems quite perky and appetite increased I go back for more blood levels for him in about 6 weeks. My vet said she sees remarkable results on this protocol along with KD diet, or at least a low protein, very low phosperous diet and low salt.

    Presently Kitty is picking out every bit of the KD diet food from his favorite food, and leaving it-so I will have to see what else I can give. Will not touch soft food in KD or other. He is definately not going to eat the KD diet even tricking him.

    All seems well so far. I am so pleased your vet researched the Ace- just shows you how vets don't know till you tell them some times. My vet is Danish and just the best vet I ever knew. Post for any other Q's. I am in and out having a barage of tests at the moment, so keep bumping for me.

    My vet also said it will take 6 to 8 weeks to see any blood work difference by the way, so maybe it was just too soon for your Tabby. Also, do bear in mind that cats will be cats and the body will respond differently. She seems happier now though by the looks of it. You may mention all this to the vet, why not print this out?
    Purrs to Tabby.
    Love Anne C

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    I haven't been on the board and even peeped at anything in 2 days! Bless your heart! I just read through 4 or 5 of your posts to catch up! Oh my goodness, you must be a nervous wreck!?! I am so glad to hear that they have not found an aneumism or a bigger blood clot. Is this a heart condition that they think you have?
    I have printed out your post to talk to the vet about the "Dermacap". I find it so interesting that your vet has said that usually one doesn't see a change in the blood test results for 6 weeks! I wonder why my vet hasn't said that? I really have a lot of faith in my vet, but still I wonder, you know? I hope Tabby does ok with just the dry food until the canned food that is on order at the vet's office comes in. He said it takes a few days for it to come in, so we may not have it till Monday. I have decided to call a few vets 2-morrow for a second opinion via the phone. I figure what can it hurt, you know? If I hadn't posted on here, I wouldn't have known about the Ace Inhibitor, and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart again for your assistance and caring!!!!
    Well, are you scheduled for a bunch of more tests? You are on my prayer list dear. I better go! Take care, and pray that all turns out good. LOL Carla