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    Okay, let me start out by saying that the little icon guy should be playing a guitar. If he is instead a green frowny head then I apologize! I got confused! LOL LOL That is easy to this late at night!

    Anyway, I am sorry to hear about your MIL. I remember you telling me that you and your husband live with her or she lives with you (one way but somehow y'all live together) but I don't think you mentioned that she had cancer. If you did I apologize that I have not offered my condolences until now.

    I know it must be really hard on you and your husband. You guys are taking care of her through all of this and to top it off you are sick yourself. That is a heavy cross to bare!

    This may sound bad and I truly hope I don't offend you but I personally would feel guilty complaining about even the littlest thing if one of my loved ones had cancer and while living with me.

    Most of the time you can just visit a sick relative and then go home and take down your wall (pretend face) and curl up in your own bed and be sick. But I would feel guilty doing that knowing they were in the next room.

    I don't know I am probably not making any sense at all and I am probably just offending the heck out of you so I apologize sincerely.

    Just know that whatever I said was meant in kindness and that I truly feel for the situation you are in.

    WHEW! Take a deep breathe because that was too heavy!

    Okay....let it out....and laugh!


    I thought you would get a kick out of my little lobster! He is a cutie! Of course he isn't really a fat baby at all but that costume was squishing his cheeks all up so he looks like a little butterball! LOL

    His name is Landon and he will be nine months on the 6th. I can't believe how fast time flies! I love being a Mom!!!!!

    It is just the greatest! We didn't think that I could get pregnant but that is a long story and I'll tell you about it sometime.

    Oh and thanks for the compliment! I still have 11 pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight but I have A LOT of toning up to do. I haven't been working out at all! Just a lot of running around after my son. He is getting into everything!

    Okay dear, I need to get into bed. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!



    I just wish I had your email because I just thought of something really great that I want to share with you but I can't put it here on the board. It isn't appropriate.

    Remind me though!
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    Good idea about the OT posting, now we can at least have a somewhat private conversation.

    It's ironic that you should bring up the thought of me & hubby living with MIL, because we don't. Maybe you got me mixed up with someone else....certainly easy to do!!

    But my mom did live with us for 2 years (she died 3/05). She had a lot of health problems but it was mainly vascular dememtia that led to her death (forgot how to swallow and aspirated food which led to pneumonia and death). Sorry, I guess that's the nurse in me, always have to give all the graphic details.

    I was of course sick at that point when I was caring for her, but still able to work a couple shifts a week. Finally, though the last 6 months of her life, she needed 24 hr. care and I really could no longer work and care for her. So that's when I officially quit working 10/04.

    After she died, I of course was in a MAJOR flare. But I thought, after maybe 3-6 months I could at least go back to work very part-time. It never happened. I've never been able to have the energy mentally or physically.

    I'm lucky, if I get out of the house 1-2x a month. Just have incredible fatigue and then pain if I push myself to ignore the fatigue.

    Well, anyway sorry to give my sob story. I'm very happy that you love being a mom. I never felt (even when I was young)that I was healthy enough to be able to truly be a mom (do all the activities, smile etc.).

    Well, you said to remind you of something you wanted to tell me......how can we arrange to exchange Emails addresses?

    Hope to hear from you soon........Hugs....Jill......
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    OH CRAAAAPPP! I am so sorry about the mix up!!!! I truly am!

    I am having a mini melt down, crisis, whatever you want to call it and I am just so stressed out that I am surprised I can remember to eat!

    My depression has been hitting me pretty hard lately too.

    So enough with my stuff, I am sorry I got you confused! I can't believe I did that! GOSH! LOL Now I wonder who I got you confused with. That is going to drive me insane. LOL

    However, I am still sorry that your MIL is sick. I know it must be stressful to deal with.

    I am very sorry for the loss of your Mother too. My Grandmother died in April of 2005 of very siiliar circumstances.

    I don't think she was incapable of swallowing and I am sorry your Mother went through that but my Grandmother too had dimentia and then somehow quickly died of heart failure from pneumonia.

    Now if any of that doesn't make sense it won't surprise me. That is just what I was told in how she died.

    She lived in New Mexico and my family got a phone call saying that she was found on the side of a highway naked in a town fifty miles from where she lived.

