OT - Update on hubby's boss's wife - head injury

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    My husband talked to his boss yesterday (Thurs.). As you may remember, his boss's wife, Pat, was critically injured over the weekend in a freak fall from a golf cart and was in a coma, not expected to survive. Hubby's boss told him that Pat has bleeding in her brainstem, the area of the brain that controls the most basic life functions (breathing, heartbeat, etc.) and is on life support. The outlook is not good...this is a very serious injury and one that apparently has pretty much no chance of recovery. I don't know any more details. Obviously, George, the boss, is quite upset but is doing okay and is fortunately getting a lot of support. Pat also is in an excellent medical facility...we are fortunate there are some fantastic trauma centers and hospitals not too far from where we live.

    My husband also called a very good family friend (childhood friend of his parents), who happens to be a neurosurgeon on the East Coast. He agreed it did not sound good but offered to talk to my husband's boss and review films, scans, etc. George (hubby's boss) was grateful and may take him up on this, esp. if it comes to the very difficult decision of whether or not to take Pat off of life support.

    So for now, no real change, other than that Pat still is with us, although obviously badly injured and likely still in a coma. But as she still is here, there always is that chance, however small, for a miracle that she can recover in some way. I so appreciate everyone's prayers and thoughts, and I will update if I find out more and obviously if the situation changes.

    Thank you so very, very much!
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    It does sound bleak, but I'm not the one in control; I will pray for the husband and for all concerned. So sad.

    Your husband was so good to give the husband another medical person to talk to....blessings on both of you for being so caring and supportive.


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