OT: Wakemeup and Other bedridden people

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  1. Cromwell

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    I read an article at the orthodontist today about a woman who sounded a lot like you who had BOTOX injections in her spine and neck and shoulder.

    At first there was no difference but after a few days she started to improve and after two weeks was able to walk about etc. At thjree months she is doing well and has not needed more shots yet, though this is sometimes the case.

    Love Anne
  2. kholmes

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    That sounds interesting. Do you know what her illness was and what the Botox was for?

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well it sounded a lot like our illness actually. I wish I could recall the name of the magazine, it may have been Good Housekeeping.

    It said she had been bedridden with excrutiating back neck and shoulder pain. Tried everything under the sun to help it, nothing worked. The BOTOX did.

    Boy I recall you are also in this condition too so my take is it would be worth a try.

    Love Anne
  4. mezombie

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    From what I understand, Botox is being used for chronic pain conditons like FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain. It's injected in the "trigger points", I believe.

    My doc injects it in the muscles around my shoulders and neck plus other places for migraines. It works very well! I am migraine free for 3-6 months after each treatment.

    I know he also uses it for the above stated reasons with some of his other patients, with good results. His speciality is pain, esp. myofascial pain.

  5. Cromwell

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    As this is useful to know. PLus I wanted to tell people I got the eye test results today and not so great as the nerves in the back of the eye are cupping and causing non pressure glaucoma.

    I wonder if others here have this?

    Gee I feel as if "Now you want my eyes too???" It occurs mainly in Japanese ancestry and as I am a tall blonde with blue eyes....?

    So now, the hands are turning into claws and my vision is on the blink(excuse the pun) and the rest of me is steam rollered. As I had extensive vision tests last year and this was not seen, I now wonder if all these new things this year (the heart, the eyes, the arthritic joints) are some other connective tissue disease.


    Love Anne
  6. mezombie

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    I'm so sorry you've had bad experiences with injections. I think if they are done correctly they can help. But I don't know the details of your experiences, and no doubt you have reasons for being afraid.

    I will say that Medicare does pay for these type of Botox injections, for what it's worth. You can purchase the Botox at a pharmacy and have it covered by certain Medicare Part D plans (if you use Medicare's on-line system, you can check which plans will cover it). The doctor's charges for the injections are covered by your Medicare Part B.
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Oh I see someone already told you yes you are covered. The reason it works for "us" is due to the myofacial aspect of our dd-I tell you, I am thinking about it-maybe I can bribe them to slip a little into my neck wrinkles????

    Also they are using botox to stop heartburn caused by a lax ELS. Seems worth it rather than be on meds for years.

    I have to try and get on the artritis site and see if people there know what to do about arthritic hands-mine kept me up all night. Not so bad now, but overnight horrific.

    Love Anne
  8. 1sweetie

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    I've saw this thread and wanted to check in with you. When our thread fell apart so did we it seems.

    I haven't been on the board very much. The brain to hand to type function is not working very well. I've started so many threads and posts and just quite because I could not get the words or thoughts out correctly.

    I do think of you, Danny, and your brother. I've checked on the board a little yesterday and saw your post about him.

    You have so much too worry about. Please take care of yourself.

    I miss everyone. I am so concerned about Honora's situation also. If I stay focused on every one else I don't think as much about me.

    I have heard of Botox for headaches and neck pain. I don't know how it would work on all over body pain. I want it for wrinkles too.

  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Oh nice to hear from you. Yes, I don't know where mrdad and rocky have whizzed off to. Rocky is posting on Ken's posts, but have not heard from mrdad-maybe he is out searching for fredericka!!!

    Yes, I think Honora is maybe having to use outside link up and she was low.

    I was going to post to us all but got scared to in case it was considered inappropriate. Anyway maybe you could think of some way to reach us all. Maybe answer me and include the guys in the title??? And anyone else who likes to chat!

    Yes, this thing with the eyes is all I need. Seems like it's another thing piling up. My hands are feeling a good deal better right now and I sure hope that lasts through the night. I intend taking a tylenol and asprin tonight prior to bed for sure. Maybe a Benny-drill too.

    Off to Parent's night.

    Love Anne
  10. 1sweetie

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    It was good to "talk" to you again. I will try to start another thread to everyone. I don't understand what happened. We were not inclusive and there are post on the board daily to individuals.

    I was off the board the day the thread was removed so I haven't know what to say or do. I miss it though. It was just a group of people caring for each other and having a few laughs. I need those. I never saw anyone excluded.

    I, like you, just do not want to do the wrong thing. I just need to know what was wrong. I will try again later.