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    Hi Arlene

    Thank you for your kind messages/b-day wishes. I see from your profile that your are in Milwaukee.

    Don't think I've ever been there, but I am a child of the Mid west. Born in Iowa, grew up in Minnesota, went to the U of W (Madison) one summer. That makes me a corn husker, gopher, badger.

    When I moved to Calif. back in the 60s, the personnel lady at the auto club said, "Oh, all our most stable employees come from the Mid West."

    So congratulations on reaching the big 70. You certainly don't sound that old from your posts. I always say, no matter the age one can always be immature.

    Few more years I'll be 70 myself, assuming I'm still here.
    I've been on this board now for almost a year. It's a wonderful source of info/opinions and helps ward off lonliness.

    I've only met one other Arlene. She & my mother were waitresses at one of the 3 restaurants in our village. A fun gal. Kinda like you. Haha.

    All the best.


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