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    Please Penney, I apologize for not getting back to
    you concerning your message concerning your Grandfather.
    So happy he is still with us as so many are not. They
    were an unbelieveable generation. My Dad was on the
    homefront, too young for the 1st and too old for the 2nd.
    Built liberty ships in S,F. Bay and Civil Defense at nite.

    Your Grandfather may have been shot down in the Battle
    of Mid-Way in the Soloman Islands. That was in '42. If
    that were the case, he must have endured much as a prison-
    er of war! It was horrific in those camps!

    Have met a gentleman who is also 88 and was a flyer WWII
    in the Pacific who also leaves in San Jose. Phoned my
    Bro. in the Eastbay who knows him indirectly thru other
    inlaw memebers of family! Not the same man but they most
    likely know one another! Small world. He is real sharp
    and looks 20 years younger than he is! Usually see him
    at either Xmas or July 4th gatherings. Someday will see
    if he knows Dusty. I think there was a Dusty Rhoads or
    (Roads) that was a STRIPPER!! Don't think they are one
    in the same though. Sandi Beech??

    Thanks again Penney and keep in touch,

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  2. Pennygirl2

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    Hi Mrdad,

    Sorry, I really don't manage to read most of the posts. My eyes just get too tired. It is disappointing as they are usually so very interesting and sometimes very amusing and laughter is so good, no?
    Dusty would know all the Blue Angels over time as they are very active in getting together at least once a year. I am thankful to still have him although I really haven't known him personally since when young, mostly because my mom (his sis) moved to Atlanta in 69 and she didn't see him much and thus my contact was kinda broken. But I have heard about him all my life and she took me to see the Blues when I was a baby in prob 48 and I have a neat picture. I also have a realy neat picture of the Blues Bosses standing in front of a bulletin board about them. Burlingame was mentioned by (I'm so sorry I forgot name). See that is part of why I can't do so many posts. In one eye and out the other ear or something. No sticky tape in the frontal brain!
    Anyway, he may not know someone who just was in the war though it is possible.
    It is fun to talk to you about this and I have such memories of Calif. Was there for 48 yrs before coming to Colorado. My son lives in LA.
    But really, I don't think I am too biased, his book is just riveting sp. At one point in camp he was watching as hundreds, yes hundreds of B25 bombers were coming over and bombing Yokahama and Tokyo. I think. Sorry brain is bad tonight. But just imagine the site. And of course they were bombing where he was as he watched too. Just amazing story. Thanks for answering post. Penny P.S. I think Midway and Santa Cruz Islands are pretty close.
  3. mrdad

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    No need to apologize for anything! I appreciate the
    sharing of your story! I'd be very surpized if those
    two old guys don't know one another, I'll bet they have
    been going to the same Veterans lodge for years together
    if I look futher into it. It's a smaller world oft times
    than we tend to think!

    You be taking care of yourself, "K"?
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  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thank you my Friends!


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