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    Just read your bio. We could be to peas in a pod. I was born in Lake Charles but most of the family came from De Ridder. Also a xian who has taught Precepts for 16 years. Love dogs, cooking, crafts and READING. I have a huge library also and keep meaning to clean it out. I read just about anything but especially love english mysteries.
    Have FM and have had it about 21 years.

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    So nice of you to post to me. Yes, we do seem to have a lot in common.

    I still have dogs, but the two in my profile, the Pit Bull Boomer died this year at 15 years old, and the other white boxer (Daisy Mae) died three years ago at 14 years old. I need to up date the dogs in my profile.

    I now have an American Bulldog, she will be 3 years old this month and is 110lbs, quite a girl. She is white with a brown saddle. I also have a brindle 8lb little spit-fire named Penny, and another black girl named KoKo. Both the last two were found on the roads out here.

    I need to clean out my books as well, but the dust always gets to me, not to mention that lifting the books with FM is not a good idea, but I simply can't part with them.

    I have been in Ponchatoula for 13 years, but am really from New Orleans. I had been to Lake Charles last year with my husband, his company has their office there in Caryless. Nice little town.

    Sorry you are not around here now, I could use a friend with the same interest as my own :)

    I also love the English mysteries, couple of books that come to mind are; Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel, not to menton Sherlock HOlmes, I have his entire works!

    Glad you took the time to write, I do appreciate your post.

    Take care,

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Yeah, I wish were nearer; deep south girls need to stick together.

    Sorry to hear about your dogs. We had a german shep/rott who was 10 years old and had to put her sleep bec/ she developed an inoperable, fast developing spinal tumor.

    Currently we have an akita/mastiff that weighs in at 120. He is 11 years old.
    In Feb we got a golden ret/shep mix from the local shelter. he weighs 85 lbs and thinks he is the boss of everyone. his name is simon peter because some days(most!) he acts like simon, occassionally rising to peterdom.:)

    Take care,
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    Oh girl it is so good to hear from you. You have been in my prayers and thoughts so much. Everybody misses you. I just started coming to this message board (Have been going to fm/cfim. And just neeeded a break and love it here.

    I became involved in dogs this year, and love love love them. My son was gifted a search and rescue bloodhound and I just feel in love with her and the organization.

    So I brought my first baby home in Feb. of this year, and it breaks my heart, because before I could my fence up she darted out the back door and ran around front and got ran over, and then we got a beagle puppy and after having her for 2 days, the search and rescue called and ask me if I would foster another one. Of course we went to get it and of course fall so in love with her. I kept for her 5 months and had to turn her back in for her to go to bootcamp. Then this past weekend, I got this cutes little chihulia puppy. So the Chil lays at my head and the beagle at my feet. I honestly dont know how I went so long without a dog.

    I had a Maltice for 12 years and she passed away about 5 years ago, and thought I could never get another one, now that my health keeps going down, dogs have been the best medicine for me.
    So many people love you and miss you. Love Brenda
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    and I still am praying for you and yours.I love my dog(Mixed sheltie and german shepard)Cosmo. He looks and acts like a full sheltie.Linda