    From there it was all down hill.

    Okay, enough of that! This is depressing!

    Oh goodness, I think my head is going to explode! We have neighbors who let their dogs bark continuously and it starts to get in your head and it drives you nuts! LOL

    I don't have much time to write, I have to get dinner started. I wanted to tell you that all of my husbands family lives in Cincinnati, OH. We go up there maybe once or twice a year. I am telling you that because your profile says you live near the OH border. Unless I am getting you confused again! LOL LOL LOL That would be just the case wouldn't it!?!?!?!

    We were actually just there in September for my husband's Grandmother's 80th!!! Birthday! She is a spunky one too. She acts like she is 20!

    Okay I need to get going. We could set a time to meet in the chatrooms sometime. That is really the only way we can exchange email addresses.

    I think you are an hour ahead of me though. I am not sure, we will have to look at that. I am on Central Time, what are you?

    I could probably come back and check this post around 8pm tonight (it is 6pm now) to see if you have a time you would like to meet. It doesn't have to be tonight. Pick a day and we will try to work it out.

    I can't stay up really late though. That is my only problem. My son is an early riser! He is rearing to go at 6 am with bright eyes and full of energy so I have to be rested as much as possible.

    Anything after 11pm my time is out. Sorry! :(

    Okay I need to stop gabbing away and get going on dinner. Oh I love what we are having tonight but it isn't very friendly to my hips! LOL

    I will have to give you the recipe sometime if you are interested. It is parmesan crusted chicken over rice.

    Basically it is fried chicken with a little bit of parmesan in the crust served over rice with a YUMMY white cream sauce poured over it. Then I serve it with asparagus but you can serve it with anything you want.

    Hmmm, got my stomach really growling now!


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    I don't know if I need to include your whole username and # on the post or not....just want to make sure you know when you've got a new reply.

    That's just so ironic that you have a lot of relatives in Cincinnati! It almost gave me a feeling that we were meant to meet and strike up a friendship. I live about 15 miles from Cincinnati. I in someways feel more like a Cincinnatian than a Kentuckian.

    I've always worked there (pay is higher for some professions), went to nursing school there, met my husband and for about 7 years lived there.

    I'd be so interested to find out what part of town your relatives live in. I know Cincy like the back of my hand.
    Well, who knows, someday we might be able to meet each other. Did your husband grow up in Cincy? How did you meet him?

    Like my bio says I'm 47 but going on 18 mentally and 87 physically. Does your illness cause you to feel isolated?
    Mine does, however, I still keep in contact with mostly old high school friends. If you can believe it, my 30th High School Reunion is next year!! It seems like, well, not yesterday but maybe more like about 15 years ago that I graduated.

    You've got me curious what you have to share with me but can't on this board...you'll tell me eventually.

    As far as the Email exchange (it sounds like we're spies pulling off some grand heist!) I've never entered the chat room before but I'm sure if a bunch of other brain-fogged people can do it, so can I. It doesn't matter at all what day or time, your schedule with having a baby is the priority. I am on Eastern Standard Time, so you are maybe one hour behind me?

    I was trying to figure out a way to just give you some clues to what my web address is lol,lol. It is so simple that it's just stupid that I can't just print it out....but OH CRAP, I guess I'd get the big boot in the rear from the moderators.

    Guess, I'll get going it's about 12:30am here, I'd like to try to sleep but that usually doesn't happen until at least 1:30 or 2am. I take Klonopin and Ativan and anything else I can get my hands on to try to fall asleep.

    Now, don't think I'm a druggie but it takes a lot of meds to knock me out. I really wish I could be prescribed Xyrem, but the sleep doc I go to isn't quite ready to agree to that.

    You don't mention too much in your profile about what type of symptoms that you have...well I'm sure we'll get into all that later. Hope you enjoyed your dinner. We had chicken breast sandwiches and a few left over side dishes.

    Well goood night....post anytime you feel like it and have the chance (if Landon will let you!!)..Hugs...Jill.....
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    Yeah using my name that way if fine. How are you feeling? I have been spending a lot of time over @yahoo dot com lately. I been busy!

    I hope you are having a good weekend! We are! I am sooooooo tired!!!!!! I think I told you this in one of the posts before but I have been REALLY stressed out last night and last night I had a mini melt down.

