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    There are a few here, who have known me for a long time, since I joined this board, back in 2000, and still may be reading, I thought I would let you know, about my Father In Law.

    He Passed away the night before, it was expected he had been sick/COPD and other Illness. He was a Miner, he had a title of Master Blaster, and worked mostly in the Silver and Gold mines of Id. Ore, Nv. and Mt. till he retired around the same time the FMS hit me for real.

    Anyway, you all know about my Kiddingly calling him the "OutLaw". He actually introduced me to his Son, he sort of Hand picked me you could say.

    But we had a Rocky relationship, with Me living in So.Ca. and the DH staying in Idaho.
    I had to do a lot of Driving back and forth to visit, my Hubby. I very seldom, got up to Council, to vist the "OUTLAWS", for various reason's.
    Hubby lived in Weiser, Id. Home of the Fiddlers National Competion.

    Some you have been through with me, and some of you have gone through similiar situations.

    I used to say, that "That Old Coot, would outlive me" lol, and actually I thought he would.
    Last Week, He got an Infection in his arm from a scratch that wouldn't quit Bleeding.
    This is another reason to not let things go, when you have a Immune System that is Over taxed as it is.
    It's the oppurtinist Infections that really get us, who are fighting other conditions all the time with our Comprimised Immune System.

    So First, to Milo (Donna), Mabel, Mikie, Nanna, Shirl, LynnH, Jolly, Sue, Kate, Jazzie, Lin and so many others, who I have shared this Board with over the years, Thank You for being supportive, when I went through the Trials and Drama , with my Husband and his family.
    You made a Big Difference over the Year's.

    Some of you have moved on,& some of you I am on other boards with, and I Want to say Thanks to YOU again,
    You prove that, You Do and Can meet, Sincere People here, just can't always, stay in touch, sometimes, you Know that they are there, Somewhere in Cyber Space.
    Sharonk/(kredca4 at one time)

    Be sure to Hug someone today , Tell someone You Care,
    You may not get the chance to Do this another Day.

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    Sharon, I am so sorry about the loss of your father in law. LynneH doesn't have a computer now. She hasn't for quite some time. I talk to her on the phone sometimes and will tell her about your father in law.

    Once again I will keep you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is always good to have someone to share your sadness with.

    Much love,
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    I remember this and your "dramas." I am sorry to hear about your FIL.

    I'd like to give you a hug right now...((((HUG)))). Thank you for posting this. There are some really neat people in cyberspace and you are one of them. So many people here are, but as we all know, there are some who for whatever reason aren't for real.

    Are you planning on attending the funeral or has it already been?

    Thinking about you....praying for a good day for you.

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    Thanks for the kind words, ;o)

    I was not sure if I should post or not, becasue of all the Drama, because my Life, is a Drama, as most of my Cyber Friends know.

    Please do say HI to Lynne for me, sorry she is without a computer, I do know that she Moved , hope Her, Lungs are doing ok, Tell her, I said, I'll eat, if she dosen't Smoke, LOL. Sure do miss the Old Gang, :eek:0

    FIL's Funeral is on Friday, they think, I'll know tonight.
    I won't be going, the trip is to hard on me now, and I have my Brother, who used to live in SanDiego, in a NH here in Long Beach.
    See Drama, I only wish at times it wasn't real.

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    Just wondering....don't know what that is.

    Glad you posted again. Take care. Taking the trip to Idaho would be very taxing on me, so I can understand fully why you're not going.

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  7. Bruin63

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    Sorry Sue, my Brother is in a Nursing Home.
    He hates it, even tho it's a good one, and highly rated, it's still not His Home, you know.?
    He's the one who has Ankloysing Sponditilis and his Spine is fused.
    He's in horrible Pain, and the Meds, aren't working like they were, they have him on Morphine, and that can make your life very hard, when you get use to the dose.

    He was on Oxygen, but since he lost weight, he isn't on it, and the Dr, is afaird if they up the dose, he would have to go back on it.
    Poor baby, he's the 3rd in line, there's 6 of us Sib's.

    Thanks for answering, sometimes, I feel like there's a big long dark hallway, and only a light coming from a few rooms right now.

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    nut house! (-: Now I feel like finding one of those some days!

    How terrible for your brother to deal with this disease and have to live away from his home. It is something that most of us will have to face someday. And the option of feeling more pain and breathing well or feeling less and using oxygen is really a Catch-22.

    My best to you in this time. I can see that the tunnel must look dark but at least there are a couple of light rooms...I count on those rooms myself. Take care.