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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Good morning Rocky! How's the weather today in the So.
    State? It's been much cooler up here but is 'posta warm
    up again by Sunday. Was wondering if you could recom-
    mend a good legal website with a Legal Dictionary on it?
    Have not been able to find one. Any professional direct-
    ion would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. (Just want you to know Rock, that I never partici-
    pate in any of those unkind Attorney Jokes nor
    laugh at them----OPENLY)

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    What a kawinkydink! I just mentioned you on another post. It was in connection w/ Tom Bodett, one of my favorite authors. I had completely forgotten about him.

    Just ordered a couple of his books from the library. The Los Angeles library recently "improved" their computer catalogue system. It is now close to hopeless. One more little improvement, and it will be totally nonfunctional.

    I entered the title to Tom's book of Essays "The End of the Road" into the search window. I got a list of books all right, evey title in French. Since I didn't enter his name (you can't enter both title and author), why did the computer segue into a La Vie en Rose mode?

    And if you enter the title of any book that starts w/ "The" you get a list of compositions by composer Thea Musgrave. Such craziness. I suppose the Library will be requesting more millions from the city council for the computer/black hole in their next budget.

    Haven't seen any figures lately, but several years ago the city was paying $10,000,000 per year for civil cases against the police.

    Worked on some of those cases for the defense. Hard to defend; no cooperation from the defendants.

    In response to your questions, you thought I forgot, didn't you, the weather here is like yesterday. Coolish; feels like rain. If I were back in MN I'd know rain was coming, but it doesn't mean that here.

    I don't know anything about legal dictionaries on the net. I would just have to poke around. I do remember hearing the first day of Law School: There are a few Latin phrases attorneys use and many more they don't. It is not necessary to know how to pronounce them correctly.

    My favorite is: Lex non minimus de currat which means, the law has no regard for trifles.

    P.G.Wodehouse, another of my favorite writers, frequently uses Latin legalese in his books. I never recognize any of the terms. Probably British Latin. Haha.

    Thanks for reminding me of Tom Bodett. Have you bought your nefu a trike yet?
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I spent almost an hour last nite looking for a Legal
    Dictionary that would help to no avail! I know that
    NOLO has one but it is in "book form" and not on line.

    I may take a walk up to the "lieberry" and see if they
    have one that I can take out, but dought it. Most of these
    used Book Stores are nearly the Price of new books bec.
    of the very high rents in this Town!

    Did you know, I was surprized, that over 30,000 Califor-
    nian's a MONTH litigate there own cases thru the Courts!
    I was amazed at that figure. No wonder there are so many
    "starving lawyers". Thanks Rock, "will leave the light
    on for ya"!

  4. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    turn the light off, it's too bright. Anyway, Rockgor I put a hold on Bodett's book The Free Fall of Webster Cummings.... have you read it??


    ok, I'm outta here for now, you can turn the light back on MrDad
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gee, you are not butting in at all! I see from your Bio. that
    you've been on the Board for a few years now. I'm yet
    nearly new, for an old guy! I'm glad you are being a bit
    more active here lately as you seem to have an insight,
    intelligence and witt that is most appreciated here!

    Glad you are gonna hang out with all of us! I myself
    can't read without falling asleep in my chair! So I
    just try to help Ken out by acting a BOOK Club Treasurer.

    We just have too much fun for a bunch of Sickies!!

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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It is impossible to butt in on this board. It is open to all. You don't even have to have one of the DDs.

    No, I haven't read Fall of Webster, Tonakay. I read one, maybe two books of essays. The piece on the woodcarver was so poignant if I had been in touch w/ my feminine side that day I would have cried.

    Anyway I just found out today T.B. has written fiction, so I'm waiting for the library to produce.

    Yes, Morningsun, I agree. Minnesota is spectacular in the fall. Took a tour of New England one October. It also has colorful leaves but the terraine is steep hills, unlike the rolling hills of SE Minnesota.

    My mother used to grow gourds and Indian corn in her garden. In the fall we would drive down country roads of dirt or gravel and stop to pick sumac and dried weeds. All of which she would arrange into artful displays.

    Wake, your mention of colored lights also reminded me of my mother. She had a black wrought iron lamp w/ colored glass set in it. Hung in our front porch for years. My mother loved it cause it was so cheerful.

    Now, 4o some years later, it hangs in my brother's front porch in another MN village.

    MrDad, I never heard that 30,000 figure. That is a lot. I wonder if it includes small claims from which attys are precluded by law.

    And who said you were treasurer? News to me. Oh well, I don't care. Gordon, who is Chinese, says in the old country they call it giving someone a big hat. You give them a title and then tell them they have to do a lot of unpaid work.

    I have to go back to K.P. I am washing dishes and roasting turkey legs w/ potatoes. I would make a hot dish, for which Minnesotans are famous, but the legs are to big to fit in the casserole.