    My eyes are so swollen today it looks scary! LOL

    Don't worry about what I wanted to tell you. Now that I think back on it doesn't really relate because your MIL doesn't live with you. LOL LOL

    The only reason I said it wasn't appropriate is because it was a tiny bit on the religious side. I am not a religious fanatic but I do believe and I find little quotes sometimes religious and sometimes not that help get me through.

    So I will eventually share if we can get our emails exchanged. Mine is so easy! It is basically my name. ;)

    Anyway, I love this site and don't want to get myself booted so I don't want to do anything that will get me in trouble.

    We have a lot to do today so I need to get going.

    LOL LOL Oh I gotta to tell you real quick. The other night when I told you all about my yummy dinner...well I had the chicken out on the counter and Landon bonked his head on the floor and I went to take care of him and when I came back the cats were attacking my chicken!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh man I mad! I was really looking forward to that dinner!

    I think I am going to make that tonight! LOL

    Okay see ya girl! ((((HUGS))))

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    Hey girl,

    Sorry to hear about your good chicken being contaminated by cats...how many do you have? We have 3, and of course I love them dearly but because I'm home so much with them they do start to get on my nerves.

    The oldest is an orange tabby (a lot of white)named Rudy, he's 7 (found him on a cold night in a mall parking lot when he was about 6 months).

    The next is Pookie also a very orange tabby with stripes. He's 2. We got him through our vet when he was about 4 months old (I just know you're thrilled with all this info on my cats....but the saying is "love me..love my cats!")

    Lastly, is the first female we've ever had. She's a calico (a lot of dark orange, black very Halloweenish looking). Her name is Baby Girl. She's so sweet, but has a little temper when she's pissed! My hubby found her on the curb outside our house when she was about 3 months, she's 1.5 yrs.
    Well, that's all I'll say about my cats for now, but you don't get off that easily. I'm sure I'll bore you some more with cat stories at a later date (I want to hear about yours too).

    I'm very spiritual, used to say religious but have kind of gotten away from organized religion, mainly because I can't even get to church very often (DD).

    I hope whatever has been stressing you out is getting better. There's nothing like stress to set off a physical and mental flare....I get soooo depressed when I'm worried or feel threatened by something (like our not too great finances right now).

    So what've been doing so much of at Yahoo (if I may ask)?
    The computer can just really eat away a lot of time, can't it? Between computer time and reading that's bascially my life:}

    Well, hubby just left to visit his mom at Hospice. Last night she seemed to take a slight turn for the worse. I believe, knowing how Kay is that now that her "affairs" are in order, I think she'll pretty much give up. I don't believe that she believes in eternal life (I know her husband didn't, I used to get a kick out of thinking how surprised Hank was going to be when he crossed over!!).

    Unfortunately, it always seems like weddings and funerals bring out the worst in people. Marty's (hubby's name) siblings are beginning to have some disagreements especially, about certain events that have been kept secret until now. I'll have to tell you about them later (maybe not appropiate here).

    Well, now that I've "talked your eyes out" and not really said much of anything, I guess I'll go make trouble elsewhere. I'm just extra talkative lately, because, Marty is obviously kind of detached b/c of his mom and I don't know if you happened to catch what I said in like my very first post about LOST, but my sister and I actually got into a fight about LOST after the first episode of this season. We haven't spoken since!! We normally talk daily if not several times a day.

    I know that it's so dumb, but most arguments are. It's not what she said, it's how she said it (oh well, I'll give the abridged version some other time).

    Have a nice rest of weekend...Hugs.........Jill........

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    Hey girl!

    Don't worry about boring me with animal talk! I love animals. We used to have four cats but towards the end of my pregnancy we had to give two of them up.

    We didn't think we could have children so we filled our home with animals, strays and all but it just got to be too much during my pregnancy.

    One of my cats that we had to give up was actually dangerous to me and because we had to be somewhat cautious we thought it was best he live elsewhere.

    Grayson was his name and he everywhere I went ALL the time he would race in front of me and abrubtly stop right in front of my feet. Well, when you can see your feet you just dodge the cat, right? When you can't see your feet anymore it becomes a problem.

    He made me fall twice and that was all it took for my husband to say he needed to find another place to live.

