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    This is about my daughter with Asperger's. She goes to therapy every other week. It is talk therapy. I wish she was in social skills but she refuses.

    Any way, when we first got placed with this woman (social worker)(in our mental health practice it's a rolling list, the next person who is available is who you get), she says to me "What we talk about will be confidential, I will not tell you anything unless I feel she is going to hurt herself".

    I honestly am very uncomfortable with this as i don't know what my daughter is saying to this woman. You know how those with Asperger can lie, stretch the truth and how naive they are. And I dont know what this woman is saying to my daughter. she is a nice woman but i don't think she knows diddly squat about autism. she has a copy of my daughter's neuro report but i dont know if she ever read it, she never mentions it.

    I think my kid lies and tells the woman what she wants to hear and know to get her off her back. My kid is very manipulative and cunning and at the same time naive.

    What do you think?

    i value your opinion.


    ps by the way she gets her meds from a different woman in the practice (a nurse/pharmacologist) who has on occasion seen more of the crafty side of my daughter.
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    She seems to genuinely like her counselor, although I see no general improvement. I really think she needs to add a social skills program to this.

    I had always heard that in cases of Asperger's it was important to involve the family right from the start, as you and I both know they can be so immature, as you so well put it "stuck in teenage mode"!

    We got referred to this place after a crisis situation, it wasn't what I would have chosen. The school required it for her to stay in school, so we continued. I had planned to look for something else but then I got sick with the Crohn's and here we are.

    In our area it is hard to get into a mental health practice. My husband just decided he wanted to go and he has called three places and there is at least a two month wait at some of them and even more at other ones. The other night he had a fit (I think he has Asperger's too) and broke the coffee table and some other stuff, and I told him if he did not get help for his anger he was out the door. But that is another story.

    It is hard to get mental health services and I am afraid we would go from the frying pan to the fire.

    Good luck with your payee situation. I was a payee for my mom for years. It worked out fine once it gets all set up.

    Hugs and prayers,

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