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    Hi dear friend,

    Just read your post, SO GLAD that your sister has agreed to be your son's payee! She will curtail payments, and sounds like a tough cookie.

    How is your niece doing by the way?

    Praying for your computer monitor!

    I haven't been able to communicate - this depression is so bad. Bad timing too - my therapist is on vacation - I need to get through 3 weeks to see her. The end of today will be one week. Just managing to inch my way through.

    Hope you will be able to receive this. Will keep praying for your monitor.

    Have missed you and everybody else - have been in such an immobilized state.

    Love and Blessings to you and your family.

    How is your son feeling on the new diet?
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    I'm so excited to hear about your monitor!!! All day, on and off I've been praying for a computer monitor for you!!!
    I haven't been able to get up and eat even, but the Holy Spirit enabled me to have the energy and concentration to pray for you all day.

    Wow!!! I am SO GLAD that you are on line!!! I'm so glad that we're prayer-partners too! Wow, what a great, happy answer to prayer!

    I know completely how much this community means to you, and HOW MUCH you mean to everybody! This is where you belong!

    I couldn't even get up to post the prayer announcement for tonight, but luckily Kitty did it. I'm so relieved about that. I've just been immobilized by this terrible depression.

    But, I've been believing that God is here in it with me, and that He will work out His good in it somehow. By His grace, maybe he will use it for his purifying and pruning work, so that I will keep growing closer to him!

    I'm glad you sent another picture! Your "summer pajama" picture with the flirty pajama top. :) Yup - you still look young in this one - a beautifully shaped face too.
    I bet you're glad your eyes came out their regular shape and size, so you don't have to keep explaining how "squinchy" they're NOT. :)

    Yup - today I kept praying for Pattie Lee - I got that from one of your husband's poems that you shared. Boy, am I relieved that you're back with us!!! And that you didn't have to go through the stress of being without your support group!!!

    This was joyful news to wake up to.

    I'm thankful that I can concentrate so well on reading. I've been reading about a book a day - one was about 250 pages. I just read it through for about 6 hours. I especially chose quiet, calm, up-beat books. It's like a medicine for my depression - I've just been reading and sleeping - the only way I can block out the pain.

    How is your son doing on his new food program?? I've been thinking and praying for him. Do you see any good signs yet?

    I'm still so amazed that the Holy Spirit inspired me to pray and be part of this joyful solution! I'm so thankful to feel this happiness too about it.

    Thank you for your prayers too! I've been counting on them to get through - it's been scary at times - but I think what is rock-bottom importance for me is to believe/know that God is loving me and with me. I don't have to feel or think because I can't do that right now - just survive.

    But sometimes that's A LOT to have to do. It's taking all of my life-energy.

    I miss our poetry threads - it will be good to get back to them when I can concentrate again.

    I'm so thankful to have you as a special friend and prayer- partner.

    I kept trying to call one of the Sisters but wasn't able to. Sister Mary knows from weeks ago what I'm going through, and I'm sure she's been praying straight through.

    I'm definitely blessed in my friends! And our faithful, loving prayer family here! I'm so thankful.

    Sending blessings to you and your family,
    Judy Windblade :)
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    Your son has been on my mind to pray for. Now I know what to pray.

    Love and blessings!
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    What wonderful news about your store having non-gluten stuff! Wow, what a relief - I was worried that you'd have to wait until your sister was payee to get the food you and your son needed.
    Whewww, what a relief that you found the spaghetti. You came up with some great ideas for cooking. Thank God you have the energy to make tasty stuff.

    Is your son eating now, and still keeping it down? Thank God you discovered all of this!

    I'm not sure if I have celiac or just non-gluten allergies.
    When I read Jenn's post on how you can't have even a grain of wheat, then I think no. But I get sick with severe cramps and IBS on any gluten product.

    It's really hard not to eat pasta when my husband does, but I've learned to not even eat one piece.

    I ate some Cheerios recently - needed something cool for the summer - I also drink Goat milk, but couldn't tolerate the oats after a week, so stopped.

    I use lemon juice instead of vinegar for all my salads - even my husband likes it. My biggest allergy problem, which has increased is mold/fungus allergy, which the vinegar just feeds. I use olive oil for my salad dressing, and sometimes flaxseed oil.

    Yum, all your stuff sounds great! That's so impressive that you have the strength to make homemade sauce!

    I'm sure that there must be recipes on-line for g-free stuff. That's how I learned to use my slow-cooker.

    I recently realized that Jennhere was gone - I got concerned about that. I think all her posts are gone. I don't know what happened - but I hate it that she left the Worship board!

    Your son has been on my heart to pray for - I want to see him eating well - and praying about the payee!

    You really encourage me with your thankful heart - the way you receive things from God!

    I'm still having a really hard time with heartbreak about my family - would appreciate your prayers. I'm going to have a good talk with Sister Mary about it all - maybe tomorrow.

    I think my depression is lifting, but I'm feeling so anxious and fragile today. I need to build up my faith more! Trust in God's love.

    Sending love and prayers to your home!!!
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    Such good news about the soy and your son's kidneys!!!

    Let me know if that continues. He's been on my mind to pray for.

    I'm so rejoicing that he's eating - delicious spaghetti - what wonderful news.

    But I agree that it would be good to bring him to the kidney specialist, just for a last diagnosis.

    You're doing a great job! And such good news about the cigs. - having the energy to move to your other spot.

    You're really having great results, physically, emotionally, mentally from being free from the food allergies.

    I wanted to thank you for your understanding about my family problems. What you wrote was so beautiful - it really comforted me a lot.

    I have to check my copy of that last poem - I think it's only half of it - it sounds too abrupt. I'll let you know.

    Thanks for all your prayers also - that means a lot to me!
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    I'm so rejoicing in all your renewed strength, and ability to care for your son.

    Peach bread sounds heavenly!!! How long was it in the oven for?

    I had an extraordinary answer to prayer today - from another one of the Sisters, Sister Carole Marie. Home from Nigeria on a visit.

    God used her to lift an enormous burden of worry about my family members, and to confirm that my hopes and 35 years of prayer for their healing WILL BE fruitful.

    She knows them, and has known me for over 30 years. I am so filled with relief and thankfulness for God's gift to me, and his faithful love for my family!!!

    How did your son like the peach bread? And how is he feeling?

    Love to you, and yours!