    My other baby was the hardest. I still mourn her to this day. My husband hated that cat and it actually caused a lot of tension between us and when we took Grayson to the no kill shelter we took Ramses too.

    We know the lady who runs the shelter and before I had Landon I volunteered there but lately I haven't had time. Anyway, we knew our cats would be taken care of and given the best homes! We just wouldn't put them in ANY shelter.

    Anyway, Ramses wasn't really even supposed to stay in our household. She came to live with us one winter morning when I went to go get orange juice and I saw this poor TINY little kitten shivering in a parking lot.

    So, me being the soft hearted person I am scooped her up and brought her home with the intention of finding her a home. But within days "she" was the KING of the household. We originally thought that "she" was a "he" hence the name Ramses. LOL

    The cats we still have with us are Libby and Madeline. Libby is a big fat crazy cat and Madeline is a tiny long haired baby who only weighs six pounds but she is five years old. I'll have to send you a picture when we can get this email thing straightened out.

    We also have two dogs. Although we may be down to one dog soon, sadly.

    Crickett is my baby and has been since the day we got her. She is a mix between a rat terrier and a blue heeler if you can picture that! LOL

    Anyway, she doesn't like children. When she was a puppy the little girl that used to live across the street from us hit her in the face and ever since then she hasn't liked children. She just doesn't react well to them.

    We have always known this but just kept her away from them. And considering we thought that we COULDN'T have children it wasn't a big deal! Well NOW IT IS!!!!

    She nipped Landon less then an inch from his eye a couple of weeks ago. I was standing right there within an arms reach when it happened too. I was so shocked I couldn't believe it happened.

    I could somewhat understand if Landon had done something to her but he was getting his crawling down and they were both on the bed and he was crawling towards her and he simply reached out for her and barely touched her fur (seriously, I wouldn't make excuses because I don't believe in parent's letting their children disrespect animals).

    When he did that she whipped her head around so fast like a snake and got him. She broke the skin and although the wound was not serious it very well could've been.

    She has done it once more since then but she got the air instead of getting him. You should have heard her teeth crack when it happened though! Man!

    I just don't know what to do. So in the meantime they aren't allowed anywhere near each other. It is hard believe me because I am not going to lock Crickett up and I am not going to lock Landon up. So I just try to maintain the peace.

    However, I will not allow a dog that is dangerous to my child to live in my house. So if we do not think that the problem is fixable then I don't know what we are going to do.

    I have talked with two training groups here in town and they don't work with this kind of behavior. I have also talked with one of our good friends who runs a rescue group (different from the no kill shelter, he has a rescue farm). He says he doesn't think there is a chance she can be trained out of it considering she is five and a half. But we are going to try anything we can. Right now I am working on a letter to the "Dog Whisperer"!!!! LOL LOL Seriously!

    Okay I have really rattled on and on here. I am so tired!!!! I think the past two weeks have just taken a toll on me. I will explain someday when we can get our contact stuff together.


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    Good to hear from you. I enjoyed reading about your animals, although sounds like you've had a lot of stress with them and the baby.

    I think a lot of animals have a hard time adjusting to a new baby, especially when they've been used to being given all the time and attention. I know that none of my cats would take well to being around a baby, they don't like if they even hear one crying on TV!

    Well, missy, you didn't tell me the specifics of where your relatives live in Cincy. I'm just really curious, because there are so many communities that make up Cincinnati. There's the west side vs the east side. The northern/western, that's were my husband grew up in Norwood. I think it's kind of funny/stupid about rivalries. When I used to live over there and people would ask if I was from the west or east, I'd just laugh and say "who cares?"

    The part of KY that I live in, until just recently was very rural, but, because it was so nice and peaceful and yet close to a major city, everybody wanted to build a house here. So now so much of the farmland is gone and the noise from the expressway just drones on and on. We're also really close to an international airport, so depending on the flight patterns for that day, it may be noisy.

    It's really kind of funny, like if you're having a party in your backyard in the summer, everybody just gets used to stop talking for a few seconds while the plane goes over and then resumes talking. This goes on like every 3 to 5 minutes! I don't complain about it because I feel fortunate to have an airport so close.

