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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjr2003, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Hi Anne, it's Carla :>) I just wanted to let you know how good Tabby is doing! I took her off the Benazapril; she hasn't had a dose of it since last Friday. Tabby's system just couldn't tolerate the Enalapril or the Benazapril; it caused her to hurt horrifically all over/ made her very ill. I think this is just a "Tabby thing" - I am sure those meds are good for some kitties, but Tabby's system is just super sensitive it seems. She is eating very well, and is not hurting at all like she was. I couldn't even pet her because she was in so much pain. She played w/ me today and this is the first time she has played in weeks. She physically looks better and it is so obvious she is feeling better by how she acts. I am glad she is tolerating the new cat food well. I was reading the ingredients/vitamins that are in the k/d diet and it all sounds wonderful for her! She doesn't seem anxious/nervous like she was and I am really hoping that she is stabalizing now. Just wanted to pop in and fill you in on her progress in the past week! :>) How are u feeling? Still having tests run? or have they got it all nailed down what is going on ? Hope you are feeling better; I know you had a scare earlier this week w/ your hubby and all. God Bless, Carla
  2. Cromwell

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    All is better. I do think ypur vet overdosed her, so bear that in mind.

    I am doing OK. I think the CIPRO made me edgy. It cleared the bad IC and scan on kidney today was fine.

    Hope all improves. I cannot type much, and I now understand I cannot get DH to type for me from my dictation,as the posts will get deleted, so I may not be on much.

    Love to you and Tabby.


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