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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bruin63, Aug 5, 2005.

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    I haven't been on a Vacation for 2 years now.
    I usually go on a Road trip, by myself each summer.
    But lately there has been to much going on in my life, for me to get away.
    I am going up to Oregon to see my Sister, but that is a short trip.

    I want to go on a Cruise Ship. I have been checking out some nice Vacation Spot's, but, I am concerned about, certain things.

    Are they nosiy, because of the Crowds of people that go on them. How comoftable are the Cabins/bed's? I thought I could take my Feather mattress.

    I use my Scooter a lot, and would this be in the way?
    I could use a Reg. wheelchair, but then the DH would have to push me, which means he would be with me all the time.
    I want him to go and do things , that I can't.

    I know I can probably get some of these answer's from a Travel agaent.
    But I would like a Personl opinion.

    I would be taking all my Copies of my Medical Records, and I was wondering if I should take extra rx's, if they have a Pharamcy on board.

    Some of my Classmates are thinking of a Cruise, the year ahead of us, is booking one for their's, and I might cheat and go on that one.
    I have friends, that graduated a year and 2 years ahead of me, and we do go to each others Reunions, more fun that way.

    Anyway, I figure since my Stamia isn't what it use to be, I used to Drive to Idaho in 18 and ahlf hours, now it takes me 2 and a 1/2 day's.
    On a Ship, I only have to unpack once, lol,

    What do you think?

    btw, my Brother is paying for this, he's in a NH now, and I am taking care of him, instead of a sister. He almost didn't make it.
    So he is insisting on doing this for me, when the Classmates make up their minds. Otherwise I wouldn't beable to.

    I just don't want to waste the money if it won't be fun.
    These dd's are the pit's ya know?

    Thanks for any Input and Suggestion's.
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    Well, I do not have the limits you do, but I can answer some things. I didn't find it too noisy, but I stayed away from big crowds...we went to the musicals at night which were wonderful, and the beds were fine with me...but I'd take your mattress cover.

    I didn't see anyone on the ship on a scooter, but the main ailes and the deck area were big enough to accomodate one. I don't know what services they have for people unable to walk, but tjey must have some because I saw people in wheel chairs. Your travel agent or the cruise line would be the best bet. Oh, I don't know if the cabins are big enough for a scooter ...that might be a problem.

    There were things to do on the ship...art, classes, bingo, swimming, etc. etc. Probably you would have a great time. I always worry before and most of the things don't happen...

    Hope it goes well for you. Sounds like a great opportunity. Go for it.


    PS They have a clinic with a doctor and nurses. Several people had to be airlifted off our ship. I don't know about a pharmacy, but you could check. They must have some basic meds.
  3. Bruin63

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    I don't get seasick, thank goodness.
    I think I will take the Scooter, so I can get around on deck better.
    I can still walk, and even do a boogie now and then.
    My feet and Ankles and hips give out about half way through the day. So I use the Scooter, for shopping, and running errands.

    I will probably just take extra Meds. Found out from my Ins, that once a year you can get an extra refill, for Vacation's. Cool.

    Do they still Dress up, or is it all Causal now? I miss getting Dressed up, and I probably will, even if others don't.
    This is going to be my Last Big Trip, so I want to do it up good.

    Other ? I know how the Sea air can make the bones ache, I grew up by the beach. Does that happen on the Crusies, or are the Climate controlled, enough to conuter act that Chilly air?

    Thanks again.