    Seems like the LOST thread is doing well. The first time I posted, I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping, though, that at least a few people would want to talk about it.

    You've mentioned that you didn't expect to have children, this was b/c of endo.(don't feel like spelling it out)? One of my best friends (well used to be..we've really drifted apart) actually had a number of infertility problems including endo. She eventually adopted an infant and then (long story) a couple years later was able to adopt this baby's half-sister.

    We used to have this running bet that I would have a baby by 30. Well, I kept telling her that it wouldn't happen. I didn't get married until I was 30. I kept telling her that I just was never interested in having kids, but she just could never believe that. Don't get me wrong, I think little kids are cute, but never wanted a 24/7 job. I think I always knew that I didn't have the patience and stamina, and I respect the role of motherhood too much to just have a kid and then to not do right by them.

    There's enough poor little neglected kids in the world as it is. I'm sure if it had been in God's plan for me and Marty to have a child, it would have happened and he would have given me the strength to raise it properly.
    I'm just glad I have no regrets..I think a lot of my friends thought that as I got older, I would be sorry. With all the illness I've had I've accepted it wasn't meant to be.

    When I start a reply, I think, gee I don't really have anything to say but then I get started and can't stop!

    Why don't you think about maybe sometime this coming week of a good time to visit the chatroom. (No hurry, if this coming week looks too busy). Just let me know, and I'm sure it'll work for me.

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    I only have short bits on the computer so if I don't answer a question it's either because I forgot or I didn't have time.

    In this case it was a little bit of both. I rambled on for so long that I forgot what else I was going to say and I had used up all my free time.

    I can't really write much now because my eye lids are about to slam shut I am so tired but my stomach was a little uneasy so I got up.

    That is when I remembered I never mentioned anything about Cinci.

    I will write more about it after my in-laws get back in town and I can ask them questions but for now I am going to have to go on memory.

    My husband was born there but not raised there. His Dad was in the Army so he moved around a lot growing up. I think they may have lived there temporarily a few times but that's it.

    I know my Father in Law grew up in Mt. Healthy (I think???).

    Here is something interesting though. I wish I knew all the facts about it before I told you but I am going for it anyway.

    My husband's Great-Grandfather owned the old flour Mill. I think one of the flours was called Elmijo??? Or that was the name of the mill?

    It stood for Elaine, Miriam, and Joan El-Mi-Jo.

    I think this is right.

    When we went for my husband's Grandmother's birthday they had it at some country club called the Mill or something and I think it was built where the mill used to be or something.

    Again I am just not sure!

    I will ask my husband later. LOL Maybe tomorrow when he is awake! LOL



    p.s. I have been giving you hints! LOL There are none in this post and they have been deleted in my last post because I didn't want someone to catch on and me get in trouble. LOL

    Have a good night1

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    So how's things going for you on this Sunday? My sleep habits have been really changing (again). I'm sleeping like 5 or 6 hours..getting up early for me, like 8am. But, then get tired about 1pm and have to take a nap.

    I just can't win! I have so many sleep disorders that it's actually kind of funny. Only I could make something as effortless as falling asleep a problem. I feel the same way about eating, it was never meant to be so complicated, you eat for survival/energy/pleasure that should be it.

    Not for me, come from a family of overweight people with slow metabolisms (hypothyroidism) and boom, I eat and blow up like a balloon. When I was in my teens and twenties, I would go on starvation diets (only way I could ever lose) usually b/c I had a crush on some guy or maybe was going to be in a wedding. I knew it was unhealthy, but you're young and you want to fit in and hopefully meet someone etc.

    Well, I think from all those years of poor food choices/patterns, I've permanently ruined my metabolism. Even if I could, I know longer can "starve" myself. I'm too old and feel lousy enough. Thank God, I have a stocky, sweet hubby who loves me the way I am!

    Well, just for a little experiment, I took what I hope where the clues you were giving me and sent a trial Email..lol It'll probably come back as undeliverable. This is just so crazy, when apparently your address and my address are both really simple, yet we can't just type it in!!

    Definitely know where Mt.Healthy is. I have several friends in that area (not close friends...more like "work" friends).

    I'll be back in a little while, Marty is going to go run some errands and I want to make sure he has the right list!

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    No, the experiment didn't work. LOL I guess we are just going to have to meet in the chat room sometime and that is okay!