    Unlike some tony parts of the country such as CA, in MN hot dish refers to the contents of the casserole which is the dish that holds the hot dish if you see what I mean.
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea, Wake we can do a yellow light; sure sounds better
    to me too.

    Morningson. well of course you send the Dues directly to
    me. How do you think I afford to keep Fredericka in the
    "Lifestyle" to which she is accustom?? High maintenace!!

    Hey Rock!! Am I in the wright Country? Do I really hear
    the President of the United States debating the merits
    of human torture? Where are the moral and ethical bound-
    aries anymore and where can we as a Nation dis-
    tinguish ourselves from the "enemy"??

    Oh, no! A serious word from MRDAD??
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  8. tonakay

    tonakay New Member

    Here in southern ohio we have indian corn and gourds too. I live in the country and the hillside is changing colors daily... beautiful time of year but so sad too. Means cold temps are on the way and time for me to haul in wood for the stove, hate getting up at 2am to fill the #*~+ stove but love the free heat!

    So then I guess Gordon has it right, I have the title of Mrs. and it's unpaid work... waaaaaaaaa LOL LOL LOL and I didn't even get a big HAT ahem......

    ok I'm done for now...

  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just wanted you to know that I did find a Legal website
    with Dictionary and all! It is simply enough: www.law.com
    Even a Caveman c ould remember that much!

    Got 'em now!!

    Hope your meeting goes well!

  10. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I was reading a annoucement in todays paper of a anniverary
    for a couple that has been married for some time.

    It gave her occupation as "retired housewife" !

    How could that be? Even if you have a little paid help, you always have things to do and of course you must over see that things are done.

    My mind went into circles thinking this one over. LOL.

    Love, Susan
  11. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just nipping in here for my daily dose of good well I was going to say crack as this is what we used to call a nice chat, but I cannot use that now.

    Today started off dismal here in UPstate NY and then of a sudden the clouds were whipped aside by a gorgeous blue sky and sun a plenty. It was our neighborhood block party today so the good weather was most welcome.

    Many of the older people, most over 80, who were there, bought these homes when they were brand new in 1950-55, and their kids were in school. The old move on, the new move in, mostly young families. Because this is a University town, "young family" here often means moms having first babies after they got their PhD so it is quite usual to have a group of 40 somethings just starting out with a mortgage and babies.

    This is swell by me being the oldest mother around, I often wonder why people keep yelling "Hey there Mother McCree" after me....

    Now mrdad, I agree with Rocky, I don't know about you being treasurer especially with this hankering about with Fredericka the minute our backs are turned.

    Rocky, thanks for the info on that author, your recommendation is good enough for me. I like witty books.
    Whatever happened to Tom Robbins BTW?

    sue1 maybe the woman really was retired as in "No wifely deeds, no more housework." What do you think?

    Now I forget who else wrote in. Wake hya, who else---well I recall you but the names evade me, so hya to you all.

    No news today re Geoff-working on the no news is theory.

    Mrdad, yes I now recall you telling about these relatives. Gee that old saying you can chose your friends applies. In the Uk they have these places called CABs or used to Citizens Advice Bureau, where a bunch of legal beagles and would be lawyers can find out what to do. They also used to have the same deal for pets, PDSA-people's dispensary for Sick Animals where vets would volunteer their time to help pets of poorer people.

    Well I am rambling again. Rocky I way I like to prepare turkey legs is to boil them a little first then roast them and serve with mint sauce and they taste exactly like really expensive lamb. As I do not eat mammals this satisfies my craving for roast lamb.

    Of course, mrdad would be making them into sausages.

    oh well trallala.... speaking of lights:- keep the homefires burning, while our hearts are yearning

    or: The lights were burning brightly, twas a night that was free from all sin
    The bells were ringing the old year out and the new year in

    Love Anne

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "There's a spot in my heart that no colleen can fill."

    "Tho our lads are far away they dream of home."

    Got an Ivor Novello CD couple months ago. Recorded 30 - 50s. Ivor is on the CD. Of course he couldn't sing, but he's talking and dithering at the piano until some soprano sings.

    RE: Tom Robbins; no likee. Uses all his creativity to think of goofy titles.

    Retired housewife is a strange concept. Just was reading in a music magazine about a recording made by the Mahler Chamber orchestra. Another oxymoron.

    I would think a retired housewife was in a coma or lived in a hotel.

    There was an item on the Los Angeles TV news couple years ago about a lady who has lived at the Biltmore Hotel for the past 40 years. This is an old, luxurious hotel in downtown LA.

    The most obvious question, how could anyone afford it, was never answered. What happened to a spunky press that investigated?

    A reporter for the same TV station called the UCLA primate research center. "Is it true you're teaching monkeys to play poker?"

    "Yes, but it's not a big story. They only play for peanuts."

    This is the only post I've done today as I am sort of enervated. Perhaps more after I have a nap. Think I'll go read P.G.Wodehouse till I drift off. Maybe I'll dream I live at Blandings Castle.


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