OT---TODAY'S JOKE-----Assembly Line Medicine? all too familiar...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Doesn't it seem that more and more physicians are
    running their practices like an assembly line?

    Example: Here's what happened to Bob--

    Bob walked into the doctor's office and up to the
    window. The receptionist looked up and courteously
    gave him forms to fill out that asked for his name,
    address, medical insurance number and medical
    history, and told him to have a seat and fill it out.

    Fifteen minutes later, a nurse's aid came out,
    ushered him through the waiting room door, got his
    weight and height, showed him into an examining
    room, and asked Bob what he had. Bob said,

    She wrote down his complaint, went over his complete
    medical history, and told Bob to wait for the doctor
    in the examining room.

    A half hour later a nurse came in and asked Bob what
    he had. Bob said, "Shingles".

    So she gave Bob a blood test, a blood pressure test,
    and an electrocardiogram, and then told Bob to take
    off the rest of his clothes and the doctor would be
    right with him.

    The doctor arrived 20 minutes later and, after giving a
    quick glance at Bob's naked body, asked, "Where do
    you have the shingles?"

    Bob said,
    "Outside on the truck. Where do you want them?"

  2. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Thanks for the laugh. I used to be a roofer about 15 yrs ago, just brought back alot of funnyt memories from that time. Some of the things that you see when your on a roof are histerical.

    thanks again

  3. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    Ya got me on that one! I didn't see it coming! Guess being from a medical background I am always thinking medical! Thanks for the laugh! Daneen
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member


    I had to copy this one and send to my daughter who is a doctor!!

  5. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    And, unfortuantely very true someimtes.

    Thanks for the chuckle.


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