    Maybe sometime on Tuesday.

    I can't really talk right now. I am feeling really bad right now and have been tired all day.

    Oh and before I forget I wanted to let you know that I am praying for your Mother in Law.

    I will write more tomorrow!


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    Hey Kate,

    Thanks for letting me know that my attempt at your address was incorrect. Usually if an Email is undeliverable, the sender will receive a notice. I haven't received anything yet, I guess it's still "lost" in cyberspace.

    Sorry you're having a bad day. I've been very depressed and so bored!! I can't think of anything that I would really want to do, but if I did, I either wouldn't have the energy or the money to do it!

    My depression, I'm ashamed to say, is not over my MIL. I do however thank you much for your thoughts and prayers for her. I guess it's just a little bit of everything. I weaned myself off of Effexor about 2 months ago, b/c it no longer was helping (had been on it for several years). Once I was dx'd with Bipolar about 6 months ago, I just didn't see the point in ADs.

    I'm on Lamictal, which definitely helps with mental clarity and I just feel so much more in control of my mental state...almost too much. My mind races and I'm talking faster and could just talk my head off. I've decreased the dose, I may need to decrease it again.

    I just hate it when I'm so mentally restless, I get sooo irritable and have to try to suppress a really crappy attitude. It's like I have absolutely no patience for BS.
    Sorry for unloading on you.

    Are you extra tired today, b/c you're pushing yourself too much? Does your DH take over with Landon when you need to rest? I hope you get a lot of support.

    I spent a good portion of the day in bed, like I said before, just feel out of sorts. I think it's actually PMS. I've never been one of those women who blame everything on PMS, but now that I'm in Perimenopause, that might be changing!!lol

    I've told you I'm a diabetic, right? Well, I take probably 4-5 injections a day and it gets tiresome having to deal with it constantly. My point here is that I think that my hormones are greatly influencing my blood sugars. About 10-14 days out of the month prior to my period my sugars run high. I'll admit that I have carb cravings terrible during that time though. Oh well another chronic problem with no good answer.

    Well, maybe I should just get off of here, because I'm kind of a real downer today.

    Hope you feel better, when you can, drop me a line. Tues. sounds fine...you let me know...no biggie, we'll take care of it eventually.

    Thanks for being such a sweet person, I know we really don't know each other all that well, but I appreciate your warmth and "down to earth" nature.....Hugs.....Jill.....
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    Hey Jill!

    Sorry I am just now getting back to you but yesterday was a busy day. We didn’t leave the house nor did I even get a shower in but it was somehow a busy day! LOL

    Landon is just keeping me on my toes along with housework and cooking and everything. I know I am probably boring you so sorry about that! Most days we get outside or have a play-date but yesterday just flew by.

    My typical day has recently changed. It used to start out anywhere between nine and ten in the morning because my husband fed Landon a bottle before he left for work and then my son would go back to bed until then but not anymore! LOL

    This is my typical day if you care to know....Wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 and start playing. We usually play for about an hour in his room and then we do a quick pick up run through the house to get any clutter up.

    Then at 10 it is breakfast which usually takes thirty to forty-five minutes. LOL He likes to throw cheerios at the dogs and let me tell you the dogs just don’t mind one bit!

    After breakfast we have story time and then we play for another hour. Somewhere between 12:30 and 1:30 he gets to where he wants to take a nap. Whew! Mommy time!

    This is when I can finally sit down and eat my own breakfast or maybe lunch if that is what I prefer to have and catch up on emails or come on here. Some days I get to take a shower and some days I don’t it just depends on what else needs to be done during my “break”.

    During this break is when I have to get my grocery list together or do bills or plan my meals. I will also take this time to do any housework that I can’t do with Landon around. For instance, I don’t clean bathrooms with him in the room! Although I am chemically sensitive myself I still sometimes have to use a strong cleaner and I don’t want him around that stuff.

    At around 2:30 or 3 he wakes up and is ready for lunch. We get through lunch pretty quickly because he has a good appetite for it and doesn’t want to mess around.

    By 3:30 we spend about thirty minutes doing any vacuuming or wiping down counters or anything that needs to be straightened that we didn’t get to in our morning and we get a load of laundry started.

