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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by atiledsner, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. atiledsner

    atiledsner New Member

    Last year I came to this board asking for help with my Miss Pookie.She is 6 this month.She was always broken out with rashes this time of year.

    Fleas were a problem,got rid of them still had rashes and itchy spots.

    I posted here...I was feeding my dog cat food because she used to eat with my Dad's cats, she liked it so I continued to buy it for her.

    Pet lovers told me to stop feeding her cat food. I did, what a difference it made.Her skin has remained clear all this year.

    Someone else posted to use skin so soft by Avon for the fleas instead of the flea poision bought at the vets.I also tried that...only found one flea all year.

    I bought one of those shed ender combs at Goody's yesterday.It really works.She is a short haired dog but i sweep up and vacuum up hair all the time. To me it is really excessive amounts.

    I got a double hand full of hair yesterday and a handful today. Her coat looks so much better.By the way the comb was 10.86.

    I am open to any ideas you may have if there is an answer to the excessive shedding.

    I made the comment to a friend yesterday that I don't think I have ever been loved by anything like my dog loves me.

    I know God loves me.That is not what I mean.I have had a connection with other animals but this one is DEEP.

    Thanks to all you pet lovers for the help and suggestions.
  2. ilovecats94

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    My cat, Biscuit, who just turned 12, had a place on the back of her leg that didn't have any hair. Well she is inside only and I finally figured out that she was upset because I wasn't giving her a plate of cat treats when I went downstairs after I got up. lol

    I have noticed that now the hair has grown back.

    So I guess she was chewing on her back leg from being frustrated. She is a very sensitive and sweet cat. Not much of a lap cat for me, but she is for my husband. I have to get up too much to use the bathroom to suit her tastes. lol

    She has never had a bath and for fleas, I spray the house with Precor in the early fall or late summer. It lasts for 7 months and that way she doesn't need to come into contact with anything else. My husband uses flea combs on her and she loves them.

    Precor is a flea growth regulator and prevents the eggs from growing into an adult flea. I spray all the carpet and any furniture she may sit on. It is non-toxic once it has dried. I have been using it off and on since 1991.

    Right now she is flea free. I think she gets the fleas in the fall from sitting in the opened windows.

    She gets combed and brushed tons of times a day by me and when my husband gets home from work.


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