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  1. KateMac329

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    Thank you for the lovely comments on Landon's room! We had a lot of fun putting it together!

    I wanted to give you some information about the crib since you said you were interested.

    Now before I even tell you how much it was I want to explain a little.

    My husband and I looked everywhere for cribs and finally just decided to get one similiar to the one I have pictured at Babies R Us. Thank goodness we stopped in at a little nursery shop before doing so!!!!

    The style of crib is called a lifetime bed meaning it will go from a crib to a toddler bed then to a full size bed.

    The ones at BRU are all very nice but none of them were all wood. They were all wood veneer and things like that. For a few hundred dollars more we got a very nice good quality made crib that is REAL wood!

    The brand is Bonavita. They are pricey so I am warning you! BUT...it was soooo worth it!!!!

    This stuff is SOLID and doesn't look like it will fall apart in a year or so.

    Anyway, the crib itself was about $800 and then the changing table which I don't have pictured (it is on the other side of the room) is a solid dresser with a removable lip on top. That was almost $700.

    I told you this stuff is expensive but you get what you pay for completely!!!!!

    Okay, just wanted to give you the info before I forogt about it.

    Thanks for the sweet comments!!!

  2. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    I am writing the brand name down for my daughter. I will also show her the picture. She isn't pregnant yet,but is planning to be soon (if all goes well).

    Thanks again, Kate.


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