    At four if weather permits we go outside. Sometimes we have a play date and sometimes just the two of us will go for a walk. If we don’t get to go outside then it is back to his room with lots of toys and story time again!

    By 5:30 my husband comes home and he feeds Landon’s dinner. I get to sit down and watch my Oprah at this time. I am a HUGE fan and thank goodness for TIVO!

    After the little guys dinner it is bath time. My husband and I take turns but if he gives the bath then that is when I start on dinner. After Landon’s bath he gets a bottle and is in bed by 7/7:30.

    We eat our dinner and my husband does the dishes. I by this time am folding the laundry that was started earlier in the day. Then I go through and do another quick pick up and wipe down and get whatever I need to ready for tomorrow.
    Then I get my bath, jump on here for a bit, or watch some tv but I always make time for my husband. We are just now learning how to do this again! LOL We have even started working on a puzzle together.

    Then it is about 11:30 and we get ready for bed, read for a bit and shut the lights off to be rested for the day ahead of us.


    So after all of that I am now answering your question....Am I extra tired because I push myself? The day I described was a typical day my friend! LOL I have been wearing myself out because I am incredibly stressed out and it is really taking a toll on me.

    Once we exchange emails I will feel comfortable telling you why I am stressed. I am sure people are peeking in on this thread and that is okay but this is pretty personal and I just don’t want it blasted all over the board.

    It is just wearing me down. Physically and mentally! Since my stress has started I have been eating so horribly! In fact I have my hand in a bag of Funyuns right now!

    I have been eating bag after bags of candy and just stuffing myself with anything I can find. It’s like I can’t satisfy this hunger I have and I know it is all emotional! I know that and still I can’t stop!

    But this is NOT me! I am a juicer, I drink a lot of tea and eat organic foods, nuts, raw foods, and eat to nourish my body not my mind. I have been this way in the past so that is why I am recognizing what I am doing.

    So, there you go! I am being a downer back. (And just for the record I didn’t think you were being a downer!)

    I wish I had more time to talk but I don’t. I need to get up and get things going. My husband is out of town and thank goodness it is only an overnighter! But still I need to have myself prepared.

    Do you want to meet in chat tonight? Would maybe 8pm my time be too late? Or 8:30? Let me know. I will check the post later to see if you answered.

    Talk to you later!


  14. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi Kate,

    Don't ever worry about if you can't get back with me!! We of all people, know that our lives/illnesses etc. take unexpected turns. Hey, I even hate to make any plans, b/c I start stressing out thinking I won't be able to do what I said.

    I know in the past, I've said my schedule is always open, but tonight isn't a good night to try to meet in the chat room...Sorry!!!!!

    Since my MIL is slowly dying, it's put a lot of stress on our marriage. My husband's solution to stress is to SLEEP. I try not to complain, but I feel like we're just sharing a house together and supper. I'm really trying to be understanding, I've all ready lost both my parents, so I certainly know the ups and downs of grief.

    Anyway, what all that has to do with the chat room is that we promised each other that we would spend some quality time together tonight after he gets home from Hospice(which will be about 8pm).

    I'll have to let you in on more of the details later, if you're interested.

    Sounds like you have a very busy day with Landon, I'm sure you enjoy it and I know how important mental and physical stimulation is for such a young child...I just hope you pace yourself, as much as possible. Trying to be too perfect of a mom could send you in a flare, and then you may really have to make changes you wouldn't want to.

    Please!!! don't take this the wrong way. IMHO, new moms can over do it in their excitement and zeal at the huge responsibility they have 24/7 (especially first time moms). But I'll get off my soapbox, especially since I'm hardly in the position to give parental advice, not having any of my own.

    But I unfortunately have tremendous experience with these DD, and they sure can sneak up on you and wham you're in a flare.

    Well, of course, tomorrow is the big night for LOST. Any possibility of meeting after it's over...I know sometimes you've jumped on the board and posted afterwards? Just a suggestion....anytime Thurs. and beyond would be fine. You just let me know, sweetie.

    Take care, give Landon a hug for me, and get back to me whenever time allows (I certainly don't want to add to your stress!!).......Hugs............Jill.........
  15. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Hey sweetheart!

    Boy do I understand stress on a marriage! We are going through a little patch ourselves but I have faith that we will get through it and so will you.

