OT: To GeorgiaC, Fight and All

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by windblade, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. windblade

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    Hi Everybody,

    How are you all doing?

    I'm feeling better, since my Dr. came back, and I can get on with my life again. That horrible, oppressive depression has lightened.

    ELIZ. How are things going with you? I was thinking about you, and praying for situations in your life all week.
    How are you handling that terrible heat?

    Fight, Just going to read your post, and check on how you're doing.

    Hangin, I was worried that your monitor had blown out, and was relieved to see that you were posting.

    Hope everyone's okay.

  2. windblade

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    I am so glad your weather is cooling off. I've been so worried about you, and everyone in your area.

    Does AC make your fibro pain worse?

    Yesterday was my husband's birthday, so tried to make it a little special for him, by picking out an old French film that we saw together 20 years ago, "Jules and Jim'. It still drives me crazy - the characters and plot.

    I marinated strawberries and made fresh whipped cream with vanilla on waffles. We had that after Chinese food, our favorite treat. Then some vanilla fudge ice cream with some extraordinary port, and sat and talked. I just had a few sips of the port, but it was superb - a present that we just opened.

    It made me happy to have a few special things for him.

    Right now I'm going to read or sleep. Tuesday was exhausting, with therapy, then food shopping. I love all the beauty and flavor of berries, and fruits and melons of this time of year. So lavish!

    It feels so good to be enjoying things again, to be free from that depression. I'm so glad that you're feeling better too!

    Love ya, Take care,
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    So good to connect with you finally! Take care of yourself with the high humidity! I have asthma running back two generations in my family. As soon as the heat and humidity reach a certain level, I can't breathe. I totally panic unless I can cool off.

    My grandfather in the days before AC would have to get out of his car, and lie down on the grass. It's definitely hereditary for me.

    Take good care of yourself. Drink LOTS of water when you're active.

    p.s. Started this thread before I saw yours.

    Lots of love and ((HUGS))