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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twister425, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. twister425

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    Docter. I'm not supposed to talk about this but I'm furious. I work for a very Prominent Animal Hosp in northen Michigan. In August we hired a new dr.( he was a kennel kid through high school at our clinic then went to vet scool} He is 36 now and has been friends with my boss for years. Well come to find out he was stealing pain meds and reconstituting with sterile water. What a jerk!!!!! How many pets had surgury with no actual pain meds afterwards. I personnaly know how important pain meds are. My boss is pressing charges. What also amazes me is how can someone throw their carrer away. What a Jerk. Everyone at work is appalled.thanks I had to vent!

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  2. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    That is so upsetting. I must be twisted, but I think it is almost worse to do it to animals than to do it to humans - at least the latter have a chance to express what is happening. I really hope that that "kennel Kid" is treated seriously by both the legal system and the vertinary fraternity. Even if he claims he has a reason, e.g., his own dependence, it is NO excuse.Would not it be beautiful if owners also pressed charges? I am going to go and give my very spoilt cat a special hug. I know I sound wierd, but your post has really stirred up some anger.
  3. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    he'll come down with a case of kennel cough! Would serve him right! Shame on him! Those poor animals!
  4. twister425

    twister425 New Member

    I will. I have 2 dogs Pheobe Delphin (1 1/2 yr old min schnauzer) and Goldie( 6 yr old we think she was a resuce)and my kitty Shannahan (3 yrs old and yes we like hockey) Go Red Wings!!. anyways they are all curled up with me in bed. I just want to cuddle with them.
  5. ScooterD

    ScooterD New Member

    This really hits home for me. I've worked as a dog trainer/behaviorist for years and it's unbelievable how many people in the pet industry have no compassion for animals. I've known vets, groomers, kennel owners, trainers, etc that have done things to dogs/cats that are sickening. It MUST be known to all pet owners that not everyone in the "pet world" has the welfare of their pets in mind. I'm not saying that this is the majority - there are many, many animal professionals that are magnificent at what they do. But one bad egg is one too many when it comes to the care of your furry companion! Always listen to your intuition and be aware of any changes in your pets behavior after a visit to the vet/groomer/kennel. I pray the veterinary board in your state takes action...and quickly! Whew...
  6. buddylee

    buddylee New Member

    When we had our 2 cat fixed , we found a vet that said it would
    49.95 each ..... when we got there the asked if we wanted pain meds to be given after ?? well after all the charges it was about $250 to have them fixed.

    Months later when buying frea/hartworm drops I call 1800petmeds, they must call the vet , The vet told us he wont deal with out of state suplers. (really he doesnt deal with anything that doesnt fill his pockets)

    I really dont think they screen these guys very well.
    even in my ill and broke down state , I would put a beat down on that guy.

    I think you should go 1 step ferther and report him to PETA.

  7. twister425

    twister425 New Member

    Actually we hate to do buisiness with the like of petmed and others. Reserch has shown these products are not always what they seem. The companies that make those meds have sued plenty of the computer co. It's actually like the black market. we've had clients come in and say "well I've been using #@#@# from internet co for 3 months know and the pets are still loaded with fleas. Not to bash any one who use the internet I know first hand about a budget. Sometimes the product will come from a different country and be kilograms not pounds. I am just passing on info I have learned first hand.Be careful!

    Yes they are procecuting the jerk Doc this week!!!:)
  8. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    as well as being angry at his actions and his complete disregard for the pain animals in his care must have gone through, I actually feel sorry for this guy. He must have been absolutely desperate to do that! After all, he's lost his career, any respect in his community, respect of his colleagues but this doesn't for one moment excuse his actions and I believe it is right that he be tried and punished. I also think that he shouldn't be allowed to work with animals ever again!

    Where my b/f lives there are many thoughtless or cruel youths who smash bottles up in the local park. For the third time since we got the dog (nearly 2 years ago)she has suffered a cut paw due to this. She had to be anaesthetised last week in order for the vet to be able to stitch the wound. I cannot begin to imagine how I would feel if Trixie's pain relief afterwards had consisted of sterile water! The horror of it! Our vet gave us tablet antibiotics and painkillers and that's what we'll be insisting on from now on should she have any more mishaps.

    I wonder how long he had been doing that...I mean there must have been a lot of pets who have been operated on since his arrival. Does some one have to tell all the owners? God knows how they will feel.

    I don't think any one should be cruel to any one else, but especially not to children and animals! How sad that is!

    How was the guy caught, I wonder.

  9. libra55

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    I have two Welsh Corgis, one is having a hard time right now with her eye, and she is in pain. I give her two meds, one a topical drop for the pain and the other a pill twice a day, in addition to several other ointments the vet prescribed for her. He is very compassionate and we have been clients there for a long time. I can't imagine not being able to give Sunny something for her pain.

    This post just sickened me, what a jerk, animals are sentient beings just like us. I'd like to kick this guy right to the curb. Thank goodness he was caught, and I hope he really gets it.

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I actually have a (very) little understanding for this guy as an addict, even tho what he did was so unforgiveable...

    We had problems with a vet that didn't treat ethically (IMO) ...and vet board did nothing

    We had lost one of our dogs for 2 days, found him finally under one of our cars (he hadn't been there before, don't know how he got home!) - had been hit by a car, fractured pelvis, etc. We called this vet for emergency care at 5 pm, he put us off until the morning saying that if the dog had made it this long, he could wait til the morning!!!! We didn't know how badly he was hurt except that he couldn't walk, whether he could even be helped, or anything!!!

    Thankfully there was a mobile vet who came out and transported and admitted him to the university vet school, and we were able to save him. While we wrote a letter to the state vet board, they wouldn't do anything, grrrr!

    The next week a friend's german shepherd was obviously in pain, unable to eat, and he took him to this same vet, whose x-ray machine was not working; instead of sending him to someone else to make sure what was wrong, he kept the dog overnight... the dog died due to torsion of intestine, something that could've been operated on if he'd been xrayed!

    Again, the state board did nothing... and this guy is still in business, has even expanded. I hope someday it all catches up with him!

    OK I'm done venting now, but it is so unbelievable what some people do!

  11. JPach007

    JPach007 New Member

    This is just terrible to hear. I do probably 4 surgeries per day M-F (although most are spays and neuters and dont require pain meds), but for the surgeries that do require pain meds, or emergencies that come in that require a controlled drug...I cannot imagine. I hope this Vet gets the book thrown at him and is never able to practice again.

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