    This may sound horrible but get through his Mother dying and things will start to look up and change. I am not expert but hopefully they will. Right now you both carry a heavy burden. ((gentle hugs))

    I hope I haven't given you the impression that replying to our thread here stresses me out! Or that a lot of stuff stresses me out!

    I can't really explain my situation without everyone seeing it but I think once I tell you, you will understand completely.

    Hopefully, tomorrow will be the end. I am praying anyway!

    I just can't take it anymore! Something has got to be done because our lives are just being ripped apart and turned upside down. I am in a lot of turmoil.

    But tomorrow is the confrontation day.

    Oh and about you giving me advice on not overdoing it, that is my nature. That is just my personality, who I am. I am like that whether I am a Mom or cooking a stupid cake. I put my everything into what I do no matter what it is.

    I manage myself pretty well. Lately I have not, I'll definitely admit that but normally I can deal.

    I think if I didn't put my everything into what I do people would knock on my head and wonder where I went! LOL LOL

    That is what people know me for. Sometimes it gets me in trouble and I have mini "desperate housewives" moments but things happen. LOL

    Desperate Housewives is another one of my favorites! I love it because sometimes it doesn't make you feel so crazy!

    Okay, I am off to take a nap! Whoa, stop the press, did she say take a nap!?!?!?! Yes! I am wiped from my husband being out of town. Landon is doing this thing where he will stand there and look at you and open his mouth and scream at the top of his lungs for NO reason! LOL It sounds funny but I can only take so much.

    With hubby being out of town I am just out of it today. Landon didn't go down until 9 last night and I thought I was going to pull my hair out! LOL

    If you want to meet in chat tonight after lost that if fine. I can't stay long because I plan on going to bed soon after.

    Talk to you later!


  16. llama

    llama New Member


    I guess we still don't know for sure about time differences, but I'm probably 1 hour ahead of you. So, if you're up to it we can meet at like 10:10-10:15 or so? (me it'll be one hour later).

    If a problem arises...again, no big deal. We'll just make a go of it?? Let me know if you don't think you can.

    I had to laugh about Landon screaming, because according to my siblings (I'm the youngest) that's exactly what I used to do!!! Just stand there and scream and have absolutely nothing wrong with me. Must have been my first attempts at humor or getting attention.

    I would actually be so loud that the neighbor next door, who happened to be my godfather, would yell over "what are you's doing to her??!! lol.

    Well wishing you all the luck in the world with whatever problem is about to maybe be finally resolving.

    Talk with you tonight. Watch, we'll plan all this and I won't figure out how to get into the chat room. I've actually read a post or two where people have had a problem with it....hope we don't......Jill........
  17. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member


    Getting to chat is pretty simple but I am going to give you detailed instructions because it can be overwhelming for anyone new.

    Just to give you an example, when I first met my husband I didn't even know how to check email! LOL


    1. At the very top of this page there is a purple bar and at the far left you will see the word "chat". Place your cursor over that and press.

    **This will take you to the log-in page.

    2. You should be considered a returning member because you are a member of the message boards and your username and password is the same for both the chatrooms and messageboards.

    So where it says returning members use your same information and log-in.

    If it says you need to sign up first then simply put your same username and password for the message boards in the new users sign up blocks.

    ***Am I confusing you? I hope not!

    3. Once you have signed in there will be another page that will appear telling you that it may take up to five minutes for you to enter the chatroom. Sometimes it really does take that long so just have patience!

    If by five minutes you still have not entered the chatroom then you need to just start all over again by either closing out your window or just pressing the button that they suggest.

    4. If you have entered the chatroom then you are immediately dumped into the FM room. There are several different rooms. On the right hand side of the room there will be a list of users and above them it will say username or room. If you click room it will give you the list.

    But we can talk about that when we get in there. Everyone in there is very nice! If I am not there right away then I am on my way so hang out for a bit but I will get there!

    People will help you find a symbol and slow your screen down if you ask. They really are nice. If they aren't, well I apologize and I will be there soon!

    Okay, if any of this doesn't make sense, write back and I will try to make it clearer. It only makes sense to me because I have been doing it for so long.

    It's okay if you don't understand!


    See you tonight!


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